[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Yep, I stopped farming for it. I wanted the exact mod you mentioned and spent a long time trying to farm it. I gave up when I sat down and did some calculations and realized it isn’t worth it at all.

The one in the picture will on average hit 2.5 seconds of sustained fire with No gear or talents, (However I have 14.04% from Guardian Rank mucking up tests).

With full build and 5/5 in Scorching RPMs I almost never even hit 2 seconds of sustained fire, I have to use Some For The Road for sustained, and/or treat it like a Brute Plasma rifle from Halo when not in the SFTR window.

Side tangent, Gearbox can we talk about adding COV heat reduction with Fire Rate in the Guardian rank, or it’s own rank? It’s kind of dawning on me that the entire gimmick of the weapon manufacturer gets cumbersome as you level up the ranks. Even with 5/5 Matched set and all COV weapons it feels like I’m trying to break even with my guardian rank rather then improving my guns.


I don’t currently have any criteria for Top Gear that excludes Mind Sweeper, so considering that it can be used successfully on M4 even in the Takedown (though not by me) and also that some of Moze’s best weapons also work very well with it, I think that including in TG is fair, so I probably will add it next update.

I’ve tried a variety of other coms using the same weapons I used with it, including a Low Life with +3 in Desperate Measures and +2 Click,Click (for a total of six and five respectively) and it still outperformed them on M4. The only comparison I haven’t been able to make is with +5 Phalanx Doctrine COMs, as I don’t have any of those.

All this said, I do have reservations about it so I think including it in TG along with taking your suggestion about a note about the difference between Blast Master and Mind Sweeper is the best thing to do for now.

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What do people think of the Carrier?
I’ve completed Mayhem 4 Slaughter Shaft and Slaughter Star following a build similar to @olivier_shady’s linked in this thread, based around the Green Monster and the Carrier: Green Monster idea

I was surprised that the Carrier (not the Green Monster) was so reliable, although I’m not sure if there’s some unknown interaction between the Carrier and the GM.

Basically a shotgun haha

I love the carrier with Short Fuse and Mind Sweeper. Ideally it has tracker darts.

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Right now there are a few guns that get extra projectiles when you add elements with anointments or split them with infusion. The recursion is the most broken one but also brainstormer gets chains faster, some Jakobs get more ricochets, king/queen’s call get more child projectiles, and so does the carrier. It’s possible green monster does the same thing for these weapons, but it needs looking into

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Yup, pretty much lol.

I’ve had some really good mileage out of the Carrier, it was actually my Assualt rifle slot when I went into DLC 1.

A dart version and tagging crit spots will melt alot of badass enemies and even anointed, that being said It feels like it’s missing something, either another damage buff or an extra projectile spawning from the split.

(But then again I can say that all of the legendary weapons for Atlas are lacking something, that and there are WAY too few of them compared to every other manufacturer. )

Overall I’d say it’s a decent weapon, not Top Gear in it’s current incarnation (Though I will admit It does seem to be useful for procing MoD with Short Fuse.)

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Ah, so that was what was happening. It was spawning three projectiles because of the incendiary anointment. Green Monster seemed to be working normally with it, but I might go look at it in action to check again.

Agreed. With three projectiles spawned (due to the bug) it was decent on M4, so I’d say that would the way to buff it (and that would make it even better with Short Fuse).

Yep. That there are so few of them (even after two expansions to the loot pool) really annoys me, and the majority of those weapons don’t feel like legendaries at all.

Yeah, I mentioned the Epicenter way back when Hex was first nerfed (mostly because I didn’t even have a Hex at that point). With my ION Laser/Green Monster build, I still prefer Hex for the hits it gives to keep GM going. For my Blast Master build, I definitely prefer Springing Epicenter. Requires a bit more skill to use than a Hex, but it’s so satisfying when you nail an enemy and you just see their health drop.

Ghast Call is another solid grenade that might be worth adding to the list. Spawns a truckload of homing projectiles like the Tracker, while not releasing them all at once but a steady stream of them. Also works well on Loaders.

I wonder if this will be better now.

also curious about headsplosion on moze

it’s not good, i’ve been looking for a long range option for Moze to help pick off some weaker enemies before heading into a fire fight but yeah it sucks. The Lyuda would probably be a better long range option for Moze.

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I’ve been toying with the idea of a Headsplosion ricochet build, since it spawns more than the usual number of ricochets.

I would love to see it but I don’t think it will work on m4. Maybe M3 and below

I’ve been wanting to do a Moze Headsplosion for awhile don’t have any good ones atm and haven’t gotten to farming that one yet.

I have a few versions of carriers and tried them with both BM/SoR and BM/DM talent builds, seemed to work better with BM/DM cuz of better sustain, +50% elemental dmg for 2 mag anointment (or +125% fire dmg if you got that version) is nice for mobbing and i have another one with +1% dmg for each consecutive hits which should be descent vs bosses, but I’ve only used it vs jackbot so far. it’s a fun weapon, not something I would bring to MT but I would say it’s viable in any other M4 contents

Whats your opinion what is the best way to proc mind sweeper grenades? I was thinking the shredifier or hex grenade with pull the holy pin.

I haven’t played much with Mind Sweeper so what I’m about to say is very much theory rather than experience.

The hex is a good bet for proccing MS nades, they won’t do extreme damage but they’ll help and for a bonus will trigger Vampyr healing and proc MoD.

Gun wise the ideal attributes you want on your gun is for it to have an element and be splash. Shreddifier has neither, so while it might proc a lot of nades, they’re unlikely to do much damage. Something like a Kyb’s however has both so while it might proc less nades they’ll do substantially more damage.

I’m not really sure what guns would be best, something like the Butcher seems interesting. A Rowan’s call is probably also great, the Kyb’s and Westergun I imagine will be decent.

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