[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Tiggs and Kybs are still a thing?
Redistributor is under TG while Kybs is HM. Is this it?

What is the best Tiggs version, x9 or x18?

Definitely enjoying the Beacon – splash Maliwan pistol in the style of the Hellshock – and Proprietary License – Hyperion version of the Kaoson.

UPDATE: Gargoyle is really good too – should make a wicked COV Moze build.

2ND UPDATE: Flipper is also splash. Will probably be extremely well-suited for an MS build.

3RD UPDATE: Don’t sleep on the Peashooter. It is a purple quest reward you get at the beginning of the DLC. Pellets are splash and crits create homing ricochets that are also splash.


Tiggs still seems great. I haven’t tested it extensively but it still obliterates Maliwan mobs on Athenas even with a build that isn’t great for it. I would say go for a higher pellet count for MoD procs, since that helps with its low mag.
Kybs is also fine as HM. Kaoson and Flipper are better, but it still works.
(I just did a Maliwan Takedown and go 3 Kyb’s, 3 Tigg’s and 1 Redistributor… got insanely lucky with drops xD).

I’m not sure about Redistributor. It is in TG since I haven’t revisited since Mayhem 1.0 days and I need to farm a good one and try it out again.

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Tiggs still worked pre dlc 3 patch, one of the few pre-cartel weapons that still worked on M10. It is more viable now, but I haven’t played the new content to compare yet.

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Not only is the flipper splash but all the projectiles are unlisted and each can proc a full damage short fuse blast.


Has anyone used the Compressed Frequency? That is a weird gun. I’ve killed myself a lot with it.

EDIT: Complex Root with TCP will kill you even at max range.

I’m sleeping on the pea shooter since i dont think it can come with an anointment? But if I’m wrong on that then I’ll be all about it

I’ve been waiting so very long for ogre to be good again as well; hasn’t happened yet, sadly

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Yeah I just solo’d the guardian takedown using a corrosive/shock flipper with a worthless annointment + a blast master. Doesn’t melt bosses as fast as a Sandhawk but it also never even comes close to running out of ammo. Pretty sure a consec hits flipper is going to be the new Kybs Worth/Kaoson for Moze

Oh, and the flipper won’t deal self damage so it’s really great for the crystal charging phases in the new takedown


Prob really good with green monster too

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Yeah Shock Flipper w/n2m Shock and Green Monster should be really good for Guardian crystals. As well as full corrosive for the bosses.

Every shot kills me no matter my distance from the enemies

I did exactly that, CH flipper and lightshow for the entire takedown (and fire monarch for the few critter areas). They aren’t as powerful as the sandhawk or the monarch, but they don’t ever go out of ammo and I can sustain them with blast master.

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Couple questions: with +5 TCP is it a good idea to put more points into TCP? 10 seems like you are asking to blow yourself up! Also, for AB what’s the best loadout? I usually run rockets since I pilot but the AI is trash with them.

I would definitely put a full 10 points in TCP. The splash radius is the same size no matter how many points you put in. The only thing that changes is the change of doubling the radius. In the instances where you feel that you will more likely blow yourself up, use a different gun doing self damaging splash damage or equip a transformer and use a gun with the shock element.

I find that the best loadout with AB are Sabot Rounds and Capacitive Armature. Iron Bear has fantastic accuracy and those do great damage. Sabot Rounds also do splash damage so you Iron Bear gets life steal.

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I just tried out the shock/corrosive laser combo on Auto Bear with Rocketeer in the Guardian Takedown and… yeah it’s amazing. I had a really easy time with the crystals because the guardians swarmed Auto Bear.

I’m running this spread so that I can still swap to a BlastMaster when fighting bosses:

I’ve also found it beneficial to place Auto Bear on some kind of elevated platform, so that he’s shooting down at enemies.

I’m also going to start farming for a +5 TCP with Action Skill Damage / Splash Damage in anticipation of an Iron Bear nerf…

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Yes AOE damage affects IB hardpoints that do splash like Corrosive rail gun (Sabot?)

The other thing to keep in mind is that the AOE roll on artifacts increases both the size and damage of AOE attacks – so if you keep blowing yourself up, you may want to not use it.

Good thinking. I still haven’t been able to get a good COM for a Rocketeer build. Hopefully he’s not hit too hard with the nerfs; if he becomes useless again I will cry.

Also, in general, is anyone feeling that, in spite of the grenades scaling, most legendary grenades are still underperforming? Everything I’ve tested (including Epicenter) has been disappointing.

I’ve not tested enough grenades in terms of DPS yet, but I would vouch for It’s Piss being top gear, at least when it comes to piloting Iron Bear. When grenades only have a 20% chance of dropping, it’s not frequent enough for consistent grenade DPS. With Bear’s hardpoints doing almost all the damage, you may as well use a grenade that allows them to hit harder.