[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

It’s a poor mans ammo regen

Edit: On another note, since Moze is really proficient with grenades. I’ve been looking at some of these artifacts recently and i can see a lot of synergies with the Fish Slap. Cut Purse is the obvious one but there’s also the elemental Stones (+80% bonus damage), Planetoid (+75% bonus Damage after melee), and then White Elephant (Stickies). Anyone mess around with these?

you could probably get 7-8 with the atlas mag size stat (can’t remember if its artifact or COM). you can get your alternate firing mode to base 2 so that when SFTR ends you still have 2 more, and then possibly get a forge or COL tick in there.

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I’ve actually been playing around with Loot Expander on Vampyr-less deathless builds. The extra health and ammo drops really start to add up.

the 150% radiation anoint
how exactly does the math work there?
is the radiation damage actually higher than the usual weapon damage because its 150%?
or does it somehow apply without skill boni, etc and just from the basic weapon card
it seems so op

Hi people I have a question about the actual most powerful combination For my bear inside the mech after the last patch. I usually use the railguns combination with both arms equipped. I tried a little bit the vanquisher (blue tree) by playing bust a bear style. I forgot I run of curse a kodiak build with splash dm and band of sitorak shield. Sorry if this is the wrong thread I am not so in touch with postings. Thanks

There is a whole thread on that, but the short version is it depends. The anoint scales off your weapon damage, but not your splash damage, so if you are using a splash weapon, its damage value may end up being larger than the 150% radiation anoint. Thiccfila also made a video explaining damage calculations that covers the bonus elemental damage anoints.

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it is how ever super strong :smiley:
probably my go to anoint for the future
also very practicable for mobbing through shields with non shock weapons

I’m actually working on an Amara build that heavily uses it.

i can imagine it being useful for a rainbow build :smiley:
with harmageddon this can be something really strong

I’ve been waiting so long for the Siren 75% radiation anointment to be fixed but now I don’t need it.

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but you have to go below healthgate O:
luckily you can abuse stop gap with trigger anoint to be perma immune, rofl

I plan on using a radiation Old God and get the occasional invincibility from a Last Stand Deathless. The last stand will still trigger off of shield damage and the Old God has enough capacity to keep me alive during cooldown. That way the shield is still free for an ASE element.

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The grease when ignited by the fire mode does a million damage. I wonder if the incendiary damage from CoL trigger it?


That would make sense.

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Dont know if anyone have said it already, but with the update in the skillset doesnt the Bloodletter belong to TG instead of HM? Even without a 1 HP setup, a Bloodletter with +5 Phalanx Doctrine should add a lot of damage and survivability now even for Green + Blue builds.

No BL is HM only because it’s viable in lower Mayhem at best. It’s worse with the update for damage because all it does is stack more gun damage on top of green tree which has plenty and CH and the Pearl. Unless SoR skills get better/different damage multipliers it’s a not very viable for end game.

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Yeah, Pearl and CH came to my mind after my post.

Even so, maybe we can get the most of it from a Splash gun with the +160% annoint?

Also, this way the COM allows us to get more diverse in the passive from both Arctifact and the COM itself.

Like, we could aim for elemetal and crit damage as an example, something we can not do with the other COMs as we are aiming for grenade/Splash for MS and Splash/gun damage for BM most of the time.

Anything you can do with the BL you can do with the other coms better. You can go for elemental damage with Blast Master + you get the splash bonus. You can go for crits with MS + you get the micros. All BL does is add a few extra notches of gun damage which can be fully replaced by Anointments and Artifacts or some Bottomless Mags skills.

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If we were able to have a Victory Rush Deathless, then we could help spread out the damage more with a red/blue build. But when you consider the buffs to the green tree recently it’s still gun damage, but significantly easier to maintain with out sacrificing health gate. BL with RO is awesome, but you can still be one shot and sent to FFYL.

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While I think that MS does it own thing and needs its rolls, BL and BM seems pretty equivalent: use one with splash annoint as it gives gun damage and use the other with gun damage annoint as it gives splash damage.
And Im not even talking about 1 HP setups but a regular green + blue build. Scrappy brings for the BL COM the same diminishing return that Torgue Cross-Promotion does for the BM.

Also, we can count on the Lunacy to further boost the survivability without giving up Health Gate.

Dont know, to me it does not look this further below.

Im thinking more about a non 1 HP setup with a +5 PD Bloodletter to be honest.