[Guide] Top Gear for Jack

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #102

I’m pretty sure the Company Man lost out to the Thinking because…

  • the Thinking has better damage (~13%) and slightly more accuracy.
  • The Thinking is farm-able legitimately.
  • And has access to massive DPS increasing glitches, which Jack is very good at taking advantage of.
  • The one bonus the company man provides is a massive magazine increase, but since Jack has access to ‘Just Compensation’ and especially ‘Absolute Advantage’ the mag size is just overkill. So in the end the you’d prefer the better damage the Thinking has, and even more so if it’s a glitch variant.

P.S. I think I remember that the Thinking and CM have the same vertical type spread, the person that did the wiki probably just never paid attention to a Thinking’s spread before.

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(Impala) #103

This is why it is not in the guide.


Fair enough, I just thought it should be mentioned

(Sheriff) #105

Same reason it’s not included in the Nisha TG either


What’s your opinion on the party popper? In my experience, it’s an excellent weapon, dealing more damage than same level shotguns and with a huge mag size, typically more than 40. The only drawback is the range, which is probably why it isn’t on the list, but I believe it’s a great weapon

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #107

It’s ok on something like Darth Timothy where you’ll typically be close anyway, otherwise you could just use a shotgun for more range.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #108

If you want to maximize its effectiveness, I’d suggest experimenting with it on Celestial Aurelia. Her massive bullet velocity and accuracy icreases extends the range quite a bit. Plus it has good synergy with Heavy Caliber and Wintertide skills.

And the Hyperion grip may or may not be the preferred grip, and the actual laser sight is a must.

(President of Jellybeans) #109

Celestial Wilhelm can make decent use of it too

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(Sheriff) #110

That’s a great point

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