[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Table of Contents

  1. Notes
  2. Pistols
  3. SMGs
  4. Assault Rifles
  5. Shotguns
  6. Snipers
  7. Launchers
  8. Grenades
  9. Shields
  10. Class Mods
  11. Artifacts


Since Moze can be built as a splash-oriented character, I plan to include elemental and non-elemental options for both splash and non-splash damage builds if viable options are available. (:boom: next to a weapon’s name indicates whether a weapon has splash capabilities).



Elements: Kinetic
The Maggie a queen among multi-pellet Jakobs pistol, boasting a higher magazine size and one more pellet than the typical purple Masher. The magazine size is large enough that Moze’s BM tree can significantly extend the clip and the high base damage makes it ideal for combining with the SoR tree’s high gun damage buffs.

Moar Splainer
Elements: Kinetic, Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, Radiation, Fire
CoV Splainers tend to have decent damage, average fire-rate and a high magazine size (that is, it takes a significant amount of time for them to break). Splainers with the Moar prefix are variants that shoot two or three pellets at the same time and become extremely efficient vs badass enemies when paired with the many SoR gun damage bonuses. The only downside of these weapons is that like all CoV weapons, switching to the weapon involves a start-up animation. Other Moar CoV Pistols - Preecher and Holey-Man - are decent alternatives.


Kyb’s Worth :boom:
Elements: Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, Radiation, Fire
The Kyb’s Worth has several attributes that make it ideal for Moze. It fires multiple pellets that deal splash damage (for the cost of one ammo), meaning that it can be useful for Blast Master builds to proc Means of Destruction. Binary variants fire three pellets for the cost of two ammo. On top of this, it deals relatively high damage (compared with an Ogre, for instance). Also, like most Maliwan weapons, it comes in two elements, making it a versatile weapon to have in your loadout. If that wasn’t all, every ten seconds it will turn a dead enemy into a source of AoE healing and it also comes with a Hyperion-style weapon shield! The only downsides of this weapon are the short charge time and the fact that it is (as of yet) only acquirable from Maliwan Takedown bosses, making it rather difficult to find. The Westergun is a decent alternative.


Elements: Shock, Corrosive, Fire
The Cutsman shoots slow-moving pellets that extend horizontally the further they travel, damaging enemies multiple times as they pass through them. The pellets move so slowly that is it rather difficult to land them on quick-moving targets or targets that are a fair distance away. However, against slower-moving targets or large targets, the Cutsman is very effective, dealing enormous amounts of damage as the pellets travel through them. If you are looking for a weapon to try against WOTAN the Invincible, the Cutsman is your friend.

Honorable Mentions

Westergun :boom:
Elements: Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, Radiation, Fire
The Westergun is a legendary Maliwan SMG which is notable for doing splash damage. It synergizes well with Blast Master builds, benefiting from the COM’s splash damage bonus and consistently triggering Means of Destruction. Being a Maliwan weapon, it always comes in two elements (making it versatile to have in your loadout) and also comes with high cryo efficiency (making it ideal for crowd control).

Elements: Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, Radiation, Fire
A Hyperion SMG that deletes whatever it is being pointed at. Suffers from accuracy issues at long range due to the way the pellets fly out at random-ish directions, but is a monster with SoR gun damage skills. It eats through ammo very quickly, but BM offsets this problem.

Assault Rifles

Laser-sploder :boom:
Elements: Shock, Corrosive, Fire, Cryo, Radiation
A Torgue AR that shoots lasers and rockets. High dps, low ammo consumption and the laser is fairly accurate. Rockets are unlikely to hit anything at long range.

Elements: Kinetic
An Atlas AR that shoots two pellets at a time, with damage of approximately 800-1200 per pellet. Fire-rate is typically low, but that doesn’t when you’re doing that much damage. A great non-elemental option for SoR builds.

Alchemist :boom:

Elements: Fire
The Alchemist is Torgue AR that is notable for three things. First, shooting the gun deals shock damage to Moze. This can be turned into a small amount of healing with The Transformer shield). Second, the gyrojet deals shock damage to the enemy on impact (but cannot crit), making the weapon helpful at stripping shields while still dealing Moze’s preferred elemental damage. Third, each stuck gyrojet increases the damage of subsequent shots by 9% percent, which makes the Alchemist ideal for builds that do not have the large damage bonuses of the Bloodletter or Blast Master mods (for instance Mind Sweeper builds).

Honorable Mentions

Ogre :boom:
Elements: Kinetic
A Vladof AR with a large magazine, high fire-rate and explosive pellets. Where was Mr. Torgue when they made this gun? This is one of the most efficient ways to proc MoD and synergizes well with both Blast Master and SoR builds.

Faisor :boom:
Elements: Shock, Corrosive, Fire, Cryo, Radiation
A Vladof AR that always comes with a shotgun attachment. In terms of fire rate and damage stats, it is superior to most Vladof ARs. Its only downside (compared to a Shredifier or a Lucian’s Call) is a slower projectile speed. The shotgun attachment is extremely powerful on its own and does splash damage, making it useful for splash damage builds, and it also enables shield restoration with a Shock Faisor and a Transformer shield.


Trevonator :boom:

Elements: Fire, Cryo, Radiation, Corrosive, Shock
A Maliwan shotgun that deals splash damage. Useful for triggering MoD and gains the benefits of Blast Master.

Redline :boom:
Elements: Kinetic, Fire, Corrosive, Cryo, Radiation, Shock
The Torgue equivalent of the Butcher. This is extremely powerful with Some for the Road as it can stack many stickies on an enemy. Best used against bosses or large slow moving targets due to massive recoil and having to charge up before firing.

Honorable Mentions

Bangstick :boom:
Elements: Kinetic, Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Cryo, Radiation
Bangsticks with very high pellet counts are a powerful option for taking down bosses or powerful enemies with Moze. With Some for the Road, Moze can gain infinite ammunition and stack a very large of pellets on an enemy, gaining enormous gun damage on subsequent shots. The small magazine size makes them less useful for general purposes than the Redline.

Flakker :boom:
Elements: Kinetic, Radiation, Fire
A Torgue shotgun that shoots an expanding cluster of explosions. Unlike other shotguns, it does no damage at point blank range, since the explosions occur a short distance in front of the gun. The Flakker is best used against large targets which will take damage from most or all of the explosions. Since the 17/10/19 nerf, the Flakker always spawns with a magazine of 1 and care must be taken to avoid reloading with a Blast Master CoM if MoD fails to trigger when shooting the Flakker.

Elements: Kinetic, Shock, Corrosive, Radiation, Fire, Cryo
A full-auto Hyperion shotgun with a high fire-rate which more than makes up for the small number of pellets. It also has a chance to return ammo to the magazine instead of expending it. This, combined with BM skills buffs, enable Moze to shoot the Butcher longer than any other character without reloading (long enough to kill some bosses).


Honorable Mentions


Elements: Kinetic, Shock, Fire, Corrosive, Radiation, Cryo
A Vladof sniper with a very high fire rate (for a sniper). Its projectiles split into three after travelling a short distance, retaining the gun’s full damage (?). This gun shreds mobs and bosses alike, given all three pellets land critical hits. The BM tree lets Moze offset the gun’s biggest drawback, which is its magazine size.

Proton Rifle :boom:

Elements: Cryo, Fire, Shock, Corrosive, Radiation
Proton Rifles are non-unqiue purple rarity Maliwan snipers. They are always found with two elements and can be charged up to increase damage and splash radius. They are notable for dealing splash damage, which allows them to benefit from the Blast Master class mod splash damage bonus (although they do not synergize well with MoD due to the low fire-rate).


Ion Cannon :boom:

Elements: Kinetic, Shock, Fire, Radiation, Corrosive, Cryo
If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to equip Moze with one of Iron Bear’s Rail Guns, this is your answer. The Ion Cannon is an extremely accurate and damaging Vladof Launcher which excels at getting critical hits on single targets. It synergies extremely well with the Guardian Rank skill Overkill, due to it facilitating a kill per shot, gradually allowing Moze to reach enormous damage numbers.

Quickie :boom:
Elements: Kinetic, Shock, Fire, Radiation, Corrosive, Cryo

Torgue Launchers with an above average fire-rate (for rocket launchers). These are ideal for taking out bosses and other powerful single targets, since Moze can stack many stickies on a crit spot with Some for the Road after exiting Iron Bear.

Lump :boom:
Lump Cropped
Elements: Cryo, Fire, Radiation, Shock, Corrosive
Lumps are extremely powerful Torgue Launchers with alien barrels. After charging up, they shoot large glowing orbs (similar to the Lob) which shoot energy beams at enemies near the orbs. Then, after travelling a certain distance, the orbs will shoot explosive projectiles at those enemies targeted by the beams. Because of the way they work, it is ideal to shoot them above crowds of enemies, making sure that the orbs do not touch anything on the way. They are excellent for most Moze builds, since skills that make them reliable weapons (like Cloud of Lead - which can guarantee a Lump shot every 4th shot - and Means of Destruction) are only a few points deep in their respective skills trees.

Scourge :boom:
Scourge Cropped
Elements: Kinetic, Shock, Fire, Radiation, Corrosive, Cryo
The Scourge is similar to the Lump, in that shoots a projectile that must travel a certain distance before it reaches its full effectiveness. Where it differs from the Lump is that it has no charge time, making it better with Some for Road, and it is also useful against single targets, since the main projectile spawns smaller orbiting rockets that will home onto the closest enemy.

Honorable Mentions

Hive :boom:
Elements: Radiation, Corrosive

The Hive fires hive-like orbs that spawn a ton of homing rockets, each of which has a chance of proccing MoD. With some occasional set-up from Some for the Road, the Hive becomes almost self-sustaining in terms of ammo regeneration as long as there are enemies for the rockets to find. A great option for Blast Master.


Cloning Maddening Tracker
Cloning Maddening Tracker Cropped

Cloning Maddening Tracker grenades are one of the best ways to proc Means of Destruction and Vampyr. Each one spawns six mirvs which can bounce on the enemy or the environment up to three times. Because the grenade also has a homing module, the likelihood is that the mirvs will bounce off enemies only to be attracted towards those enemies again.


Cluster-fck grenades spawn with one mirv and one mini-mirv modules. This means the thrown grenade splits into three mirvs, and then each mirv splits into three mini-mirvs, with a total of thirteen explosions, making them reliable at proccing both Vampyr and MoD… Moze will benefit from Cluster-fcks that detonate on impact. Keep an eye out for elemental Cluster-fcks or MIRV Cluster-Fcks, which have double the mirvs.

Honorable Mentions

Elements: Kinetic

The Nagata digistructs several grenades in midair, each of which then longbows to the target. Although the damage isn’t particularly great, it has a higher chance to proc MoD than legendary grenades.


The Transformer
One of the best defensive shields in the game. Always spawns with a 40% chance to absorb ammo when shot at and turns all shock damage received into healing. Coupled with good shock splash damage source, like the shotgun attachment of a Faisor, it can give Moze the survivability she normally doesn’t get without Vampyr. Very useful for BM/SoR builds that don’t take Vampyr.

Big Boom Blaster
A very good shield for Moze. Taking damage when this shield is active has a 60% chance to drop a booster that restores 60% shields. This ability is balanced by the shield’s usually low capacity (the BBB can spawn with double capacity components), but Moze has plenty of skills that boost shield capacity. The shield also synergizes very well with Tenacious Defence (the SoR capstone) - the capstone activation and one booster fully restore the shield, which enables Tenacious Defense to proc again the next time the shield breaks. The the fact that the boosters also return heavy weapon ammunition and a grenade is just icing on the cake.

The ability description on this shield is misleading. The shield does not begin recharging when broken, but instantly and completely refills itself when broken (with this ability having a 20 second cooldown). This makes it quite a durable shield in general and fantastic on Moze if you do not plan to run a 1hp build. (Its interaction with Tenacious Defence is normal, in that Tenacious Defence procs every time it breaks, giving Moze its bonuses, with the Re-Charger fully restoring the shield if it is able.)

The Stop-Gap gives five seconds of temporarily invincibility upon breaking, given that the instance of damage which breaks the shield does not put you into FFYL. Another fantastic and durable shield for non 1 hp builds. It might be tempting to run this shield with Bloodletter, which can reset the shield’s ability by refilling the shield, but as the Bloodletter prevents hp regen, you can only get limited use out of it this way. The exception is if the shield has the anointment in the above picture. Exiting Iron Bear will increase Moze’s HP. Clicky!

Class Mods

Blast Master

The Blast Master benefits enormously from Moze’s BM tree and MoD. The longer you go without reloading, the more splash damage you do. This bonus caps at a 100% increase and takes slightly more than a minute to reach. It’s more difficult to set up than the Bloodletter’s gun damage increase, which is passive and active all the time, but by increasing Moze’s splash damage, rather than gun damage, it also increases the damage dealt by grenades.

Honorable Mentions


Bloodletter massively increases the survivability of low hp builds by turning all hp restoration into shield restoration. Because of this it’s not ideal for builds that want to use health gating, since they will not be able to restore hp. Low hp builds will ideally want a Bloodletter mod with +3 or higher to Desperate Measures, as this synergies extremely well with low hp, providing an enormous passive gun damage bonus. (If you are unable to reach 1 hp with the points you have in Thin Red Line, use a Deathless Artifact or a Front Loader shield.)

Raging Bear

Raging Bear is currently the best way to increase Iron Bear’s already considerable damage. The class mod gives Iron Bear two buffs, one which increases its fuel efficiency after getting a kill and another which increases its damage whenever it takes damage. [Currently the exact numbers are unknown - these will be updated after more accurate testing.]


Legendary artifacts typically have two components in addition to three passive abilities. There are two sections below, one for recommended top components and one for recommended bottom components. The ideal combination depends on the build and the situation.

Top Component

Elemental Projector

Whenever Moze is afflicted with an elemental status ailment, the Elemental Projector artifact increases the damage Moze deals with elemental damage type which corresponds to that status ailment. This works for status ailments Moze inflicts herself with, giving Moze a relatively painless and significant buff to damage whenever she needs it. Popular ways to activate Elemental Projector are low level grenades or a low level Sellout.

Snowdrift Cropped
The Snowdrift increases Moze’s slide speed. There are situations where Moze’s running speed (which is the slowest in BL3) can become problematic (for instance, if one is using weapons like the Lyuda - which require their projectiles to travel a certain distance before reaching their full effectivness - or if one is trying to avoid AoE attacks). The Snowdrift solves this problem for Moze.

Last Stand

The Last Stand Artifact works similarly to the Stop-Gap shield. Whenever Moze’s drops below 50%, she gains 5 seconds of invulnerability, unless the Last Stand ability is on cooldown. This Artifact can be a lifesaver in many situations, preventing enemies from combo’ing Moze to death and permitting Moze to recover.

Honorable Mentions

Cutpurse Cropped
The Cutpurse Artifact is the backbone of Moze’s Everblast builds (Tediore Shotguns with MIRVs). Although these builds are very strong, the Cutpurse is here included only as an honorable mention because these builds require multiple pieces of gear to work, meaning that by itself, the Cutpurse isn’t that great.

Bottom Component


The Deathless artifact is one of the most efficient ways to reserve Moze’s HP in order to gain the full benefits of Desperate Measures and massively increase Moze’s shields. This artifact is a staple for Moze’s 1 hp builds.

Victory Rush
Victory Rush Cropped
The Victory Rush gives Moze a respectable movement and damage buff whenever she kills a badass enemy. Although a Victory Rush won’t always be beneficial, there are situations where it will be easy to activate and maintain the Victory Rush bonus, like the Slaughter Shaft.


Below is the list of guns I’m considering for inclusion in the guide (possibly as honorable mentions).


  • Ruby’s Wrath (Atlas Launcher)
  • Night Hawkin (Dahl SMG)
  • Phebert (Hyperion Shotgun)
  • Rowan’s Call (Jakobs AR)
  • Gatlin Gatling Gun (Jakobs AR)
  • Creamer (Torgue Launcher)
  • Juliet’s Dazzle (Torgue AR)
  • Epicentre Grenade

Thanks. Good work

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Good guide! I think recharger should be on the list…it’s like having a 25,000 shield…for those of us that that don’t like tiny health for huge shields :stuck_out_tongue:…also the Mirv taculer is the best version of the Hex if you are trying to regen. The reaccurring tends to have on grenade hit the target and another hit the wall! The Mirv taculer is guaranteed to hit the target and launch 6 mirvs around it


Another thing with the reaccuring is that if you notice when the grenade does miss…the 3 mirvs sort of bounce and may not even hit the target…this is important since the nerf to the hex…you want your hex to hit and be on target for as long as it can…the effects don’t apply like they did prenerf and it one of the reaccurring hex grenades hit a target the countdown on the effect begins…meaning the other may do nothing even if it homes in at the very end…why I like the Mirv taculer so is that it ALWAYS hits and applies 6 grenades to target…which since Hex nerf…it is very important the duration the grenade is on target


Black Hole Contact Grenades:

Vladof grenades with two singularity parts making for a 1.5 second singularity which actually feels like it converges enemies. Throw two of these and lay into the enemies with a splash gun and watch means and skag den proc a bunch, and Vampyr benefits from hitting multiple enemies.

The Alchemist is honestly the best Moze bosser if you don’t run blast master. It’s pellets can proc Means which means it can land more pellets so, if handled properly, can land maybe 20ish stickies on a crit. Great for mind sweeper big bad kills. Not good with blast master



You’re right about the Recurring Hex.
I’ve never noticed that before since I usually the Hex from a very close range which makes both grenades hit, but now I went to try it from medium range and saw what you’re talking about. I’ll edit the guide to reflect that.

Noted about the Recharger. I’ve yet to try it myself though I do have it. Just a question - is the instant regen you get from it interrupted by damage? (I will try it tomorrow with some builds).

Agreed on the Alchemist. You can use with with Blast Master by swapping weapons I think, but I don’t like that doing that. Will add it to the guide.

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I’m also going to add some purple grenades that are probably good enough for the guide. If you guys have screenshots and maybe videos of really good ones, those will be appreciated. I’ve linked a video showing a MIRV Cluster****. (Forgive the bad aim. :))

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I have a epicenter nade that spawns 1 extra nade on hit that procs healing and nade/bullet regen very well. Worth trying out.


So if you have 12500 on the shield…whenever the shield is depleted from damage it instantaneously refills it to 12500…there is a cooldown to this effect…and it also regens like a regular shield if you’ve haven’t finished the cooldown time. It’s basically like having a double shield before health damage. You can still blow yourself up but it’s extremely difficult…my health is 8000 so it would have to cause 12500x2 =25,000+8000=33,000 damage to cause me to FFYL


I was a little off and my GR sort of skewers things in my favor but I never see people using it…non realizing how powerful it can be without giving up all your health here are some pics of my set up

Is it just me or is the Re-charger’s ability written incorrectly on the shield? I never used it before despite it being so good because I thought it worked like the skill Force Feedback, and assumed it was worthless because at some point the recharge would be stopped by damage.

The re-charger is indeed written incorrectly. It fills your shield instead of starting a recharge.


Please, add some survivability tools like grenades with transfusion and Moxxi guns so maybe people can see them and use them instead of saying Moze is broke.


Great list. The main thing I would add is the Tracker grenade mod. If you roll the right affixes(cloning,mirv,bounce) it’s pretty much as powerful as the pre nerf hex. The best version I’ve seen can have up to 18 explosions from a single toss. It’s also a super easy farm since you can just spawn ammo vending machine and get a bunch of them in no time.

Also you might put the Scourge/Unforgiven combo in there somewhere. Pretty much only useful for nuking Grave, but if you get them early you can jump to m3 Grave farming with nothing but those two items and be pretty much immune to any negative modifiers.

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I think the Proton Rifle should be added to this list. It’s best in Moze’s hands as it’s a Maliwan sniper that can deal heavy splash damage and significant DOT damage in a single fully-charged shot.

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What? No shredifier? That gun + Redistribution = Nonstop ammo regeneration on crits.

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How does it synergize with the SoR capstone? Do you get two free refills?

FYI, Redline can come in any element

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Guns I would recomend adding:

  1. Pestilence - COV - Legendary - great Radiation only pistol
  2. Chuka - COV - Purple - alien tech launcher, basically spews the element
  3. Blister - Torgue - Purple - alien tech AR. Similar to Chuka. Damage goes up the longer it fires.
  4. Shredifier - Vladof - Legendary - seriously, how is it not already on the list?
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