[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

(CDR_Shepard) #81

[quote=“Ha_Na, post:1, topic:133905”]
Purging Proletarian Revolution with Shield bypass luneshine[/quote]
From what I’ve heard, people can’t even get the Revolution from the grinder, no less a luneshined one? Someone dropped me the above mentioned item, though – I think it’s gibbed (I say with tears streaming down my face).

(Glass cannon par excellence) #82

Yep, no luneshine possible. This entry is still from back then when the Dlc was just released and needs to be corrected.

(Cannonball ) #83

I’d like to see the Absolute Zero elevated. It’s only bad if you spec Large Caliber (which I rarely do because I like shotguns). Otherwise, it is just a beast for mobbing–it’s one of the few guns that I feel comfortable using to face tank a bunch of UBA trojans. A Cryo Rosie doesn’t come close IMO. I also think the freeze chance is much higher than what’s listed on the card. It easily feels the equal of the Fridgia when it comes to freezing.

(Timer1) #84

even with large caliber full the A Zero is still amazing, i use it in the mutator arena
and with the cryo skill it kills everything fast and keeps them frozen ,even UBA trojans (large caliber boost the reload speed also)
the A zero(for damage) and a shock moxxie laser (for health and cryo resistant virus) and a sniper ( for FFYL) are the best
my aurelia is even better than nisha at lvl9 in the mutator arena

(Cannonball ) #85

No other thoughts on the Absolute Zero? It’s on the Top Gear list for almost every other VH for a reason–this is one the best cryo weapons in the game. It demolishes everything except for EOS (only because of range limitations).

(President of Jellybeans) #86

Every other VH has a good reason.

Nisha: She’s Fking Nisha, also FFoB and Quickshot
Claptrap: Small Mags are Good for him because OLT and CC + LnS
Jack and Athena: Has a chance to not consume ammo
Willhelm: Doubles/Triples the Laser Mag

Aurelia: uhh… she has Cryo buffs (applicable to every Cyro weapon) and one of her big Buffs makes this thing’s mag nonexistent, especially with one of her best Class Mods, (I don’t have the exact number but it’s AT LEAST a 50% cut,and that 6 Mag isn’t going to be doing sh!t)

One of these things is not like the other.

(Timer1) #87

tested the A zero on the sentinel and even with 6 mag it kills him fast
( the reload speed is very fast), its damage(>1500K/mag) is better than a cryo/shock rosie
(its like a sniper, you can get crits with the complete mag, with a rosie the
beam start wiggling and no more crits after a few hits)
also it freezes nearly everything instantly
for me it is one of the best lasers for aurelia (large caliber/CoE mod)

(President of Jellybeans) #88

K I don’t actually play her but I’m good buds with @Ha_Na so I was rationalizing on his behalf. I guess if a 6 mag AZ can still wreck house it deserves the spot.

(Cannonball ) #89

Yeah I just specced into Large Caliber and even with a Chronicler of Elpis mod (9/5) and a 5 mag it’s tremendous. Yeah, you reload a lot, but you also kill stuff really really fast.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #90

Guess we can swap the A0 with the Tediore Splitter. For sustained mobbing, A0 feels better, and the splitter is pretty garbage at boss fight anyways (except for Maliwan splitters)

(President of Jellybeans) #91

slight glitch here in the Queen COM, while i’d love for there to be a skill called Gainsbouroout, my best guess would be Whiteout.

Also for the Tediore Quick, I would recommend Dahl - Hyperion - Maliwan (Or Hyperion - Dahl - Maliwan it’s the same) as it gives you the most bang for your buck while still having a 1.09 recharge rate. Arguably I would say the difference between 1.09 and 0.98 is negligible (Actually i think .98 is all hyperion it might actually be more with a maliwan), but you get a bit more capacity and recharge rate (the dropping of special doesn’t matter cuz teddy’s dont have a special attribute).

(FrenchBadTouch) #92

Very nice guide, this thread is very helpful. However I strongly disagree with the statement saying lasers are like assault rifle for aurelia, an ammo diversity option. Indeed a glitched cryo maliwan beam is one of the best, if not the best of all aurelia’s weapons. I solo’ed level 9 mutator arena several times, even with shadow trap spawning, thanks to this glorious laser. I also tried almost any other weapons and none were even close to its DPS.

(Danhaih) #93

How does the Machine compare to the droog?

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #94

For bosses or enemies with large health bars, it will do more damage overall due to the higher fire rate and continuous damage.

However, for your average baddy, it might be overkill because it has lower base but higher fire rate, meaning you have to get it warmed up. Regular enemies will die fast either way,but a Droog will conserve a more ammo on them.

Basically, Machine for badasses and bosses, Droog for mobbing.

(dontpokesmot21) #95

I just got my first ever Zim level at level 65 on my Aurelia.

It might be criminal to not have this on the top tier of pistols. I had a cryo Proliterian Revolution at level 63. and so far I think the Zim is outperforming it, it may be because with the Zim I feel i can more easily spec into Large Caliber, but either way, the Zim is boss on The Baronees.

probably not good enough to take the top spot due to having to build around the Zim a bit more and the Revolutions all around usefulness, but build around the zim just might make it better than the Revolution. Large Caliber and Fire Rate Increases.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #96

I disagree. The Zim, while nice, does nothing any pistol on the list doesn’t already do better. The Taser has a higher elemental effect chance, the anarchists has way higher DPS and access to glitches, and the Maggie and Slapper both synergize excellently with cryo.

The Zim, while being a nice pistol, doesn’t bring anything new to the picture. Yes it synergies with Large Caliber and loves Aurelia’s fire rate boosts, but none of the other pistols need

to be top gear.

This isn’t to say that its bad, but its not beating any of the pistols already here.

(dontpokesmot21) #97

The Anarchists DPS isn’t that much higher than the Zim’s than you think it is. I don’t believe Aurelia can take it past the 15 frame cap to 30, so there is a possibility that the Zim may actually have higher DPS under the right circumstances.

Its better than the Taser because there are a bunch of ways to freeze people with her and 12 percent freezes just fine and its damage is higher. with less fire rate though, but with a way bigger magazine size. Aurelia has a lot of accuracy boosts as well. Its as accurate as a revolution or an anarchist.

higher base damage synergies better with critical boosts as well, gun damage boosts too for that matter, lol.

and a top gear list should certainly take into account the character skills, right? otherwise why have one for each character at all?

and I have used both recently, and due to how much more convenient you can spec into large caliber with the Zim, I am telling your it performs better than an anarchist. A crit from the Zim would drop a frozen mob in a single shot sometimes

it should be listed. It doesn’t have to bring anything new, just synergize well with the character’s skills.

(Sheriff) #98

I agree with @boombumr
This isn’t “Pretty good gear for Aurelia”
The Zim isn’t a bad gun by any means but it doesn’t shine as much as the other listed.

Highly doubtful.
A properly parted Anarchist has over 10 FR, the Zim has around 4. You would need to quadruple your fire rate to reach 15 FR (something that Aurelia can’t do if i’m not mistaken) while the Anarchist gets there with just 50% bonus. As for the magazine size, the Anarchist has access to glitches (which increase mag size by 50%) something the Zim doesn’t. Even with a smaller mag size, its reload time is half as long, so it could afford to have half the mag size and still keep up in that department.

I disagree with that: A gun with nearly twice as much fire rate and twice the chance to freeze is 4x better at freezing. If you want to freeze, the Taser is just plain better. Taser also has the Hyperion barrel which provides 7.5% type B crit bonus, which does wonders for frozen targets. I can understand the DPS argument or even one about ammo efficiency, but as for freezing, the Taser is the second best gun in the game after the Fridgia IMO.

Can’t argue with that part. Accuracy isn’t a factor when compared to the Anarchist, and the accuracy boosts Aurelia has do fix its shortcomings.

Better than fire rate you mean ?
Yes and no.

Yes, gun damage boost and crits will be bigger if you have more base damage, but DPS will be unaffected as it’s still proportional: The faster weapon gets a smaller boost but gets to apply it more often.

(The difference comes when you factor them: damage boost and fire rate boosts are multiplicative to one another while they are additive to themselves. If a character has more ways to increase damage, you should look for fire rate boosts instead of more damage boosts. And vice versa. though this isn’t relevant now)

As for crit bonus, they will still be the same as damage boosts except for 2 things: The Taser has reverse recoil, meaning its easier to STAY on crit. And 2, it has multiplicative crit bonus.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #99

Some points.

She has 2 accuracy boosts, one of which requires stacking, the other requires missing a shot with a sniper rifle and is only active for 7 seconds. Considering the conditions you have to meet, I doubt you’d actually be consciously using Warning Shot’s accuracy bonus on a frequent basis, so that leaves duchess, which would affect both weapons equally anyway.

True, but Aurelia has both of those in spades, so a higher fire rate to take advantage of that damage and crit will net you similar, if not better results as adding more damage on top of what Aurelia can already put out. [quote=“bigrobb2389, post:97, topic:133905”]
and I have used both recently, and due to how much more convenient you can spec into large caliber with the Zim
You can do so with the anarchist as well. It has a high enough magezine size that LC won’t effect it too much.

Again, the Zim isn’t bad. But its strengths (cryo lock, big base damage, huge mag) are either things Aurelia can provide herself, or are things that other weapons can synergize with as well.

(dontpokesmot21) #100

Don’t bet on it. Zim’s fire rate’s, if it follows bandit pistols, are 3.3 for dubbles, 4.3 standard, and 5.1 with the fire rate prefix. a vladof grip might increase it further. Its reload time is not half as long. Matching grips puts it at 1.7 for anarchist and 2.5 for zim. and of course every reload speed boost puts them closer together, favoring the zim actually.

Say Aurellia is capable of 100 percent fire rate increase, Revolution caps out at 15 while the Zim goes to 10. Large Caliber it and on average I bet the Zim will have twice as many shots as the Revolution. Actually a Dubble Zim will have as many shots as a single revolution

and actually when I play Aurelia, Warning shot is pretty much always up. I use a Hunter Class mod and 2-3 sniper rifles.

and from the beginning i said it wouldn’t replace the anarchist/revolution at the top due to its all around usefulness.

The Zim and glitched bandit pistols synergize with her skills better, imo.

errr, i meant between the two guns. the gun with the higher base damage will get more from crit boosts and/or damage boosts. kind of a tongue in cheek thing, but it might give the Zim a higher shot at a 1 hit crit kill, but otherwise, yea i know what you mean about the additive/multiplicative boosts