[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

I’m not paying attention. Has anyone mentioned the new Maliwan Flakker Style Gun

Oh forgot to ask, wb the pearl of ineffable knowledge? Do you know what damage category that fits into?

Ik you said Maliwan, but are you talking about the hyperion firecracker shotgun?

Nope! There’s one dropped by a Hunt Creature.

Though I do enjoy the firecracker


yeah i mentioned it. its very strong for mobbing. especially with blast master. mag size isn’t an issue either, as MoD pretty much recoups the ammo used.

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As with most gear I test, there’s a write up in Gearology.


I just recently mentioned the Butcher. Elemental matching I can unload on the butcher with a full Hyperion load out and kill any boss in a few seconds with minimal effort.


I’d go as far to say if the Sapper isn’t nerfed it very much deserves top gear. It’s not exactly a fun mod, but at some point you reach overkill with damage with the others. Being a glass cannon isn’t the only way to successfully run TTD with Moze. Currently with gear Moze can do plenty of damage and be impossible to kill. Literally impossible to kill if you’re hitting targets. They should probably cap the life steal on the mod. You can run without a shield and a Loaded Dice.

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Thoughts on the Revengenader shield? Found a x2 Amp version in the vendor. Pretty good for Vamp heals and keeping up on CH builds. Anyone know the cooldown?

So I haven’t seen it mentioned in here yet. But I recommend the Seventh Sense for a MindSweeper build. I’ve discovered a couple things about it. First it’s just strong as is so the grenade procs hit hard (as does Short Fuse). Next the extra projectiles on reload count as splash damage, I didn’t get them to proc MOD but it does proc FITSD and does benefit from splash damage bonuses. Another thing I found while messing around with it on Fl4k is if a ricochet projectile crits it ends up doing more then the original hit did (these can proc short fuse as well). Not sure why it does this as the normal ricochet hits are only a fraction of the main hits. This happens often with Fl4k’s Megavore but these projectiles can crit on their own. Another thing is that Cloud of Lead and Experimental Munitions (as well as ASE elements) will give it an extra reload projectile COL+EM together give it just 1 combined projectile. I do have a decent MindSweeper with +splash and +pistol and messed with it a bit seemed very strong, haven’t done any extensive content runs yet though. These projectiles also ignore Wotans barrier mechanic you are able to shoot the barrier and the reload projectiles will hit him.


i tried it on MS, but one of the problems was the inconsistency of the ricochet’s critting. anything with a large torso or abnormal crit spots also suffer functionality. mindsweeper’s damage bonus relies a lot on anointments to keep up as well, because it isn’t adding direct damage like BM, and the fact it can’t roll an anointment is a bit of an issue.

that said, when it works, it ■■■■■■■ WORKs.

I wouldn’t worry about the reload projectiles critting, the main shot hits hard if you have good passives thus the nades from it do too (as well as short fuse). The reload projectiles do good work on their own without crit with some splash bonuses.

And yeah hard to find crit spots is always a weakness of MS no matter what (Wotan).

it also just wasn’t as good as the clairvoyance with MS, either.

EDIT: but i could see using it as a Wotan option while using the CV, cuz crits are a problem in the first 3 phases.

This is one of the guns that can’t get anointments and has fixed parts right?

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its a mission reward, yeh. that stuff aside it has ridiculous damage and is basically an easy mode call weapon. it just requires a reload is all.

The effect is actually really cool. I wish it could get different parts, I didn’t especially like the scope on it personally.

yeah, thematically the scope has to stay though.

How are people not hitting themselves with the Juliet’s Dazzle ricochets? Everytime I try to use that gun it under performs and knocks my shield with the bouncies.

Also I’d like to add some extra love toward the Faisor. The gun should be a staple for every Moze player. The shotgun is incredible, automatic, and allows you to regen ammo without regen skills even when you’re swapped away from it. Running the shotgun to 0 won’t ruin a Blast Master golden rule because you can’t reload the shells. It’s super strong now, all elements available, not a huge parts pool for easy farming, the AR is great back-up for flying SOB’s, since the shotgun is also automatic it works with CH very nicely (quick stack with multi projectile) and works with the Sapper.

All that and since the buff it’s the most fun I’ve had playing BL3 since release. The only real downside is projectile speed, but it’s pretty accurate for a shotgun and if you can’t close the distance the AR will do with a CH anointment.


@HurdyGurdy By not using the Juliet’s Dazzle (in my case). :stuck_out_tongue: It’s TG-worthy in terms of damage but I find it way too finicky to use in practice. (Noted on Faisor, I mean to update the description here to account for the buff).

I’ve added Redistributor and Hyperfocus to Top Gear. I don’t think they are strong as some other weapons on the list (like Hellshocks and so on), but that’s probably because they’re better balanced. With the right elements and build, they work just fine. (I managed to get a collection of them from a save joltzdude uploaded on his channel so was able to run a rad redistributor through takedown).

Next, I’m gonna be messing around with the Insider. It seems (at first glance) to be a decent alternative to the Kyb’s in splash damage builds (although the recoil is annoying). It did fine on scaled Takedown without anoints (though I was using an Adundant variant).

Soulrender/Clairvoyance are also on my list.

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