[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

(dontpokesmot21) #141

that was just an example.

(Rush86) #142

Were the machine and wet week tested on her? Cause i think they should get a mention they are both great snipers espicially with aurelia.

(President of Jellybeans) #143

Ya. OP author is kinda MIA

(David A.) #145

In a build using a purple Gentry COM, is it worth putting more than one point in Short Summer? Going for a big cooldown rate increase but not so sure how useful it would be in all battle situations (ie against bosses)

(President of Jellybeans) #146

The question is where would you put the points otherwise.

If you’re already super heavy into the middle tree there’s basically no other places to put the points. (Whiteout maybe but Riposte and Veil aren’t worth the extra points)

If the points are for example getting the few single player buffs in the right tree or going heavier into the sniper tree it might be worth considering.

(David A.) #147

So maybe something like this? --> http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/5551510100015150515150112120151010000

(President of Jellybeans) #148

I’d say its worth going down to 1 point in short summer (and 1 in something else) to get those Clenliness points.


I know this topic has been inactive and I’m not really adding anything but I’d imagine keeping top gear topic up top is not the worst offense.

I actually just came in to see if T4s-R is on this list. It is and truly seems to deserve to be.

I’m currently lvl 42 and I’ve been using my old lvl 29 Redundant cryo T4s-R that I’ve been carrying around just waiting to test it at some point and recently finally decided to give it a go before selling it off. It’s actually killing stuff as efficiently as most of my on level gear… I’m not even specced to use this kind of weapon to it’s full effect. I need to go get me one of these on level! Everything about this pistol seems to have Aurelias name written all over it and it’s pretty fun to use too. Mine has a long range scope to boot so I can use it at basically any range.

When I get to lvl 70 I definitely need to get me one of these and if someone has not given this gun a try yet I would say it’s worth giving a shot.

Also, to actually add something: shouldn’t The Machine be on this list?

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #150

It should, but as was mentioned earlier…

It’s safe to say that the machine (and the wet week) are both top gear for Aurelia, even if the OP hasn’t been updated to include them.

Although we could always try calling @Ha_Na to see if he could just put them in real quick. If not, it won’t kill anyone because we all know they are top gear anyway.


Fair enough. To be honest I didn’t read the thread further than the OP. I thought those uniques were added before claptastic voyage so it seemed weird not seeing them on the list but I guess they were added after that?

This thread is pretty great BTW. All the work that went into gathering this info really shows in the OP.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #152

Probably 3 or 4 months after the claptastic voyage was released at least, might have been 5 months though.


OK, I just recently got into TPS so I guess I just messed up the releases in my head.

(rubregg) #154

It says the High Definition com is available from the grinder. How? All i seem to be getting are vanilla game coms…

(President of Jellybeans) #155

Iirc you can get it from the grinder but the recipe might be different. @khimerakiller should know about a Holodome COMs grindability.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #156

Not really, but I think you have to include a DLC class mod in the recipe to get one out.

(rubregg) #157

So you need one to grind one? umh… Well thanks, I’ll give it a try. One of the Holodome rounds has a green one as a reward iirc. Guess i’ll have to start from there. Edit: oh wait, do the Holodome coms spawn in the Holodome vendors? EditEdit: tested on another char, seems like the grinder does not accept blue Holodome coms in any recipe. Now I’m totally confused…

(rubregg) #158

So here is what I tried at the grinder.

Hcom = Holodome com / Vcom = vanilla game com

[Hcom] + [Hcom] + [Hcom]
[Hcom] + [Hcom] + [Vcom]
[Hcom] + [Vcom] + [Vcom]

[Hcom] + [Hcom] + [Hcom]
[Hcom] + [Hcom] + [Vcom]
[Hcom] + [Vcom] + [Vcom]

None of these are accepted by the grinder.

So how can you get a purple Holodome com? Super-lucky drop from badass round, is that the only way?

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #159

Both allow me to grind them. No class mods since a while ago can be used in a moonstone grind except purple ones. So to get a purple Holodome com, if you don’t already have some kind of purple Holodome com you want to grind, you have to go about it the hard way.

  • Just grind blues for that 1 in 20 chance it becomes a purple
  • Hope that purple is a Holodome com (it will always be for the character you grind it with)
  • Hope that if it is a Holodome com, that it has the roll you want

I’d recommend setting your save file to “read only” and maybe even duplicate your gear at Clap-trap’s stash to get more grinds per run. If you’re on console have fun dash boarding.

(rubregg) #160

1st image is 3 Holodome coms, 2nd image is 1 Holodome com with 2 vanilla coms.

So is this a bug with Aurelia coms then? Guess I’ll have to get a blue Holodome com for another class…

Oh and yes I’m on PC and am doing the duping/read-only thing, thx for the tip though :slight_smile:

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #161

Since you can’t grind them, you may not be able to get Aurelia’s coms out either. I found a thread where @weggman was having the same problem, and the suggested solution worked. So you’re probably better off doing that instead.