[Guide] Top Gear for Jack

(Mohamed) #22

Meganade basically pulls all enemies in an area and deals damage to them, then explodes.

For the Company Man…

The Revolution has no other differences than an Anarchist aside from the magazine increase over time thing.

Should be worth noting that CM is New Hyperion and the Bullpup is Old Hyperion.

(Impala) #23

Doesn’t the damage and FR go up the higher the magazine gets? If so, Just Compensation and Sponsored By, along with AA and marginal benefit could make its magazine endless. still, at the same time, all those skills on a loop anarchist would yield similar results.

(Mohamed) #24

But a loop Anarchist has a chance to do a loop, while the Revolution has a 100% chance.


(Mohamed) #26

And fire rate.

(Impala) #27

This is all you need to know.

(President of Jellybeans) #28

Mind If I do some Fire Rate Fiddling to see what FR numbers he needs to hit to help you optimize?

If you can link me some standard builds for popular COMs (I only Know a CEO/Projection Spec) I can help you optimize some stuff so you’re not wasting a sponsorship/part recommendation.

These are the minimum card Fire Rates that benefit from Jack’s natural Fire Rate Bonuses.

Projection w/ Incentives: 18.8/12.5/9.4/6.3 (15.4/10.3/7.7/5.2 with Vladof Sponsor)
Projection w/o Incentives: 25.0/16.7/12.5/8.4 (19.4/13.0/9.7/6.5 with Vladof Sponsor)

(CDR_Shepard) #29

[quote=“Hoyle4, post:28, topic:349445, full:true”]

Projection w/ Incentives: 18.8/12.5/9.4/6.3 (15.4/10.3/7.7/5.2 with Vladof Sponsor)
Projection w/o Incentives: 25.0/16.7/12.5/8.4 (19.4/13.0/9.7/6.5 with Vladof Sponsor)

What weapon are you using to get these numbers @Hoyle4 ? Don’t understand why Vladof sponsor numbers are lower, either, since Vladof’s supposed to increase fire rate?

(President of Jellybeans) #30

@CDR_Shepard These are minimum fire rates (for ANY weapon) required to hit breakpoints (def a thing on consoles, and some PCs [that we know of it might be all PCs])

The major breakpoints for Fire Rates are 30, 20 (Only on PC and Next Gen Consoles), 15, and 10

As you can see, with Vladof Sponsor, the minimum to hit thresholds is lower due to the 35% FR Boost

[Guide] Axton Skill Guide
(Impala) #31

Sorry, I have no idea what these numbers are.

I have links to three builds, plus the one that I use
I have no experience with HOTS build, which is also why i don’t recommend any HOTS class mods.
Do whatever you want.

(President of Jellybeans) #32

K so High Fire Rate isn’t a thing in most cases because there’s no difference between something like 15 and 29 Fire Rate (on 360 and Ps3, it would be 20 and 29 on others)

If your weapons have these CARD Fire Rates (the numbers), the Fire Rate Boosts from Jack’s Kit (In these specs it’s Believe, Incentives and the optional Vladof Sponsorship) will actually affect the weapons.

For Example, If the best T4S-R had 9.4 FR (It most likely doesnt, but bare with me), recommending a Vladof Sponsorship is a complete waste, as It won’t hit the next Fire Rate cap (20, as a weapon with 9.4 FR will hit the 15 Cap with Jack’s boosts), regardless of the boost.

This can also come into fruition with best parts, where a FR prefix recommendation would boost its FR to a cap and undeniably make its DPS better than any other prefix. (An example from my Wilhelm testing showed that this was the case with the Droog Sniper, as well as Torgue Assault RIfles)

This in particular was for a specific spec, but if I can collect generalized data from common specs. You (Or me, I really like this kind of stuff), could “optimize” Top Gear by getting just enough FR and reccomending THE absolute best version of gear for Jack.

@Impala: Your Build would basically follow the “Non-Incentives” Projection Spec I have above, as the only (effective as far as FR is concerned) difference between mine and yours currently is the singleton point in incentives that I put in Optimism for Jack Health subtraction.

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(Impala) #33

I know too much FR is wasted skills at least on console. But to take this into account and pinpoint the absolute best item variant is beyond my limited knowledge.
I have no idea how to work on this. I could remove Vladof sponsorship from high FR weapons. That would be a start. Maybe?

(President of Jellybeans) #34

I can ruin a spreadsheet, but I would first need a solid block of TG weapons to test

Which Brings me to a different point

I haven’t done Definitive tests with the Base Hyperion Lasers, but I’m pretty sure the Blasters/Splitters perform undeniably better than the Beams.

On second thought, I’ve done enough Theory Building on My Own TG’s, it’s something to think about, but I don’t really wanna do the work for it. Just be mindful that some weapons will be unaffected by vladof boosts.

(Impala) #35

That’s what I was thinking. Too many variables.

Just check your weapon. Is the FR better? Stay with vladof boost. Is it the same? go with something else. No need to go splitting hairs.

(President of Jellybeans) #36

Might as well nix Vladof recommendations on anything higher than 10 FR

(Impala) #37

Well, I added it anyway. We have Bomber oz kits, and Jack’s Cache for free grenades, but this has its place.

(CDR_Shepard) #38

[quote=“Hoyle4, post:34, topic:349445”]
I haven’t done Definitive tests with the Base Hyperion Lasers, but I’m pretty sure the Blasters/Splitters perform undeniably better than the Beams.[/quote]

Adding a +1 to this (someone else posted about Blasters above, too). No ‘data’ but switched Hyperion Blasters, Beams, & Splitters out a bunch to ‘test’ (in Mutator Arena) and it’s no contest – my Cryo Hyp. Blaster is my standard go-to freezer on my Chronicler build – like it better than the cryo T4S-r & Fatale. Wearing a 3dde.1 OZ might have skewed things, though!

(Impala) #39

Maybe someone could whip up a handsome banner?

(President of Jellybeans) #40

@Impala I can Do something really quick, but It won’t nearly be of the quality of the others.

As for Hyperion Base Lasers. CONSIDERING that these Lasers will almost only be used on heavy Company Man builds, I’ve Deduced Splitters > Beams >Beams >= Blasters. Splitters have highest DPS (Undebateable, 3 projectiles with tight grouping and high crit), Blasters have highest accuracy range and ammo efficiency, and beams are…inferior for the most part

Compariing Blasters to Beams, even though I was championing Blasters due to their higher Damage and Range, Their Base Fire Rate is so low at 6.0, that it needs to coordinate 3 of Jacks Fire Rate Buffs or 2 and a Vladof sponsorship (Some of which, like Incentives and Accountability, being sometimes hard to maintain) to get the same base FR as the Beam. The Beam, on the other hand has base 10, not only is 10 FR important as it is its own breakpoint without any FR boosts, a Beam only needs +50% Fire Rate (So Believe and either Incentives or Vladof Sponsorship) to hit a 15 FIre Rate and basically eclipse the fact that its base damage is like 3k lower than a blaster.
It’s fairly close, but I will eat my words and concede that the Beam is better than the Blaster…

…But the splitter is a billion times better than both of them :wink:

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(President of Jellybeans) #41

Now that I see some edits, a few things:

  1. Your Sniper Rifle Anchor Tag (it should look like “a name=SR”) is in the wrong place, so the link takes you to a random place in lasers as opposed to the start of the SR section

  2. You mention Maliwan Splitters Twice in Your Splitters Definition (I assume one of those meant to be Tediore Splitters for their 3 additional Projectiles. (I now see what you mean reading it again, but mention Tediore splitters as they are arguably better than maliwan with Jack)

  3. Don’t slash the T4s-R it with an Anarchist it serves a completely different function than the Anarchist (Mainly as a Freeze tool and mid-long range DPS for Hyperion Jacks)

  4. some Sponsorships are off, there are weapons that do way more DPS with a Vladof sponsor than a Jakobs (T4s-R, and some other mid-level FR weapons for example), also Maliwan prefixes should be mentioned on Jakobs guns, torgue on cryo weapons, etc.

  5. T4s-R needs a Redundant Prefix recommendation over Win-Win, Jack cares not for the Ammo and its more DPS and proc chance

  6. The Flayer only really out DPS’s a Quad (Which Should have a Light Pink flare instead of a purple in its title) if your not using AA, regardless of glitches. I would separate them (as you would clearly use one or the other depending on your build alone), or ammend the description.

  7. I wouldn’t have a “disadvantages” section at all, they’re Top Gear. If they have a disadvantageous quirk that’s not just “well jakobs weapons are non-elemental and fire as fast as you pull the trigger”, mention that in the description, no need to bloat the OP with unnecessary or otherwise obvious information. Maybe only on HM’s, but that could be in the description as well

  8. Thinking, Hyperion Beams, Blasters, Everything below Snipers (I might have caught you mid-editing) , title mis-coloured

  9. You got 7 top Lasers, too many tbh. I’d Cut spadroon cuz it really isn’t that great plus i don’t think Jack can get it to a meaninful fire rate consistently enough to make it actually better than other Lasers.

  10. I probably wouldn’t recommend 4/4/4/4 on anything, Green glitch is terrible even on Dahl weaponry, mention if you’re only picking it for 30% chance of other (good) glitches

  11. Scav Grip > Tediore Grip on IVF, include it as an option

  12. No Luneshine on DLC4 Weapons as far as I know

  13. I would mention a lobbed prefix if you plan on using “On My Mark”

  14. I would put Nasty Surprise over a basic Singularity (I don’t think I would ever not take a Quasar over a Singularity)

  15. I would mention Haymaker as an option for Adaptive, You’re trading 12k Health for 5k shield and 7% resist when you go from Haymaker to Adaptive, and with Jacks mostly health-based surviveability i think it would be good enough to include (Better than purple adaptive imo)

16.I’ll get you up-to-date COM stats in a little bit

17.Purple Projection Mod, 100% of the Time, Absolutely no reason to use a blue (Also AA is a Free Enterprsie Skill and should be coloured red)

18.Eddie’s description is f’d up, looks like it bled into the other bulleted section

19.Add the Best Man Com to TG, also move projection above entrepeneur

20.Consider Adding Dualities or Tranquility to TG Oz Kits, Tranq because the DMG bonus is higher than the SR on non-hyperion Builds and >4 lobbies.

Ok, so more than a few, but please consider them.