[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

(David A.) #21

Thanks for the write up, man. I’ll check out the Eridian Vanquisher COM for my sniper build; originally I was using Chronicler of Elpis. I like Celestial Baroness as well but I don’t think I need the passive boosts as much, and of course snipers don’t get as much benefit from +5 Duchess.

Also, how do you feel about the “Klook” (fire rate) prefix for Jakobs SRs?

I think a cryo Bouncing Bazza could be top gear. Toss two of them inside and everyone is frozen, but it’s probably not as effective outdoors.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #22

For sniping, the Chronicler might be the more obvious choice when you want to max out your damage. Then again, with the Vanquisher, you could take advantage of Amp Shields, and 15k amp might pack a nice punch in combination with all the crits, maybe enough to offset the loss of straight damage from Large Caliber and Frostbite, while you still get a good health boost.

I’m not too sure about the Klook prefix on Jakobs snipers. It’s mostly due to their high recoil that the player has to pick his shots carefully instead of spamming them, so a prefix that helps making the shot count would be preferable?

Good point about the Bazza, it’s definitely going into the list.

(David A.) #23

Cool. :blush: What are the best parts for a purple amp shield?

(Glass cannon par excellence) #24

All maliwan.

Edit: aand the guide is done for now. Now it’s your turn, I’m awaiting submissions for items to add, modify or remove!

(CDR_Shepard) #25

Thanks, again, for your work! One thing I wish builders would add: whenever you recommend parts (for shields, guns, etc.) it would be very helpful to add links to parts guides/infographics. I have to google search these each time & often don’t get good search results (haven’t bookmarked these – yet!) Then again, it’s so tedious farming for perfect parts I’ll often take whatever (based on stats comparisons). People here get so caught up on the absolute best variants when the differences are probably not even perceptible to most of us.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #26

Parts have been added.

Perfect part guns are indeed hard to farm, harder than just farming legendaries. I just like to be aware what to look out for so I don’t just walk by a perfect part gun in a vendor or at a chest or from a boss drop.

Only in a few cases some part combinations are absolutely vital to builds (Think Quad with Mag size prefix to get the mag size to 8 for Clappy to be able to take full advantage of OLT). Most of the time it’s just good to know whether your gear has some or all of the best parts possible.

By the way, I’m still trying to come up with introduction texts for the Grenade and Oz kit section. Feel free to lend me hand! Also, feel free to recommend some more candidates for these sections.

(David A.) #27

Which laser do you think you would prefer for a long range encounter: The Mining Laser or the Tediore Splitter? Or maybe even a Hyperion Splitter? They can be pretty nasty with 100 stacks of Duchess.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #28

Mine Laser, splittlers have a fixed, short range before the lasers dissipate. You won’t hit anything from far away.

(David A.) #29

I think Gearbox is actually patching that! The beams will be going longer when the new DLC comes out. Check out the post on it.

(CDR_Shepard) #30

Thanks for adding some parts links. A few points –

– I found a cryo Vengeful Anarchist that’s my favorite gun of all time (you mention the “Purging” but it’d be a crime to bypass a Vengeful if found)

For lasers – why no mention of the Maliwan Blasters? I’ll use them over the Ol’Rosie and Mining Lasers any day (especially – in shock & cryo)

Haven’t played Aurelia in a while but – have you tried cryo Nova shields? I imagine for mobbing they’d be fun. And, since you mention Adaptive Shields – why not the Reogenator (I’ll fall back on that if I need more than one type of elemental resistance)?

(CDR_Shepard) #31

Can’t really see the difference but … it all looks good to me. Much better than I’d have the patience to do!

(Glass cannon par excellence) #32

For long range sniper-like accuracy I’d go for for the Mining Laser or the Excalibastard, especially since both come with extra Type A crit bonuses, which are a nice followup after freezing enemies with the first shot.

Those “best parts” section are by no means imperative! As long as you find any cryo Anarchist, that’s good. “Purging” prefix is just a bonus, since it’s the most ammo efficient version of this pistol, that has already a very high fire rate and will eat through ammo fairly fast.

I like them on my Wilhelm indeed. Heck I like any maliwan laser minus the Railguns. Will try to get my hands on some and do some testing. has been added

[quote=“CDR_Shepard, post:30, topic:133905”]
have you tried cryo Nova shields? I imagine for mobbing they’d be fun.[/quote]
I’ve tried the Avalanche, that does novas and spikes, but its long recharge delay resulted in less cryo novas/darts than a Tediore Shield with BR and WV. And normal cryo Nova shields have a delay above 2s or even 3s iirc, so you’d again be actually getting less cryo Novas than with a quick shield and WV.

A good shield, which can have a super short recharge delay just like a Tediore shield (recharge rate is not that up to par). Problem is, its capacity is just as low as a Tediore shield.
Adaptive shields offer twice the shield capacity at only 9% less resistances when having perfect parts, which might be better suited in situations you need some more defense.

(Timer1) #33

did try that one

the shield reduction value on aurelia
is deadly for her with her always low health values
and slow (or zero) health regeneration
you got one shot most of the time (by badasses)
Aurelia needs more shield capacity not less
to withstand the first shot when here health is near zero

(Glass cannon par excellence) #34

Yeah, that’s why this com is not on the top list. This com is more useful combining with a turtle shield to speed up delay and recharge rate while still leaving enough shield capacity. Or an amp shield maybe o0

(Shoogli) #35

[quote=“Ha_Na, post:1, topic:133905”]BULLPUP
Loyalty reward for having having Borderlands 1 savegames on your device, and upon starting a new game you get one your level.

You may want to indicate that the savegame must be anterior to the installation of TPS.

I bought BL1 after TPS, since I was interrested in learning more about Athena, and I never get the Bullpup when creating a new character.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #36

Have you tried re-installing TPS after installing BL1 and creating a savegame?

another thing, I’m contemplating to move the Rosie into the Honorable Mentions because of its terrible recoil. I got the feeling that beam lasers don’t work well on Aurelia in general (as in pretty underpowered compared to other weaponry)

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #37

How about the Spadroon? With Large Caliber, it isn’t affected nearly as much as other lasers, and it becomes even more stupidly powerful.

For melee hybrid builds with Backhand it could be useful.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #38

The spadroon is an excellent close range weapon in general. But a melee hybrid Aurelia depends strongly on freezing enemies in order to reduce incoming damage, and will therefore be mostly specced into Cold Money and Contractual Aristocracy, which doesn’t leave too many Skill points to climb down to Large Caliber.

Anyways, feel free to test it out in a close combat build if you like and report back with some data!

(Supermunkey) #39

I have been testing glitched weapons, and ohh boy our community has a lot to test out. Right now on the top of my list are Glitched Refracted Splitters O4L4M4A4. Glitched Accelerted Blasters O0L4M0A4 Glitched Casual Raver O4L4M4A4. Glitched DP Slapper O4L4M4A4. Glitched Barking Snider O4L4M0A0, Glitched Dobby Droog O4L4M0A0. Has anyone tried anything else that wasn’t on this list already and is now amazing glitched?

(but friends call me Daft) #40
  • Fast Talker replaces Torrent overall and surpasses Fatale by a large margin in general except for long-range combat.
  • Company Man is on par with Bullpup. In short fights Bullpup wins by a nose, in long fights Company Man wins by a nose.
  • Proletarian Revolution beats Anarchist most of the time, even though the Anarchist has slightly higher ROF. BUT…
  • Party Popper is now the best pistol…