[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

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yea, that was just an example of two weapons that i had.

and maybe see how a gltiched bandit pistol with vladof barrel does too maybe.thanks for doing any of em, lol.

i don’t know how large caliber scales past 5, what does the mag size decrease look like at 9, 10, or 11? its meant to be used with only the best and snipers for the most part it seems, so I wonder if too much might actually hurt some weapon’s DPS.

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(1481124) / ((24/(11.4(1+.3))+(1.7/(1+.55+.2)) = 137199 DPS


(2048653) / ((53/(5.1(1+.3))+(2.5/(1+.55+.2)) = 115229 DPS

(137199/115229) - 1 = 19% difference in DPS not Including glitches.
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Thanks for that. at that point, though who would want to use an anarchist with 24 bullets? lol

25% is around where the two level 63 weapons started. and 33% is around where the purging anarchist and qwik smart zim started.

but things get real interesting when you plug in a fire rate boost.

a 50% fire rate boost would be 7.65 and 17.1 fire rate for thezim and anarchist.

the DPS difference would only be 7 percent or so. 173308 to 160665.

cap the fire rate at 15 and they pull within .04 percent of each other. 161413 to 160665

at fire rate caps of 10 and 20 Zim leads by 5 percent.

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The only problem is where are you going to get that kinda of FR on her? In your case it’s “Warning Shot” looping. First off veeery few people play that way. You have the standard INM build, no sniper builds, and WS builds but very few of the last one will swap to a sniper to just miss one shot and go to their secondary gun.

This is because of the massive DPS loss that is swapping weapons. When you take this into account the Anarchist will blow the Zim out of the water no contest.

The only other scenario this could happen is if you occasionally swap from your sniper to secondary in panic situations COD style. But this isn’t a twitch multiplayer game, and I’m curious as to why you even bother to switch from your ammo regen sniper to your pistol?

And with how they/the community runs the TG threads, a gun that only works on 1/3 of the builds during one not common play style to only get near not even above its competitor is definitely not TG.

Its nothing personal, it just doesn’t make the cut based on how you describe it.

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Yea I was playing her with 85%+(atleast) fire rate boosts at the time, but my perceptions were correct.

and chuck was probably about right when he said 30-35% is about her average fire rate boost most likely. so the anarchist probably about 10% more dps at that point. but you can get over 50 easily enough. an Oz kit can add 30 easily enough. Most people probably have atleast the 15% from 5/5 quality not quantity. Coms can add boosts.

and I was probably playing like a COD maniac. basically maxing out warning shot to use my snipers from the hip easily(bad scopes,lol) and using the swap speed to switch between my snipers(skullsmasher, ice maliwan, and omni-cannon) and my sidearm. When you can swap weapons fast you don’t lose dps, especially when she doesn’t have the best reload speed boosts. would try to reload after using a back hand to remember.

i know its not personal, its fun, its a game lol.

i just would have a hard hitting cryo gun like the Zim in my list, especially with how well it works with some of her stronger skills. I mean they have the Logan’s gun up there for rocket absorption, lol.

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Yeah, this should go down IMO.

It works with all characters but doesn’t appear on any other top gear.

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Thats mainly because I run three of them and I hate backpack gear for the most part :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sham-booming is still one of the quicker ways to dispatch the first phase of the sentinel. It is only HM after all :wink:

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starts chant zim! zim!

Zim!! ZIM!!

(President of Jellybeans) #130

uses common sense to shut down chant

It’s super effective

Nobody’s stopping you from using the gun you like, but we’re not convinced that it can perform to the caliber of the other weapons that it’s intended to compete against.

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haha, why so serious?

Zim ZIM ZIM!!!

Feel the CryoBern!!

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Nothing burns like the cold.

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I want to speak with the manager. wheres Ha_Na at? I want to talk to HaNa.

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He’s more or less dropped off, but I can almost guarantee he’d side with us on this.

Barring the varius Shift Rewards that have come to light, this guy has thoroughly tested almost every possible weapon that you could’ve tested on Aurelia, if the Zim made an impression on him, trust me, you would’ve seen it on this list in some capacity.

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i was just having fun with it.

I wouldn’t say to know what a person is thinking, but I don’t doubt it, you’d probably know better.

I think the case for honorable mention is good though.

(Sheriff) #136

@Hoyle4 knows @Ha_Na pretty well for that matter, I think he is right :slightly_smiling:

Given that Large caliber is the calling card for that gun (because frankly, other arguments for it just fall flat when you look at the maths) I see the value in your argument. (don’t ever try to convince people that it can beat an anarchist on DPS without it though… not good :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think it’s worth mentioning somewhere that it has great synergy with LC. In it’s own entry or as a sidenote in another gun’s ? I don’t know Aurelia enough to call that, but the synergy is there, so mentioning it wouldn’t hurt

(dontpokesmot21) #137

I never made the argument without large caliber. but since large caliber + only the best is arguably her bread and butter when it comes to sniping… and I think bandit pistols ultimately have better range even when they have lesser accuracy. I atleast have a much easier time taking out targets from range with it, mainly due to the time it allows you to shoot, but thats just personal preference.

and I understand what the numbers say, but numbers don’t tell the whole story and we didn’t even touch on that. It would be hard to come up with a number that would indicate the likelihood of being caught reloading while a boss like Iwajira opens its crit spot and you are using the anarchist vs the zim. Anarchist does more damage while crit is up due to its burst damage, but you may miss it completely if reloading, does the Zim’s longer firing cycle make up for that? consistent fire/damage vs burst against mobs and bosses in general. Shots missed from being off target would hinder an anarchist more than a zim,etc etc and so on. there are a lot more considerations than just numbers, so i thought showing the Zim was even able to catch up to the anarchist under easily attainable conditions would make a bigger difference.

All it should take to realize its potential is to use to try it out.

but anyway… now about that omni-cannon…

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #138

If you are killing Iwajira with either as Aurelia or anyone else for that matter you are doing something wrong. These guns are for mobbing, any scenarios outside of that shouldn’t be considered.

Its a very bad gun. With basically no synergy with her when compared to other snipers. Especially with the introduction of the Machine and Wet Week, that gun has no hope to even look at this list much less be on it. You can make your case, but just know I think its a sad excuse for a red text gun.

(President of Jellybeans) #139

It’s a sad excuse because it’s glitched…

Old Hyperion with a Hyperion Barrel…missing out on A LOT of Damage, and can’t match grips…

I’m not saying it’s all of a sudden TG if it were fixed, but it would be way better if it were fixed.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #140

I know, but they decided to make it old Hyperion despite knowing it was glitched before hand. And since that DLC added a lot of cool stuff it makes it burn even more.