[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Yep. I’m including it next update. Not sure if HM or TG, as I haven’t tried it on True Takedowns yet.

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How the ASA 150% interacts with it? Should be a better buff than the 20% global, shouldnt it?

No, because the 25ogt double dips when it triggers short fuse. It’s also v2 damage from memory

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The Hunter Seeker Bullets don’t get grenade damage, so 150% ASA would only affect the final explosion.

You’d still benefit more from 150% ASA if it applied to the bullets. 1.25 x 1.25 = 1.56, or a 56% increase in Short Fuse damage. The trigger damage itself would also be lower so your overall increase from the anoint is probably in the region of 40-50%, far less if 300/90 is active.



Is the plasma coils primary damage type always electric? Want to know for harmonious havoc reasons, need the first type the matching type for the bonus. Can rad come first?

It seems to be fixed to shock first.

Sorry for posting this here as it really is not a TG question, just more of a gear question in general. Does anyone know if a fire Old God boosts the fire damage from FITSD, Cloud of Lead, and Big Surplus?

I would have to assume yes, but I did a quick search of the forums and could not find anything about it. I don’t normally run an Old God on Moze but just thought I would try a fire one for S&G. It seems like I am killing slightly faster (maybe?), but it probably is overkill honestly (assuming the combo interacts like I think it would).

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Yes it does


Thanks @cailte. I am not the biggest Moze player, but I would have to assume that the law of diminishing returns takes over with respect to stacking fire damage, especially in the context of Big Surplus and FITSD. Does Moze get into a diminishing returns issue with the Old God or does the Old God figure into her damage formula in a different way than other characters? My assumption would be that the damage ceiling from FITSD and BS is so high that the fire Old God doesn’t make that much difference. Is that more or less correct?

The old god bonus works the same as a stat roll on an artifact or stoke the embers. So it is multiplicative to the combined bonuses of skag den and big surplus.

At that point it’s more deciding whether the extra damage is worth it, or if another shield with better utility would help. Up to you.

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Gotcha, thank you!

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So I’m still a relatively new moze player, so I had a question, I’ve been using an old god and while great I feel like it’s abit overkill, so I’ve been thinking about swapping it with either a madcap, beskar or a plus ultra instead for more utility, which of these would you recommend?

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Theyre all decent options; personally i would prefer the beskar out of those choices

  • Mad cap: while the size and possible utility (roll /anoint dependant) is good; ive seen shields over 300k disappear in 1 shot
  • plus ultra: stellar choice for an IB build to bolster bears hp to be the true walking tank - normal use: much hp above healthgate isnt really necessary
  • beskar: always reflecting projectiles and the highest regen rate in the game; also synergises well with armored infantry (even if additive to damage reduction); even greater utility on instant exit builds when using FCOW
    -if using an old god - i try to use 1 with an element im lacking, usually is radiation instead of further boosting incindiary

@Red_Crow I don’t normally run a Bloodletter build (I have been almost exclusively Mindsweeper), but I recently found a Madcap anointed for 75% shields after IB. I put that together with a well-rolled Deathless artifact and it works . . . surprisingly well? It doesn’t have any offensive capabilities obviously (unless you happened to get a double amp roll, which to me is not necessarily the roll that you want with a high capacity shield like the Madcap), but there is definitely something to be said for 400k+ in shield capacity, which I was regularly carrying in mobbing between the anoint, the shield capacity itself, and Phalanx Doctrine. PTHP and Vampyr keep the shield topped off pretty constantly. You still go down some, but it worked much better than I would have expected. No problem at all clearing a True MTD and a GTD (I did not try a True GTD).

TL;DR - If you want to use the Madcap, consider trying a Bloodletter Deathless build. It works pretty well. I am not advocating for it as the best choice among the shields you listed, just saying that the Madcap performs much, much better than I would have thought.


Oh sweet been wanting to try a bloodletter build for a while so this might be fun

When it comes to Bloodletter builds, I see it as a case of either rock an amp shield or go home. For the sake of curiosity or even experimentation, I can see why there’s a little fun to be had seeing how high in numbers your shield capacity can peak. But even with a cap of a few hundred thousand, it’s still possible to get one-shotted and boosting max shield capacity isn’t adequate compensation for sacrificing healthgate. It’s the same reason why I don’t place much stock in the 75% bonus health and shields anointment either except for Bear builds. At least amp shields do well to compensate you with DPS boosts.

Try to get a Bloodletter COM with +3 Desperate Measures and +2 Thin Red Line: you can get 5/3 TRL that way and reap max damage from DM without wasting your artefact slot on a Deathless. Either Victory Rush for standard weapons or the Knife Drain White Elephant so that every successful shot from your Face-puncher restores your amp shield back to full. It’s quite gear-dependent to set it all up but imho, if you’re intent on making a Bloodletter build then the Face-puncher is arguably the best single weapon in the game to make a build using that class mod.

My take on this was always that as long as you have Stoke the Embers, then you’re golden and any extra incendiary damage would be a tad overkill. But contrary to the majority, I’m also not convinced that an Old God infused with radiation is all that necessary either. I see it as more of a mobbing element and mobs tend to have the smallest health pools anyway. Radiation helps with the shields and once the flesh is exposed, FitSD + BS will make short work of them regardless.

If I had to pick just one Old God to run and one only, whether or not it’s intended for FitSD + BS, I would make mine corrosive. Radiation is fine for most things, cryo I find is the most effective single element for COV, and shock damage is for those badasses/bosses with tons of shield capacity and/or radiation resistance. But the truly meatiest enemies in this game tend to have armour, Scourge and Anathema being the worst culprits. Wotan has barely any shield capacity to speak of yet his armour is resistant to cryo damage. Add Thor, the Krakens, the Mechs (in MTD and Slaughterstar 3000) and the COV badasses, all of them are packing substantial armour bars in comparison to the rest of the enemies in the game.

No matter how much focus you put on FitSD + BS directly, they’re incendiary damage and thus will always be cut down in half of whatever damage you inflict on such enemies. What I would do instead at that point is activate a separate elemental multiplier for corrosion so that whatever numbers FitSD + BS yield, at least they’re stemming from a stronger base and will have more of an overall impact against the tougher armoured enemies in the game.


@DoctorDragon Really good response and thoughts, thanks!

From a math perspective matching an old god to your gun’s element outdoes matching it to fire. This is due to Short Fuse. Short Fuse only benefits from the old god if you buff your gun’s element. Short Fuse also gets fitsd+bs, and when triggered by SF benefit from your gun’s element bonus indirectly due to being based off Short Fuse’s base damage. (Minor aside but fitsd triggered off SF does more damage with a gun matched Old God and Stoke than with a fire old god and stoke due to 1.2x1.3 > 1.5)

This all came out of a bunch of math I did originally for Rocketeer-Flipper, however the same premise will hold with BS now. MY numbers at the time also reduced the impact of SF due to Flipper’s 9 projectiles, so the small margin I saw then will be larger now.


Due to the c0nsiderable overlap between top gear threads for each character, these have been consolidated in one thread:

Please feel free to continue any discussion or ask questions there - ta muchly!

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