[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

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elaborate please, the rest seems plausible. Also, where to obtain the fast talker?

@Supermunkey: As soon as we fully understand the glitch effects, I’ll be adding them in the guide. Feel free to share your experiences in the Glitch gun community guide!

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It’s the most fun pistol. jk :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s part of the reward for having the Tales from the Borderlands season pass.

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@Ha_Na I just want to be clear that I was using them on lady hammerlock and felt it was appropriate to post this here. My suspicion is that the with the glitch code these pink weapons will most likely be superior to the equivalent purple weapons. My gut also tells me although rng plays into using those weapons they seem to glitch out frequently and the damage is just insane when they do. I can go over spec and other gear if it’s necessary but I am really not the guy to be crunching the numbers. I’m sure you guys cough @DankRafft @Derch @Sljm will figure this all out soon enough. I appreciate everything you guys do for the community.

[Build] Winter is Coming a.k.a. White Walker - Level 70 Update
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I know this was posted in another thread, but I don’t know how to quote from there.

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I haven’t done too much intensive testing yet, but so far, I’ve been able to hit around half a mil firing for 3 seconds. Not too bad, but the recoil is still annoying, and since I got a ravager now (and lowered large caliber from 10/5 to 3/5) I find this is a far better alternative to the spadroon.

Probably going to rescind my suggestion now.

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How about glitched Anarchists? I have one at O0L4M0A4 that’s really nice when it gets that yellow glitch.

Although as I was typing I’m thinking about the Proletarian’s DPS potential with its effect…sheesh.

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Yellow glitch anarchist > prole > purple anarchist imo. I for one don’t have all day to stand around, waiting for the prole to reach 300+ mag size, and once I have to switch guns for element matching, it’s all for naught again.

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True. For general gameplay a glitched Anarchist is hard to beat in terms of DPS.

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I’ve started editing the OP with DLC itens, finished the weapon section today. Also added a Section at the end for contenders that we should discuss and share some experience as community.

I’ve added an extra line about Alternatives for items that are roughly on par. Everyone okay with that?

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Excelent work @Ha_Na I know this is a work in progress, but you have started this update quickly!

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I’ve done some tests on the Omni Cannon and the Absolute Zero.

I didn’t like the sniper that much. Although it’s supposedly explosive (it does trigger an explosion after its NE hit), its damage is mediocre at best and the slow fire rate and reload make it barely usable for mobbing.

I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by the absolute Zero beam laser. It has much lower recoil than a rosie, and is easier to keep on point when hip firing. Its small mag size of only 12 (vs 65 on the rosie) will make it quite bad when speccing into Large Caliber, because it won’t even reach its peak bonus damage. Then again, it comes with almost twice the base damage of a Rosie.

I’m inclined to omit the Omni cannon, and put the Abs. Zero into the Honorable Mentions of the Laser Section, and have the Rosie as its alternative (meaning the Rosie would also get thrown out of the Top Lasers section)

Whaddya say?

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Agreed Rosie out with glitched lasers now in the same category, hated the omni cannon, didn’t try the abs zero (I hate beam lasers sorry)

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The Omni does pretty decent damage. It hits between 500k and 1000k (at lvl 60) from what I’ve seen so far. Compared to a same level level invader (not the same parts however) it does over twice the damage, about 16500 to 7700 IIRC. It can equal the card damage of a blue Mukamuk 2 levels above it.

If nothing else, it makes for an awesome hip-fire weapon, quick scope, or can be used to shoot the ground in front of enemies to stumble them. All in all, I prefer it over the Skullmasher.

Your mileage may vary, but it is far beyond “barely useable”. Its not god-tier, but its definetly up there in terms of top gear.

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###Omni cannon

Maybe I’m too spoilt to see the goodness of the omni cannon for Aurelia. Anyways, the top section is full, but we can squeeze it into the honorable mentions. Maybe it’ll even push the Fremington out of the Top Gear and take its place.

Gotta do some more testing.

From what I see, it does around 50% of its card damage as explosion on hit, but the explosion can’t crit. When hitting crits on frozen targets, the explosive damage is tripled while the NE crit damage gets the 200% crit boost, resulting in

dmg = base dmg * 2 * 4 + base dmg * 0.5 * 3 = base dmg * 9.5 ≈ 520k (lvl 70)

before skills, gear, luneshine and BAR.

In comparison, a Muckamuck would just get the 200% frozen crit boost.

dmg = base dmg * 2 * 4.6 ≈ 546k

On a per shot basis, the damage is pretty close. My biggest problem with the Omni cannon is its slow fire rate and reload speed. This gives you less time to react to missed shots or larger groups of enemies.

###Gameplay footage

On a different note, I’ve begun recording short showcase vids for some of the items on that list. Everyone please feel free to contribute. If possible, have your BAR off in your vid and start cold (i.e. no prestacking anything). Thanks, looking forward!

###Shotgun section
I’ve rearranged the shotgun section, mainly I put the Striker into the Honorable mentions, because its mag size can be lowered to zero by LC, thus making it unable to fire.

In its stead, I’ve put the Flayer into the top section, with the Coach gun as its alternative.

Everyone ok with that?

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[quote=“Ha_Na, post:1, topic:133905”]Droog

Description: A Vladof sniper rifle with high fire rate and fairly high base damage but some increased recoil that needs to be adjusted to.[/quote]

Dang, that thing is a fight changer against EOS.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Indeed, although I prefer the Pitchfork for that fight. Just be prepared to go scrounge for ammo between every phase.

Edit: I’ve added around 20 little showcase vids for some of the weapons. Will be happy to see others contribute, too!

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What about the shield of Ages? It has the highest capacity in the game, although its recharge delay seems to be stuck at 6.5. Still, it could at least replace the Tortoise.

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@Ha_Na how do you feel about the Cheat Code? Even though it’s got a smaller mag size, I feel like a NE version would do better in boss situations than a Fatale. Yes, no, maybe?

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Good call, I’ll put it up as alternative to Turtle Shields.

I don’t know any boss scenario where I’d primarily use the Fatale. My trouble with the Cheat Code is not only the smaller mag size, that would be tiny with Large Caliber, but also the lower base damage and the mostly useless gimmick of not using ammo in FFYL. Yes, it comes with elemental diversity, but then again, so do the Fast Talker and the Torrent.

Imo, the only reason for it to be in the Top gear list would be the same as the Vibrapulse and the Rosie: it’s more readily available than other Legendaries and purples.

I’ll do some more tests!

as for videos, I’ve put up vids for nearly all top ranked guns, and some shields and grenades. Not sure if we need footage for the honorable mentions (I’m sure as heck not doing a vid on the vibrapulse or the Rosie).