[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

I’ve been testing the Lucky 7 - brilliant gun, easily the best pistol for Moze if not the best pistol in the game full stop. But it’s a real attention whore - can’t swap weapons or change maps because you’ll lose your current roll.

I noticed something weird that might be a bug though - when I got the elemental roll, my grenades were also inflicting shock damage which is peculiar when you consider that I was using a Nagata - a non-elemental legendary grenade. I stopped firing the gun to be sure and yeah, grenades doing shock damage.

EDIT: You also lose your roll if you go down into FFYL apparently…


Been playing around with a lucky 7 minesweeper build. It’s pretty good with a crit roll + 7 projectile roll.

Sounds like it works the exact same way as the sleeping giant. It ends up being exhausting trying to keel it going and ultimately not worth the trouble. For me anyway…

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The auto crit and 7 shot rolls combined is probably worth the effort. At that point it’s just superior to the Maggie and you don’t need to aim properly.

The fact it can roll splash bullets makes me think Blast Master can do some nasty work with it.


Is there an indication for the gun that tells you what’s activated? I tossed mine in the bank for now and hardly used it.

That’s the rolls for shock rounds that deal splash damage.

I show all the icons in my testing thread:


Perfect thank you

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and also give it it’s own specific mag part thats only 2 or 4. one of the biggest advantages of vladof launchers is they have big mags. to give it that much damage AND never have to reload is kinda silly. the fact that it’s minimum 3 shots per mag (6 on single proj) and as many as 9 (18 on single) just makes it that much more superior to other launchers.

“oh you want to do a HW build on X character? ok, so the build is, ION cannon’s in preferred elements and a creamer for sustain. no, no there’s no point in varying, nothing comes close.”

I really think it just shows how much snipers and heavy weapons need to be reworked. Hardly anyone used a heavy weapon seriously, until creamer, nukem, and ion Cannon (which is basically a sniper rifle, except sexier). You can get way higher damage with scourge, Hive is better for mobbing, and lots of purple launchers are actually great. A single shot ion Cannon can’t one shot lots of mobs in TVHM m4.

Point is… Ion Cannon is top tier for single/few targets together, yes. But really, it doesn’t mob super well, and there are plenty of options that do more damage to someone targets and groups. Ion Cannon just says it’s actual damage on the card, unlike most Legendaries, so people are saying “OP, OP!” When in reality, plenty of more damaging options have existed in purple launchers, other Legendaries, etc.

The other thing, is because of its ammo efficiency, Moze (especially) and Fl4k can make it LOOK really good. And it is, for them. Hell, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, for my Moze since the game started. Been farming for purple vladof launchers forever. Soloed slaughterstar 3000 on TVHM m4 with a gruppa…

This gun just steps it up A BIT. I mean, look at the red text. It’s a massive joke on the entire community chunk that calls for nerfs. It’s no DPUH. It’s not the Pimpernel. It’s an awesome launcher, but it is by no means REQUIRED for any build running end game content.

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Hi , I would like to know what are actually super artifacts to go for. I’m lv 50 and running a fire Otto Idol. But just because I red it’s good. Maybe as well the new ones in Moxxi DLC.
Thanks and happy Sunday

I agree with. The Ion Cannon is actually really balanced. You can’t crit swap with it (at least I haven’t been able to), and with the charge time is fairly well balanced. It is good for strong solo targets, and guess what, a LOT of other weapons are still WAY more powerful than it. If Moze could buff it more maybe then it would be a problem (though I think other weapons would still outstrip it at that point unless the buffs were heavy weapon specific). Which adding some heavy weapon buffs to certain skills in her tree might not be a bad idea. Would fit around Demolition Woman.

Has anyone played with the AutoAime in a bottomless mags build?

Or the ION Laser with the projectiles on release?

ION Laser is pretty decent. You need to be close up to make the most of the weapon though, because the projectiles after release are too unpredictable. Do massive damage with a Blast Master COM, though. But again, damage depends on how many projectiles actually hit the target and if any of them crit or not (which is hard to fo unless you’re right up in their face).

I’ve added the Lump and the Scourge to Top Gear and demoted the Hive to honorable mentions.
I will add the Ion Cannon if it survives the next hotfix. I’m aware of how good it is. I’ve tried Nukem and Creamer but they don’t do anything that other launchers are not doing better. Not sure if I should include either as an honorable mention yet.

Did you consider the healing the creamer offers? It’s among the best life steal in the game. Crits also double how much it heals.

While I’m at it, your thoughts on making the Flakker an honourable mention and maybe moving Trevonator to the top of the shotguns.

The nagata description also mentions the hex healing as if pre nerf.

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Nope. I haven’t really had any reason to rely on its healing effects in the builds I was running it in. Grenades were more than enough. I will check it out again, though. Maybe it will allow the use of more damaging grenades over the usual atlas ones.

Noted on the Nagata description. I will amend. Will also move Trevonator (I haven’t tested this yet on M4 though).

From what I can see, Flakker doesn’t cut it on M4 (on Moze), which is very disappointing. I’m not sure if it can be made to work with the right anointments. I’ve had a 120% splash damage one drop recently and have yet to try it out. But I’m all for moving it down to Honorable Mentions.

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The AutoAime is crap. Even if you target the heads the gun automatically aims for the body. Was able to get 40 in the mag and sustain myself on the dummy, but doesn’t work in a real fight. No crits.

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while flakker’s dmg is lacking on m4, has anyone tried projectile recursion with blastmaster builds? the dmg it does seem to count as splash dmg because i see fire in the skag den procs when it hits enemies. it pairs up quite nicely with ion cannon, one for single target one for aoe

I have, it’s a powerful crowd gun but can be difficult to maintain. Not sure it has a place as Blastmaster’s primary gun but as a utility I’d call it top gear.

what about it enabling SoR/BM builds that ignore vampyr? it definitely has a place there. also, it’s mobbing potential definitely contends with other quality launchers when properly used.

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