[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock

(rubregg) #162

Dammit this sucks. So, before I head into that farm, can someone pls confirm you can actually get purple coms as a reward for badass round? I have farmed badass round rewards for a little while, but all I ever got was green coms, and a blue one every now and then (like the one from my screenshots). I haven’t seen a purple yet.

Edit: never mind, I read the topic you linked and someone said you can get any rarity.

(rubregg) #163


So yeah, farming Badass round rewards does work. …don’t even ask how long it took though…

(Where's lucky?) #164

I’m guessing 5 mins :slight_smile:

(rubregg) #165

hahaha, multiply that by 30 and you’re roughly there :wink:


Umm, I know it’s somewhat too late to say this, but why there is no Kaneda’s Laser in the Top Rocket Launchers for her ? It’s (imo) her best option for an actual Rocket Launcher :upside_down:

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #167

Hana isn’t around to update it anymore. I think at this point, people know what the good weapons are for Aurelia even if they aren’t on this list.

(Vexarillius) #168

Personally, I like the omni-cannon on my Arctic Sniper build. The bonus explosive damage is useful and just about any sniper rifle is excellent if you have high stacks of I Never Miss like I usually do. Plus it’s pretty good if you happen lose your stacks if the target is frozen. I guess it’s just good for me since I’m a slow and methodical sniper. I say this knowing it’s a dead topic.

(Impala) #169

As long as it does the job, anything is ok. Especially when it comes to sniper rifles with Aurelia. I personally prefer a Diaub (Jakobs with Vladof barrel). I find it easier to aim with the little Vladof star instead of the Jakobs cross-hairs of a Muckamuck.

(Vexarillius) #170

I honestly prefer all Jakobs parts if I’m going Jakobs.