[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

I’ve been playing around with the DLC3 weapons for a bit and I think the real keepers are the Flipper (Kyb’s replacement), Contained Blast (Alchemist replacement), Beacon (Hellshock replacement), Gargoyle, and Miscreant (my fav).

The License is interesting, but the Kaoson is still probably better since the License’s initial pellet is not splash. The Dowsing Rod is also interesting, but I still need to test whether it out-damages the Faisor.

I still haven’t made my mind up on the Lightshow (inherently weaker since it is not splash), Harold (good damage, but slow fire rate), and Spade (need to mess around with it more).

Satisfaction didn’t really do much for me. Fire rate is too slow.

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Spade seems fine with Mindsweeper and Some For the Road. It seems reliable at proccing big Mindsweeper chains. I’m not a fan of it without either of those two being active, though.

I don’t like the Dowsing Rod. I haven’t been able to do much with either of its firing modes. Faisor might do more, since you can reliably crit with it, but I’ll have to compare them properly.

I agree with your list of keepers. I’ve been farming Flippers and Miscreants for the most part. xD

The first unique Jakobs pistol you get is pretty solid. Im pretty much running the DLC with it alone, using the O.P.Q. System to destroy buddy system drones.

Dont know how it fares against the other Jakobs pistols (Calls/Seventh Sense) thou.

Rocketeer is giving me a huge hand but I can see the pistol deleting mobs when I hit crits. Playing at Mayhem 10, ofc.

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The Peashooter has the advantage of being splash on hit, which the Calls/Seventh Sense are only splash on ricochet. It is pretty good, though I wish it would come anointed.

The unique shotgun you get at the end of the DLC (the Dakota) is pretty interesting too, though I am still trying to figure how it works.


Didnt get there yet, as Im running the DLC slowly because of work and because I am running all sidequests too to see what I can get. Running in normal mode at Mayhem 10, as I do reset TVHM every level cap increase.

Anyway, this pistol was a good surprise as I wanted to run the DLC cowboy style but didnt have anythig on me.

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I’m not sure what’s going on with the Contained Blast, but even without any stickies exploding it’s outdpsing the Kaoson and Flipper by a lot. Might be the 160 splash anointment though.

I think atm it’s the most usable \ strongest blastmaster weapon. If you switch to the unforgiven to make the stickies explode it gets really crazy.

Anyone know if the Flipper can drop with splash anointments? Haven’t seen one yet.

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Flipper drops with both splash anoints. Got both 200% and 160% when farming. I put the :boom: symbol in the guide to indicate that.

I thought quest rewards could come anointed now. Although rare

You definitely can, though it is not universal. I think the Seventh Sense is similarly restricted to unanointed only.

Can the quickdraw be anointed. I want to mess around with that gun and will read only farm for it if it can

Added Contained Blast. Note that Clairvoyance, Good Juju, Juliet’s Dazzle still need to be re-tested in the AR section. Would appreciate input on these. That section looks a bit crowded so I would like to make some cuts if possible.

Juliet’s Dazzle was underwhelming last time I tried it.

Clairvoyance is still great on Fl4k but I can’t really say for sure one way or the other on Moze.

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The Miscreant is pretty damn good on the Mozer as well. Think it is definitely a TG option for pistols


JD wasn’t that great even in mh4, now there’s no reason to use it with the Contained Blast, I would remove it completely. Its main issue is that it does low damage and against harder enemies the autoreload tends to come too late due to the low mag and difficulty landing crits, especially with a x2 version.

Clairvoyance is a HM for me since it’s pretty good with a mindsweeper build against armor, overall the part diversity allows it to work in a lot of different configurations and it can clear content efficiently.

Haven’t used the good Juju but if it got buffed with the last update it might still be TG, you can get some mad crits with it.

I would remove the alchemist as well from HMs, the contained blast is atleast 4 times better.


The exact values for the weapon-type buffs are here.

I didn’t take these values, but I got them from someone on Shadowevil’s discord. Not sure if the Jakobs pistol thing is true, but the rest seems consistent. At any rate, Good Juju should have gotten a buff alongside all Dahl ARs.


I through together a quick build for an all Atlas blast master set up. I was mostly just wanting to test the Plumage. I was able to raise the mag size to 11. I could have been higher if I had Mag size on my relic.

The damage was actually pretty good. My only issue is I apparently suck at using Atlas and kept messing up the tracker grenade. I could spam and never needed to reload.

If someone is better at using Atlas weapons give it a try.

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I can give it a tip for the Plumage (since I loved playing with the Ruby’s Wrath back when Mayhem 3 was the highest we had). Count your shots so that you know when you have your free Cloud of Lead shot available and shoot your tracker then, so if you miss, you can either shoot it again, or shoot it on the next free shot. I found that method helpful for managing missed trackers. (Plumage will help even more, since dead enemies explode into trackers).

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@xirmi I’m back from Ghenna and I would really like to suggest Backburner as TG.
I managed to work my entire way through the DLC with the lvl 57 one I had mentioned in my previous post here and it still wrecked everything. It’s my main and go to when everything else fails.
Of the new DLC pistols I think Gargoyle should be considered TG, there are other pistols but this one stood out for me to use consistently. (BlastMaster Meta)
I would also suggest that Beacon could replace Hellshock as TG.
Agree with dropping Juliet’s Dazzle, it’s been meh for me while the Clairvoyance still works.
Never had a Juju so I guess I’ve something to hunt!

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X2 Dowsing Rod is much better than a single shot version when used in AR Role. And I didn’t notice any real problems with ammo consumption or mag emptying too quickly. I dould actually kill things at M10 in the AR mode…

If they boosted the damage say 30% of the dowsing rod when in AR mode…it would be a superb, all purpose gun.

Grenade mode just outclasses the AR Mode…badly.

According to several sources the Quickdraw cannot drop with an anoint…currently.

This is contrary to GB’s stated desire to make all quest Rewards at M10 Drop with anoints…so it will likely be fixed.

Pea Shooter
Bubble Master
Also will not drop with an anoint

Other quest and Story Rewards should drop with an anoint

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