[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Anointments are largely build dependant.
For Moze, consecutive hits is generally considered best, followed by 160 splash, but it really depends on what your build is attempting to achieve, based on the way damage types fit into the damage formula. Have a look in the pinned post at the top of the forum, it’s full of informative guides with relatively up-to-date information.


I checked out both the WTF and the Hunter Seeker.
WTF is fun, but doesn’t do consistent damage imo. It’s better in Slaugher Shaft than linear levels like Takedowns. Wish the IEDs homed on enemies.

Hunter-Seeker was activating SF and sometimes killed weaker mobs with it, but it doesn’t seem to work well with MoD or do much damage in general. Am I missing something about them?

Does this only work with embers blaze? Or could you use a rad suit?

Works well with MoD for me. I’m on PS4 though so it could be platform differences there.

I think it’s pretty key to get a cloning version and in an element other than your main weapon for the Harmaggeddon boost.
Really needs to be an OGT version too - that v2 damage makes the SF procs pop

Yes it would. I dunno if the effect is as strong as the blaze, I’ll have to go farm one to try now.

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Yeah I dunno about that.

Here’s a clip with basically the best you can do to boost the shield and it’s DOT except for a weapon anoint.

While the damage tick itself can do some decent damage, and I’ve even gotten it to 2m ticks with a Flare the DOTS do basically nothing. I forgot to activate Big Surplus in this clip but I did try afterwards and it did not affect the DOT damage. This clip is with GM fully charged (firing one shot and letting it build). Did not catch a corrosive DOT here but it does similar numbers as well.

One thing I do want to point out is that it has an amazing synergy with Rushin Offensive.


I think I was using a non-elemental version. Forgot about Harmageddon.
I had an OGT anoint and a Mitosis prefix though. (I always pick up the good ones when I find them in case I ever beat my Moze addiction and play Fl4k). I’ll try them out again.

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I’m considering adding some kind of flowchart as a guide to show what is a good idea to use with your build and gear. We’ll see if I get around to it.


@xirmi Why is the Transformer an HM shield on Moze? This is probably one of the best Moze shields IMO.

I demoted it to HM because FitSD is very good and it messes up healing with a Transformer. Most of the meta builds prefer to have some points in FitSD.

@xirmi Do you mean like in a Deathless or Bloodletter build or something? I have a Mindsweeper COM/build with 9/5 FITSD, and the Transformer is still my go-to shield for that build. There are other good shields too, but Moze takes everything about a great defensive shield like the Transformer and makes it better with even just 10 points into the SOR tree, and then GR shield perks on top of that.

Thanks for the feedback! I take your point about it not being the DoT tick. I was very wrong about that. But. 2m in damage ticks is…pretty bloody useful, actually. Is it possible that it might have some synergy with the flare mod or one of the other seemingly new damage multipliers in the damage formulae?

Well I think it’s already close to 2m with a Blast Master but the game doesn’t show any change from 1m+ until 2m+, I think Flare is just slightly more damage. But even if getting a 2m tick it doesn’t feel worth to me since in m11 2m is really not much and it requires forfeiting the use of a shield that is better in other ways. That and you need to be pretty close increasing the odds of self nade deaths. Sure it does some work but it just doesn’t feel very competitive with other possible builds. Keep in mind this decent damage is also only against flesh.

A Beskar for example is going to give the same general affect (damage enemies just by existing) but it’s a far better shield in every way, and does a lot more damage, without requiring getting close to them.

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I mean with every build.
I think the strongest attribute of the Transformer is self-healing ability, which is interfered with by FitSD and is made somewhat redundant by Bloodletter and shields like Recharger and BBB that can remain full without getting in the way of FitSD.

I figured out what was wrong with my Hunter-Seeker tests. I was testing them independently from weapon anoints, but they get a large boost from the 300>90 anoint and also seem to work with consecutive hit.
I’m still not sure which version is best. Mitosis has only a third of the damage of the Cloning and I dunno if the grenades compete for SF procs.

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I’ve only ever found one single Mitosis hunter seeker, but if I had to guess, cloning is probably better at rotating the SF proc pool and higher damage for better multiplying.

The 25 OGT and uRad or 300/90 are important. The grenade will also take on the manufacturer crit bonus of the weapon you are holding If it appears on a class mod.

Did you think the results were worth it?

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Yep. I’m including it next update. Not sure if HM or TG, as I haven’t tried it on True Takedowns yet.

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How the ASA 150% interacts with it? Should be a better buff than the 20% global, shouldnt it?

No, because the 25ogt double dips when it triggers short fuse. It’s also v2 damage from memory

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The Hunter Seeker Bullets don’t get grenade damage, so 150% ASA would only affect the final explosion.

You’d still benefit more from 150% ASA if it applied to the bullets. 1.25 x 1.25 = 1.56, or a 56% increase in Short Fuse damage. The trigger damage itself would also be lower so your overall increase from the anoint is probably in the region of 40-50%, far less if 300/90 is active.