[Guide] Top Gear for Jack

With this build and 6 pieces of hyperion gear

I was hitting a million per shot accounting for the continuous damage bonus against eclipse and EOS with a non-elemental variant.

I imagine with a CEO or Projection COM it could hit 2mil if matching elements though that’s just a very uneducated guess.

No bar with a standard Jack set up.

Full damage and FR bonus.

Get rid of the Omni-Cannon.


pos out, machine in.

I hope it can spawn with accessories.

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It can spawn w/ accessories, but it will always be called “The Machine” regardless.

The Deadly Bloom should be added. It’s my favorite shield for Jack for a few reasons.

  1. You have my shield. The skill that allows your Jacks to have a copy of your shield an all of the perks that go with it.

  2. Double Novas. You and your Jacks get an Explosive Nova when the shield is depleted and again when you go into FFYL whitch brings me to reason 3.

  3. Optimism. Not so much for the explosion when a Jack dies but for the second effect being when a new Jack spawns, after his predecessor dies, he spawns with less health. Since the Deadly Bloom creates a Nova when health runs out you end up with rapidly exploding Jacks.

I hope I have presented enough of a case for the Deadly Bloom to at the very least get an Honorable Mention.

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I’ve never used it. I am indeed aware of the effects nova shields have with dying Digi-Jacks, but used an Avalanche.
I’ll have to use the DB to see how it fairs, but I have no doubt it will be awesome.
The shield section was pretty stuffed, since Jack is the shield king. But who cares. Another entry won’t hurt anyone.

I’m sure it’s a mess but this is the build I use with a Celestial COM and mostly Cryo weapons.

It might not be a terrible idea to break the mold a bit and just do a nova shield section because popping jacks is so good.

  • Avalance
  • Purple Nova’s (cyro in paticular)
  • Blackhole
  • Sunshine
  • etc…

There are so many good ones

I mean you can just have one slot just Nova Shields, and then just basucally list them.

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Nova shields section complete.
I did not include the Sunshine. I can’t hit anything with those flame darts. Any other nova shield works better.

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Looks good

Looks good, but just remember to put the hyperlink for the nova shields section on your main post so that people can skip to that section from the beginning.

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This has taken about 25 hours to make. Surely they can click on “Shields”, scroll down for 4 seconds and find them.

No need to be acidic and scathing on your comment, bro. I was just pointing out that the nova shields didn’t have a hyperlink attached to it.

If you’re seriously lashing out to me because I pointed that out, why even have hyperlinks in the first place?!?

Alright everyone calm down :slightly_smiling:

It may have sounded a bit rough, but I don’t see any “lashing” here. Just read it again in a normal tone and you’ll see.

I like the Sunshine. It doesn’t hit that often but it has range, much more than most shields. And it comes with a guaranteed immunity.

Also, can I suggest a tiny change ?
The Taser is awesome because it has very high elemental chance, that makes it well suited to carry the only element where applying elemental status effect matters: cryo (the other elements are used mostly for the matching damage bonus)

With that being the case, I think it would make sense to include Torgue in the Sponsored by section.

Sorry for coming off mean, it was not my intention. I was not lashing out in any way, just pointing out what I thought was obvious.
I was perfectly calm when I wrote it, and still am.

This particular thread took me a lot of hours to create up to its current state that is now posted. This new code is a bit tricky, to put it politely.
Most people just see text, colored text, larger font, and bullet points. Very few know how frustrating it is to get it to look the way you want it to.
I took over this guide, and put my time into it, to get it looking as good as the other Top Gear threads did.
It was the very last to be updated to the more or less standard format, with sections, bullet lists, colored text and so forth, which is also why it has a different style banner, and why nobody bothers liking it.
After many hours of adjusting the code Chuck sent me, polishing it up, and editing the living daylight out of it, I can say, if I may, that it looks rather well. And I will keep editing it, because, even though I do not play TPS very often any more, I made this thread. It’s mine. I put many hours in it, and want it to be as good-looking, helpful, thorough, and organized as possible.

I put hyperlinks for each section, because starting from the very top, it would take several minutes for someone to find a specific section. You might be looking for Assault Rifles, scroll down, scroll some more, not see them, scroll past them, go all the way down, go back up again, etc. Adding hyperlinks makes it much easier. It saves people a minute or two. That is too much when looking for something.

A hyperlink for the Nova Shields would save you only three seconds, and you can check if you have any doubts. I am not going to bother with a hyperlink for that.



Let’s not fight over hyperlinks, guys.

Be excellent to each other.

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If anyone still updates this guide, the Company Man shotgun works well on Jack thanks to it being a Hyperion shotgun with great damage, weird (though helpful) spread and a large magazine. The weapon can be acquired ONCE only at the level of the first character you play as after purchasing the tales from the borderlands season pass (with randomised parts and element) or through use of a save editor (gibbed or bordertool).

The best parts (in my opinion) are Hyperion stock, Hyperion grip and the vertical grip accessory (practicable prefix, I believe).