[Guide] Top Gear for Gaige, revamped (WIP)

Iirc, the main problem with the Butcher is the spread when the stack count is high. Also, it stacks slower than regular Shotties due to the gimmick.

Also, there is the Jolly Roger. Lot of pellets, high damage, fixed spread, all elements. I can see it being HM at least.

My personal problem with Hyperion combined with Anarchy is that they suffer the most from said skill.
Sway being all over the place makes it imo hard to justify Hyperion gear on Gaige apart from maybe shotguns, and even then I wouldn’t consider the Butcher a good option (synergises badly with SLF, SoA, Anarchy stacking, etc).

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Not every Gaige build is high Anarchy.

The Butcher is awesome on LBT Gaige.
It also has higher DPS by far than the JR.
I tested pretty much all shotguns with my (no Anarchy) build and the Butcher came out on top.

If the JR makes the list (and I think it should) even though it stacks Anarchy far slower than the Butcher, then that can’t be used as an argument against the Butcher.

The Butcher can also be surprisingly good with better half if its gimmick kicks in in the 2nd half of the mag.

I’ve used one extensively. It’s awesome. I’m just sad I don’t have a level 72 one (yet!) A shock conference call is pretty good too, although I personally prefer the Butcher.

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I feel the same. Tested both, and while the CC is great at the right distance, the Butcher is just as great… But at any range.

Fair enough.

For the various part and prefixes guides, there are a few alternatives:

Note that you’ll find a bunch of updated links in the second one (e.g. the shield parts and max stats links)

Blut’s already ported the min/maxing guide:

Also, I ported the Fibber guides from the old forums as one post:

I’m going to go on a leg here and assume you meant that for another thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I think his post may have been meant for me on the subject of porting guides.

Actually, I was referring to the pile of broken links in the top section of the OP up there ^^. Now that I can actually read the text, I realised I could provide some of the updated links for that section.

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Hey guys, is the Jolly Roger going to be in? At least as HM?
Also, I feel that the Ravager should be in HM, not TG. It cant really compete with the alikes of Twister and the Blockhead, same goes for the Hydra maybe.

Have you considered adding the pyrophobia? Playing around with a friend using this and it shreds enemies apart. The damage is applied to each individual nova allowing for good boss dps and even better mobbing dps. And the novae also kind of compensate for accuracy rebuffs from anarchy.

For various reasons, I have some doubts about natural ricochet having immunity to Close Enough penalty.

Is the OP planning to complete this top gear guide anytime? Because this guide is quite unfinished and descriptions are needed to be reword especially for the Hive.

Does the Stinger, Stalker, Lyuda and Maggie worked well with Gaige? And which elemental resistant Hide of Terramorphous worked well with DT, Inflammable or Alkaline?

Don’t know. You could try sending @Wingsday a PM if they don’t respond here; apparently their last post was in January.

Will try send them a PM about it. And for my other questions:

  1. Does the Stinger, Stalker, Lyuda and Maggie worked well with Gaige?

  2. Which elemental resistant Hide of Terramorphous worked best with DT?

  3. What is the recommended prefix for Storm?

1: Yes, yes, yes and yes

2: If you have the luxury of choice here, I would go with fire, because that’s the one that kills YOU

3: Barking

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