[Guide] Top Gear for Jack

(President of Jellybeans) #62

Ooh actually maybe the Gwen’s Other Head might be a really good pistol, Its really decent multiplicative type B crit bonus might work really well with Jack’s natural Additive Type A Crit Bonuses (it’s basically a +96% crit bonus on a standard Projection Jack). Also, the fact that that leftward bullet that basically never hits anything is a thing matters less with Jack’s tendency to not give a sh!t about Ammo.

(Impala) #63

I’ve got six great entries and the Slapper is not even in there. Where will Gwen’s Head go? Besides the box, that is.

(azagar) #64

Noticed the Fragnum no longer on this list, or was it ever? Question is what weapon would benefit most a A0 with Sponsored By. I assumed the Torgue bonus was the absolute best for a cryo weapon, but with no Torgue weapons in the top gear list for Jack except for the Flakker. Would a Jakobs bonus be better?

(President of Jellybeans) #65

There are a lot of entries for the pistols already, also Torgue ARs and RLs are also on the list.

(President of Jellybeans) #66

Also, another really cool thing about the Nasty Surprise is that you don’t have to aim it, due to its special delivery mechanism. This is something that’s actually fricken amazing for Hyperion Jacks, as you literally get to throw it out whenever your Cache is off cooldown without worrying at all (Amazing since you’re mostly jumping around popping Jacks) and it will always hit ppl.

(Min/Maxing and Flakker god) #67

Needs more flakker from the flakker flak god flak flakker.

(Impala) #68

It’s already in, you don’t have to flakspam.

(King of the Loot Midgets) #69

Quick Q re: Chronicler COMS. Is the freeze chance boost an extra flat chance or a modifier to existing chances? In other words, does it make things freeze ~50% of the time or ~50% more often then without? I’m guessing the latter, but it’s very ambiguous.

(President of Jellybeans) #70

Additive with other Elemental Effect Chance/Freeze Chance.

How it works: Frigida has a 30% Chance to freeze, you have a chronicler which adds 49% freeze chance

(1+ 0.49 + [whatever other elemental effect chance bonus])*(30) = 44.7% Chance to freeze.

(King of the Loot Midgets) #71

Ah, so it adds 49% of the weapon’s own freeze chance rather than adding a 49% chance to freeze. Thanks!

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #72

Pardon my ignorance, but can you elaborate on this for me? I don’t know what the difference is from old Hyperion to new Hyperion.

(Mohamed) #73

Sorry, I haven’t played Borderlands since 2 - 3 months, so I don’t remember. But I recall one having good damage and meh RoF and little stabilization, while the other had OK damage, OK RoF and good stabilization.

(President of Jellybeans) #74

The Direct Trade-off between Old and New Hyperion is Fire Rate and Accuracy (IE Pellet Spread), in exchange for Damage.

New: Faster, More Accurate, Weaker (Predominantly Yellow/Pink Colour Scheme)
Old: Stronger, Slower (Predominantly Red/Black Colour Scheme)

(Impala) #75

It doesn’t make a difference for the two weapons. Bullpup is always old, company man is always new.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #76

Thank you for the info.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #77

The machine is here! We gotta get on this!

(President of Jellybeans) #78

Pretty sure its to be a staple TG sniper.

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #79

My Machine came up incendiary. Has anyone been lucky enough to catch a shock Machine? I’d love to see video of that with a CEO or Projection build vs Eclipse and EOS. With that ROF, it seems like it should absolutely shred EOS.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #80

My non-ele killed him in about 5 minutes (kept running dry on ammo, but I was using an Unbelievable Hero COM). I imagine shock and corrosive would bring it down to 3:30 if using a projection or CEO.

(Impala) #81

Happy New Year everyone.

I 'd like to see some numbers before i add the machine in the list. How good is it?
Also, if it goes in, something will go out.