[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Totally agree, better than the light show in my book.

Random question: does anyone happen to know if Auto Bear can be used to generate Flesh Melter stacks? We all know that the artefact prefix doesn’t apply to Bear’s sabot rounds, but I’m wondering if Auto Bear landing kills with sabot rounds still technically counts as corrosive kills, which would in theory accumulate Flesh Melter stacks for Moze to use herself with her own weapons.

It does, yeah. Though it seems that the stacking depends on who gets the first kill. If you score a kill while in IB before hoping out, then AB won’t continue stacking it until it drops off, i believe. But if you allow AB to get the first kill stack, then he’ll stack it for you.

But i leave the real testing to the pro’s. I just did a quick check on skags in the draught.

Miscreant is REALLY satisfying to use, but it eats through ammo so quickly that I can’t sustain it w/o Forge, which is unfortunate. I’ve basically resorted to using Beacon/Hellshock for my “pistol slot” because of that reason (I run a Blast Master build)

Is the Plaguebearer noticeably better than Scourge for mobbing? I have some Scourge’s with godly anoints (300/90, 160 ASE) but I’m having a hard time farming a Plaguebearer with non-crappy anoints, and I’m wondering if I should keep farming the Plaguebearer (I already spent 5 hours) or just use Scourge because it’s good enough


  • 90% more card damage
  • 25% more ammo efficient per shot
  • 100% more shots per mag
  • Similar splash radius

The two downsides of the Plaguebearer are that it can’t come in non-elemental and requires a charge-up time, but even then radiation can work well as a “neutral” element and gear can roll with charge-time reduction.

Cryo can be equally considered neutral.

If we’re talking about elements in terms of which one fits almost all, I find that it changes based on which type of enemies you are up against depending on the map and the enemies populating it. For example, if I’m rocking a build where my main weapon is a Maliwan (so the Flipper or the Beacon) and I’m looking to stroll through the Maliwan Takedown or areas populated with Maliwan enemies, I’m going to want radiation as my primary element and corrosive for my secondary.

There are two reasons for this: the first being that the majority of Maliwan enemies are flesh-based enemies with shields and the second being that the only Maliwan enemies that offer any resistance to radiation damage, are the ones who have armour anyway.

But when it comes to areas infested by COV, my primary neutral element then becomes cryo. Why? Because first of all, the Badass COV are always rocking armour which easily has more max capacity than either their health or shields, so much so that you can just run nothing but cryo in Slaughter Shaft if the weapon and the build around it are strong enough. If you tried using radiation, it’s difficult to ignore the evident DPS drop-off once you start tapping into their thick armour. Not to mention that being able to freeze Badass COV is major in terms of survivability.

Because of the only two takedowns we have, it’s clear that radiation + corrosive is probably the best combo to take everywhere, but if we ever get a third takedown that involved us raiding an army of COV, then I could easily imagine the value of cryo rising higher than ever before.


Damage wise they’re probably both good enough for mobbing but the great thing about the Plaguebearer is that you can pretty much fire it without reloading for an extremely long time with Moze. So it’s perfect with Blast Master

Scourge plays a lot better with some for the road than the plaguebearer. Can hop out of IB, fire off 4-5 free rockets and hop back in. Prefer PB on other classes or if I have charge time as a passive somewhere. Defo needs a buff now tho, but then doesn’t everything.

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In my opinion The Plaguebearer does single target or mob one shotting better, the Scourge does better sustained dps due to its higher rate of Fire so is better for overall mobbing.

The scourge offsets this with a slightly higher ammo cost to maintain. If you’re using some for the road, Scourge is the better option.