[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

I’ve been wanting to do a Moze Headsplosion for awhile don’t have any good ones atm and haven’t gotten to farming that one yet.

I have a few versions of carriers and tried them with both BM/SoR and BM/DM talent builds, seemed to work better with BM/DM cuz of better sustain, +50% elemental dmg for 2 mag anointment (or +125% fire dmg if you got that version) is nice for mobbing and i have another one with +1% dmg for each consecutive hits which should be descent vs bosses, but I’ve only used it vs jackbot so far. it’s a fun weapon, not something I would bring to MT but I would say it’s viable in any other M4 contents

Whats your opinion what is the best way to proc mind sweeper grenades? I was thinking the shredifier or hex grenade with pull the holy pin.

I haven’t played much with Mind Sweeper so what I’m about to say is very much theory rather than experience.

The hex is a good bet for proccing MS nades, they won’t do extreme damage but they’ll help and for a bonus will trigger Vampyr healing and proc MoD.

Gun wise the ideal attributes you want on your gun is for it to have an element and be splash. Shreddifier has neither, so while it might proc a lot of nades, they’re unlikely to do much damage. Something like a Kyb’s however has both so while it might proc less nades they’ll do substantially more damage.

I’m not really sure what guns would be best, something like the Butcher seems interesting. A Rowan’s call is probably also great, the Kyb’s and Westergun I imagine will be decent.

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ok gotcha, is there a page talking about mind sweeper grenade damage calculation?

Here you go. :smiley: shameless self plugging

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you’re the best! love your work btw you should make a youtube channel talking about all of this bl3 math. just an idea.

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I’m not recommending this as Top Gear (since it is not), but it can be useful situationally.
I’ve been testing a shock Power Siphon Generator-Transfusion (a Tediore variant) and I’ve been able to consistently have it heal over 15k shields. (It’s anointed for 25% damage on throw and I was using an artifact with area-of-effect and grenade damage bonuses).
One side-effect of using it was that I was far less reliant on Transformer shield regen with a BM/SoR build and was able to preserve my magazine anointments even when I needed to heal. It’s a very specific thing to farm but if anyone is looking for something relatively reliable…

i believe Maliwann Nebulas should be added to honourable mentions. mostly for the fact that they can be shopped and are a great start to a splash build. they’re M4 competent and pretty common to boot. maybe tie them in with the westergun, since it’s just a legendary upgraded nebula, minus the charge time?

also, i don’t think bloodletter should be removed from top gear. alot of us are returning to it over blast master on splash builds because the “don’t reload” clause is becoming more of an issue with some of the new weapons, and with that bloodletter’s damage feels more consistent.

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Some minor things I’ve found about the Bloodletter in my usage:

  • If you have passive health regen on the class mod or your relic, it’ll instantly allow the Recharger to pop the full-charge effect when it is ready (assuming you aren’t running a 1-hp build.)
  • Maximum health bonuses effectively increase the potency of Vampyr on a Bloodletter 1-HP build since it heals based on the percentage of maximum health you’re missing. If you ran a shield with a 50% health boost (ideally a Hyperion T.H.I.C.C Shield for maximum capacity) and two maximum health passives for another 50% you’d double the effectiveness. Throw in some Thin Red Line and none of those health boosts go to waste.

Hyperion thicc shield. I think mendel’s multivitamin shield might be better because it also give 5% health regen on top of the +50% health j59r4xktgfn31

I’m here to formally request the Juliet’s Dazzle be included in Top Gear.

1: Automatic
Benefits GM class mod.
2: Splash
Benefits Blastmaster and synergizes with all Mozes splash skills.
3: Damage
Rolls up to around 1500, with a higher fire rate than the Q-System, can crit, gets wild with short fuse.
4: Mag refill on kill
Benefits the blastmaster com.
5: Sound
Satisfying thudding when fired.

A satisfying weapon capable of the highest damage output for an AR in Moze’s hands, utilising all her splash skills and capable of self sustaining through MoD and it’s built in mag refill bonus. Outperforms the current top AR by a country mile.


JD is absolutely better than the other ARs on that list for a blast master build.

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It’s also better for every other com. I just tested a few Green Monsters, you should see what happens when the corrosive ramp up starts multiplying with skag den AND short fuse. This gun is nearly as good as a kybs.

Does a refill count as a reload on the JD…thereby canceling the Blastmaster bonus?

How about Selfless Vengeance…refill count as a reload for it??

Possibly a way to avoid the extra points into the lower part of the of the BM tree and use the Points elswhere…

And STILL have a continuous stream of splash.

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It doesn’t reset Blastmaster or activate Vengeance.

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I was hoping to find a way to justify Selfless Vengeance on Moze…which seems about a counterproductive skill on Moze as you can get…

Yeah I don’t quite know what they were thinking with that one. It’s not even necessarily bad just pointless on this character.

Doesn’t count as a reload for the BM bonus. Haven’t tested selfless vengeance, I’d doubt it, but should be simple enough to test. The smallish mag size needs the bottom end of the Mags tree though, otherwise the clip runs dry before the kill. I’ve noticed too, that the refill on kill doesn’t proc 100% of the time.

Selfless vengeance is a strange one, it’d be a good buff if it lasted longer, but not worth giving up blast master for, and not worth it in a green tree build. You could use it with a fire craps pretty well with a build like this, maybe: https://bl3zone.com/planner/AAC5DZ5EB5EC2ED5EE1EG3EI1EJ1EL5EM3EP1EQ1ER5ET5EZ-ac1BRac2BRau1BSau2BS
Not sure it’d be worth the survivability sacrifice.

I just did some testing where I found out the Band of Sitorak’s bonus weapon damage doesn’t stack each time the shield breaks, which erases any fears that the bonus damage is exploitable as hell. And the more I play with this thing, the more I think it should be listed as Top Gear. The most obvious reason for this is because it can spawn with +50% max health which makes it one of the top picks for any Iron Bear build.

But an even better reason than that is because it’s arguably one of the best (if not THE best of all) shields for an anti-SoR build. Even though its capacity is rather pitiful, its also part of the reason why its recharge efficiency is so ludicrously high that either one of two things happen - it’s always empty so you get the passive bonuses, or it’s full and you get the benefit of Topped Off. Either way, you’re not left waiting for one or the other because of conventional shield capacity and recharge stats. You could wear it and invest a little into the SoR tree if you really wanted to because of its super-fast recharge rate, but it’s not essential to do so. This shield is actually more flexible in practice than its card suggests.

Especially in more recent times where we’re beginning to understand that Short Fuse does more than what’s stated on its card, it means that skills like Scorching RPMs and Stainless Steel Bear possess even more value and so points start to spread thin when you max out those options and realise that you’ve got 2 points at best left for Drowning in Brass, if you wanted to go that route. But if you’re not going for SoR at all, you could just use Band of Sitorak plus other gear to boost weapon damage and combine that with other sources like splash and fire damage to further optimise Moze’s DPS output.