[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Considering that “On Action Skill Start” is lumped in I’m not sure the question was understood. Of course any of the AS start annointments would go away. I don’'t see why anyone would question that at all. (let alone in the same breath as “while active”)

i was only asking about active
they probably just tried to cover as many possible questions as possible with this statement
i even sent a video with my question so this was very clear

For the curious, here is the weapon card damage for the weapons that were buffed on 8/6:

Fastball – 77,000

Tigg’s Boom – x9 does 3400 per pellet, x18 does 2400

Cutsman – 8600

Hyperfocus – 4000

Carrier – 4900

Lead Sprinkler (with mostly damage parts) – 7100

Lucian’s Call – 3100

The increased accuracy of the Lucian’s Call and ramp-up of Reflux and Brainstormer chains is pretty noticeable. While the Tigg’s Boom is still strong for mobbing, but the rest of these are still kind of meh if I’m being completely honest. It still takes 2 M10 Fastballs to kill a regular Maliwan mob on Athenas.


What will specifically boost Grenade Damage?

Besides this list:
Guardian Rank
Grenade Damage on Mod
Grenade Damage on Artifact
25% Grenade Damage on throw anoint
More than OK Boomer M10 Modifier +25%
On a Tediore Chuck…Mag Size

Do Splash Bonuses also actually help Grenades?? I would think so but want to confirm.
Torgue Cross Promotion?
Splash Damage on a mod?
AoE on an Artifact?
Blastmaster Splash Bonus?
Anoint Splash bonuses?

And finally, does the +10% Damage boost from the Borderlands Science token apply to grenades as well as guns??

PS…sorry to hit you with all these questions.

I could be wrong, but I do believe that all splash and aoe rolls affect nades, and will act as a multiplier for grenade damage

Not a ‘multiplier,’ but some bonuses are multiplicative while others are additive onto each other. It is described in greater detail in Pris’s post on Moze’s gun damage ( [Guide] Moze's Gun Damage Formula).

@johnrr6, all the bonuses you listed apply to Moze’s grenades. Tediore chucks do count as grenade damage; the base damage is determined by the number of pellets left in the mag at the time of the reload, not just number of rounds.

As far as I can tell, any of Moze’s skills that specifically say ‘gun damage’ or ‘weapon damage’ – including everything in the red tree except SV and EM, and everything in the green tree except StE – do not count towards grenade damage.

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I meant that splash damage rolls are a multiplier with grenade damage rolls, where as multiple splash rolls with be additive with each other, as with grenade damage rolls

Correct. Sorry about the confusion.

No worries, buddy. It is the internet after all, haha

OK thanks!

How about Fire in the Skagg Den and say Grenades that are Fire elemental based

FiTSD is getting some pretty hefty boosts right now.


We can obviously do something like this on Moze (notional skill tree). I wonder what else receives action skill scaling. Has anyone messed with the Eruption since the change?

I am running something similar (point breakdown) with the Stinger with an ASS anoint, and Tenacious Defense for easy shield fills. Not doing as much damage, but it is damn fun

Does a critting Fastball matter? Was thinking about a Blast Master COM with + splash and + grenade damage.

Criting helps, but that is determined by PTHP, not hitting a crit spot.

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I don’t know why but I seem to have found a broken set of the Hellshock pistol. Everything except for the Eridians and the Nekrotafeyo fauna just melts under it’s immense fire. I’m taking 7723x2 at Level 60 Mayhem 5 and it only uses one ammo per shot.

Can the Beacon’s nova be reload-spammed? Might be worth a quick look if so.

Beacon’s nova occurs after the reload is complete.

Update: Eruption does not benefit from action skill damage scaling. The Pestilence’s nova damage is insane now:


Yeah, Blast Master is basically for +3 PTHP

Also, one thing I was wondering. How are the best annoints to go for right now? CH is still the staple or uRad and Auto Bear incendiary are rising?

And one last thing: there is something to be added to TG with the recent changes? I think I am going to have some time through the week to farm and the event seems amazing. Dont know if I just farm this list the best I can or go for something else. :thinking:

I’ve heard if you have the unforgiven equipped then jump in the turret of IB you get the crit bonus of the unforgiven. I heard you even get the annointment bonus. Is that correct? I picked up the 432% crit version with the 50/150 annointment recently but have not tried it in the turret yet.
Has anyone tried this?

Yes that is true. It’s great for Diadem enemies in GTD during first crystals stage.