[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

That 25% anoint is powerful. Its why I’m still using my lvl 53 Cloning Maddening Tracker (other than the obviously healing from Vampyr). Won’t be replacing it anytime soon unless I get something similar.

yeah this thing firmly puts blast master at the undisputed top until it gets nerfed. and it will, because its even more ridiculous on amara, and likely zane and fl4k as well.

Really beginning to think these drops are weighted weird. I’ve seen 9 Seeryul Killers now and neither of the other ARs. I’ve gotten 4 Oldridians, no other SMG. 6 Flamma Diddles. 0 Coms for Moze, but all the new coms for the other classes.

And god I wish I had copied my save before grabbing the pearl. I wasn’t thinking. Got max health and health regen when I wanted mag size. ><

Aren’t some weapons dedicated drops? Unlucky with your pearl, do you know what other rolls it can have? I thought my mag/fire rate was good but if it can roll aoe… then it looks like i’ll be running through on normal mode.

I got reload speed. :face_vomiting:

Check this post.


Thanks, actually learnt a lot from that post.

I’m planning to add something like this to the guide, similar to the other guides on the forum, to quickly indicate the best synergies for a piece of gear. Let me know what you think about these choices and whether I should add or change anything.

image - Some for the Road
image - Blast Master
image - Iron Bear
image - SF builds without Bloodletter/Deathless or Blast Master
image - Bloodletter/Deathless builds
image - Tediore builds based around throwing Tediores



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I’m seeing a bit of false information here.

Anarchy is not 300% gun damage. It’s a multiplier of it’s own and it’s also not 300%. Anarchy stacks are multipliers to themselves and are thus 1.3^stacks so at max stacks that’s 13.79 as a multiplier or 1279% increase.

The new relic at max stacks is 120% gun damage (it has a second multiplier but not here), so that and drowning in brass will have diminishing returns as will Consecutive hits. Blast Master amd the 160% splash anoint should win out for consistently achievable max dps.

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Using 125% bear anoint has interesting results too.

This is with pearl stacked and a blast master. STE COL and FITSD. The 6m would be the COL shot.

I don’t think fully maximizing damage is completely important with this thing though it does enough even if you don’t invest much into it lol

Interested to see how this will look with a good Old God boosting element.

It is what it says on the tin — a 20% boost to your given elemental damage.

I’ve been playing around with both 160% splash and 125% incendiary and find them to be roughly equivalent when you consider TVHM elemental damage modifiers.

IT SAYS DAMAGE not weapon damage. My whole view of this gun just turned upside down.

CH is way better. I just tested it and yeah, 160 is easier to get higher numbers out of but CH goes into obscene numbers.

edit: How’s mind sweeper with this? It should out perform Blast Master.

They seem about equal with 160% splash having the same base hit as maxed consecutive but 160 giving a higher short fuse while consecutive giving a higher fire proc (from col/fitsd) they seem to come out at almost the same. The 160 gets there a bit quicker (soon as pearl is maxed) while CH takes a few more shots. But CH has the luxury of not having to continually proc it with Iron Bear. I feel like the 125% bear is actually outperforming both unless going against a full armor target or something.

It can proc multiple nades per shot with the limited testing I did. I just can’t get myself to enjoy it though MS is so random. I tried a Takedown with it just didn’t like it near as much as BM. Also I didn’t really fully test but it seemed like the nade procs were based off a per pellet damage so they weren’t doing amazing at all.

Hmm, my testing showed CH going far higher than 160 splash (without a com). With no skills the CH was hitting upwards of 500k while 160 splash was in the 300k range. And CH didn’t max out I just couldn’t keep my ammo up with the Anarchy I had in my bag. With Blast Master I would think CH + BM + Anarchy would be far higher than not raising weapon damage and going full splash and Anarchy stack. But as you mentioned getting the stacks to stay is inconvenient while proccing the splash anointment is one of the most annoying gameplay loops ever. So pick your poison.

The Fire mags is likely good enough. All of this comes down to is would you rather do a lot of damage or a lot of damage + 1. The guns definitely over-performing, and I don’t count on it staying that way.

Yeah that’s probably true. If multiple can proc per shot it would reduce the damage of each nade. I didn’t really think about the fact it’s a shotgun. But that also allows for the chance of chain reactions. Some people love it, some don’t. I’m not really into building around chain reactions. Just trying to think of a way it could be used with reloads instead of kills… But realistically you can just reload with Blast Master and the thing still does so much damage it wouldn’t matter much.

it under performed horribly, which makes sense.

mindsweeper performance is pretty relative to the damage of individual pellets. it tends to be kinda bad on high pellet count shotguns with moderate spread because you’re dependent on hitting crits. only a few of the pellets will hit crit spots other than ones that are huge enough to absorb an entire shot.

because MS doesn’t boost the actual shot itself and is dependent on an SF like effect for dps, it just doesn’t work compared to blast master with this weapon.

however, a lot of the other DLC weapons are absolutely superior on MS, particularly the clairvoyance.

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I just finished a Takedown and believe it or not 125% fire even outperformed consecutive very noticeably against Wotan and Valkyries. Not even a small difference, significant. Considering that and the fact it’s a 1 time activation then always on, 125% is the clear winner for me. I was able to take a Valk in the second phase from full shield to phasing it in 1 shot. And I killed better half in 2 shots. This is without pearl being stacked up.

Oh another bonus to the fire one is it allows you to break Wotans legs easily which I wasn’t able to do with the others.


What’s the lowest pellet count for the gun? All mine have been pretty high pellet drops.

Looking at it more, you’re probably right. It’s like that with a lot of guns too. It’s just the easiest. Especially with how wild the spread and recoil can be combined with it’s fire rate. It’s too bad the trigger can’t be held down though. Getting away from Blast Master would’ve been great.

…Rocketeer maybe.

The lowest I’ve seen I think is 13. Most of mine have been 18 or 20. These things are dropping like candy in the DLC it’s nuts they drop from everything.

it doesn’t really matter, because the spread is about the same and the damage doesn’t fluctuate much from the lowest to the highest. shotguns in general are just not good for mindsweeper, other than 1-2 pellet high base pellet damage ones.