[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

(Kenet 550111) #61

The Naught shield best parts are all bandit, highest recharge, decent cap compared to tediore ones. About 10% higher rate and 40% more capacity.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #62

Thanks for the input!

The forum software informed me, that my OP is exceeding the allowed length max 75k characters per post.
I’ll try to shorten the entries by deleting redundant and obvious facts, such as “cryo version gets boosted by cryo tree” and “crit bonuses work well with cryo”.

Is that okay with everyone?

Got some approval, OP has been slightly shortened.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #63

Three things:

  1. I might have to revise the entry about the luck cannon.
    Its explosive proc chance is apparently related to the distance to the target. Therefore potentially making it a single shot bolt action sniper that’s stronger than the omni cannon, if you spec just enough into Large Caliber to NOT make its mag size zero. Need some more testing.
    [edit] Testing has been done. This gun underperformed HUGELY. Poor damage, poor explosive chance even from a distance, and even 1 point in Large Caliber sets it to zero mag.
    Furthermore, it doesn’t profit from sniper related boosts, and can’t trigger stuff like Magic Bullet etc. While silver lining is potentially interesting with one shot crit kills, it won’t happen all too often to make it count. Guess it’s not a good pick for even the honorable mentions…
  2. The Laser Disker is pretty interesting
    It has huge base damage, which makes it potentially good for reload throws. Its small mag size will suffer alot from Large Caliber though. I’m still quite impressed by this Laser, my Wilhelm was able to one throw kill frozen mini bosses like the Sponx, or the Hope and Self-Esteem Doggies. Again, will test this for a bit.
  3. Anyone got ideas for a good way to show case the :snowflake: Bouncing Bazza and the :zap: Data Scrubber? Like, what area works best for show casing these grenades? For the :zap: Quasar, I think the last Holodome round could be a good scenario. Pull Radiant Ophas and Gargaunts into the blades and the pit.

Whaddya think?

(David A.) #64

Bouncing Bazza: Titan Robot Production Plant, possibly Overlook’s main area (where the shield grinder is) since a whole bunch of enemies spawn there.


Is the Omni cannon’s damage and reload speed boosted by next to cleanlines? I would think maybe it would be because it doesn’t list explosive damage on the card.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #66

Yes it applies. But as you can see from the showcase video of the naught shield, I’ve specced fully into N2C and the omni Cannon still performs very average.

Good call, thanks!

(Glass cannon par excellence) #67


  • Bouncing Bazza has been re-evaluated as alternative to the Cryo. I couldn’t reliably freeze groups of mobs in 10 attempts in the Robot Factory, Hub of Heriosm and Overlook with it, while the Cryo worked more reliably.
  • Laser Disker is TG, the reload throws pack a punch on frozen targets and can one shot kill badasses.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #68


Links are clickable now.

I’ll try to shorten the entries a little, some description texts are still too long and have irrelevant info (as in stating the obvious)

(President of Jellybeans) #69

Good to see my crap idea made an impression. Apparently this platform isn’t that great for page jumping (can’t even use ids here).

As for including something relevant to your thread :smile:

Is the Berrigan even relevant with the Badaboom being a thing, their ammo sitch is super similar 'cept the Boom launches them at once instead of in a burst and they all do more dmg. I mean you can argue HM cuz I mean what do you have to choose from, cept maybe some cool glitched ones like the Duurp (I think the rockets can do like 500k card dmg).

Cheat Code only seems decent on Clappy just cuz like 20 mag on an smg is kinda lame on not him, doesn’t sniper lady have a skill that makes it smaller too?

I like the Meganade kinda, it’s more of a love hate relationship. It takes so long to do its meaningful damage and it throws like a newborn, but the buncha singularities is a pretty cool draw if Sniper Lady likes keeping a buncha ppl grouped.


With the Keneda’s Laser being able to crit, I could see it as top gear for Aurelia.

(CDR_Shepard) #71

Fatale = Top Gear SMG vs.
Fridgia = Honorable Mention

Probably comes down to a matter of build & playstyle but, I’ve switched between them numerous times at various levels and I end up being amazed with the Fridgia and just keep shooting with that! A great mobbing tool – think I had the easiest time in the Holodome with my cryo Aurelia over my other characters. When the tougher enemies start coming out I’ll need to switch to a cryo laser anyway but SMGs are fun in certain settings.

Freezing Fridgia seems the most common drop and it works fine. A Flying Fridgia was even nicer. Just got a level 70 Stopping Fridgia and really need to start Aurelia through the DLC (e.g., stop farming for Fridgia’s!)

(Mr_Matt) #72

Anyone know how well a purple Tediore would compare with a Naught on her? I’m holding out to until level 70 before I redeem my Naught, but not sure it’ll be up to the job!

(Glass cannon par excellence) #73

Naught is in the top list. It’s recharge rate is only about 11% of its capacity, so it takes 9s for it to recharge to full to be able to trigger a new BR/WV/PP.

With the vanquisher, it only takes 3s and is semi good. It can be even faster with points in podsnappery iirc.

(Mr_Matt) #74

I might hand on until I make it up to 70 before I redeem it then in that case!

(Zamb92) #75

Is the Invader really undeserving of a mention? I use a cryo one and landing 5 shots has a good chance to freeze even shielded enemies. And enemies with easy weakspots should just give up, not even droogs can deliver crits that fast. Ammo consumption is slightly offset by her sport hunter COM.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #76

I’ll test it. On paper, its low base damage and reverse recoil looks underwhelming, but maybe the burst fire can make it a mini pitchfork for mobbing, and a general tool for stacking I Never miss

(Zamb92) #77

It’s best against badass enemies. Trash mobs usually die mid-burst. But it’s definitely more accurate than the Pitchfork, and the hyperion gimmick makes the burst actually useful, unlike Dahl snipers in general

(Glass cannon par excellence) #78

Sounds good, I’m looking forward to testing it! [edit]Did some testing, and would like to discuss these points with y’all, maybe you can give me a short feedback on these points?

##1. Invader :arrow_right: Honorable Mentions?
Has been added.

##2. Shooterang?
The grinder gave me one today, and I have to say, its base damage is pretty huge, fire rate is okay, recoil is slightly heavy, and the reload gimmick is a bit like a bouncing betty, and can sometimes apply cryo to enemies.
I made a short :tv: show case vid, how’s it look? Imo, it could make it into HM, it’s good, but falls short of the Top pistols.

##3. Data Scrubber :-1:
Has been removed

##4.Duality Oz kit /w Sniper damage & recoil reduction
Some of the popular snipers suffer from heavy recoil, think Droog, Pitchfork, Jakobs snipers…
So this little gem might be nicely helpful in atmosphere at least. It comes with laser fire rate and reload speed OR shotgun fire rate and reload speed for vacuum, which can potentially work well with sidearms. I’ve recorded some :tv: video footage comparing the recoil of a regular Damage prefix Droog, and a Stability Droog plus that oz kit.

Of course we could just say “Just any Duality that fits your loadout”, but I feel the sniper variant deserves an extra mention.

##5. Kaneda’s Laser :arrow_right: Top Launcher?
Using this kinda feels like sniping, and it can crit. Maybe a good gun to pull out against occasional badasses?
:tv: Video footage here

##6. Gameplay vids
I’ve added a section about which items still lack game play footage, if anyone wanna do some, just let me know! All I’d ask is BAR off, and show your gear and skill tree in the vid.

(Sheriff) #79

A few notes:

1: I love your layout, I might copy a bit for the Nisha top gear.

2: It’s Fridgia, not Frigida… As I also thought it was for a long time.

3: Assuming that Tediore shields are among the best for Aurelia, and since you also have Adaptive Shields in the list, why not the REO and MORQ ?
They’re adaptive shields but with a fast recharge like Tediore shields… Surely they belong on the list also (or even, INSTEAD of adaptive)

(Glass cannon par excellence) #80
  1. Thanks, feel free to!
  2. Fixed, I didn’t notice that in 12 characters…dang shame.
  3. The problem with the Reo and the MORQ is their fairly low recharge rate, which needs further investment into COMs / oz kits to make them come close to Tediore shields, while still suffering from the low capacity.
    Regular Adaptive shields are usually best for situations, where a low capacity quick charging shield doesn’t help anyways (Boss fights mainly). I have to reevaluate the parts though. Maybe a combination of Bandit and Hyperion parts will yield some acceptable recharge delay and recharge rate.