[Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner

Does that affect IB too? Can you hurt yourself in IB with splash damage? I have never tested that.

Not with sabot, but the blue tree hardpoints (expect nukes) and exploding bullets do. You can kill yourself on MS micronades as well.

If you build for them, in a Mindsweeper build grenades are solid, but nowhere near as crazy in comparison to the action skill buffs.

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I’m probably removing the Anarchy from TG due to the way its stacks interact with Iron Bear and FFYL.

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I would put the Anarchy in it’s own little category along with the lucky 7

They’re amazing if you get them set-up and keep them set up

If anyone wants to break the game, try this.
-Complex Root with the 50/150 anoint
-Blast Master com
-Front Loader shield
-Atom Balm artifact

And skill trees similar to this:

Note: you could spec into TCP if you want to die with every shot fired. You have a better chance to survive, although still slim, without.

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Yeh now that IB is so powerful not being able to make use of it is a huge loss in dps. Any weapon that spawns with 160 splash should also gain a few points compared to 200ch or other anointments.

I’ve been using the Contained Blast with splash anointment and blastmaster + AB with double nukes / specialist bear and it’s really wrecking face.

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I’d still place CH as higher than 160% splash on Iron Bear centric builds, the reason why is that the anointment will wear off before IB fully cools down not to mention it boosts our shield capacity making IB take even longer to cooldown, the effect also wears off if you go into ffyl while CH keeps working regardless, going into ffyl isn’t that rare when outside of IB.

That sounds like too much splash to me, diminishing returns and all. As I understand it, it’s better to prioritize splash with mindsweeper and gun damage with blastmaster for greatest dps. Not sure what’s best with rocketeer since that’s becoming a thing. Probably gun damage since with TCP you are getting good splash anyway.

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Yeh that makes sense, I was mostly thinking of boosting Auto Bear damage.

@Bewareofbear Iron bear benefits from splash bonuses and not from gun damage. With tcp, blast master and 160 splash Autobear can do crazy amounts. As shadowreeper said though it’s hard to make Ironbear benefit from 160 splash unless you exit after a couple shots.

If you are using the pearl then 160 splash+blastmaster+tcp is not too much splash. Without the pearl then 200ch might be best for your damage, but tbh now that Autobear does so much damage I think 160 splash still wins regardless since CH and others literally give it no benefit.

Even before the advantage in dps from CH compared to 160Splash on a non pearl build was marginal, and mostly came from the fact you had to waste time entering and exiting IB with 160 splash. Now that AB is part of the rotation regardless, 160 splash is up 100% of the time without having to build stacks and it increases your damage + AB’s damage +grenade damage, CH can easily fall off and just slightly gives your weapons more dps on a non pearl build at max stacks while it straightup loses to 160splash with the pearl. Ofc I’m making the assumption you are instantly exiting IB for no anointment downtime.

I’ve been playing around with the DLC3 weapons for a bit and I think the real keepers are the Flipper (Kyb’s replacement), Contained Blast (Alchemist replacement), Beacon (Hellshock replacement), Gargoyle, and Miscreant (my fav).

The License is interesting, but the Kaoson is still probably better since the License’s initial pellet is not splash. The Dowsing Rod is also interesting, but I still need to test whether it out-damages the Faisor.

I still haven’t made my mind up on the Lightshow (inherently weaker since it is not splash), Harold (good damage, but slow fire rate), and Spade (need to mess around with it more).

Satisfaction didn’t really do much for me. Fire rate is too slow.

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Spade seems fine with Mindsweeper and Some For the Road. It seems reliable at proccing big Mindsweeper chains. I’m not a fan of it without either of those two being active, though.

I don’t like the Dowsing Rod. I haven’t been able to do much with either of its firing modes. Faisor might do more, since you can reliably crit with it, but I’ll have to compare them properly.

I agree with your list of keepers. I’ve been farming Flippers and Miscreants for the most part. xD

The first unique Jakobs pistol you get is pretty solid. Im pretty much running the DLC with it alone, using the O.P.Q. System to destroy buddy system drones.

Dont know how it fares against the other Jakobs pistols (Calls/Seventh Sense) thou.

Rocketeer is giving me a huge hand but I can see the pistol deleting mobs when I hit crits. Playing at Mayhem 10, ofc.

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The Peashooter has the advantage of being splash on hit, which the Calls/Seventh Sense are only splash on ricochet. It is pretty good, though I wish it would come anointed.

The unique shotgun you get at the end of the DLC (the Dakota) is pretty interesting too, though I am still trying to figure how it works.


Didnt get there yet, as Im running the DLC slowly because of work and because I am running all sidequests too to see what I can get. Running in normal mode at Mayhem 10, as I do reset TVHM every level cap increase.

Anyway, this pistol was a good surprise as I wanted to run the DLC cowboy style but didnt have anythig on me.

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I’m not sure what’s going on with the Contained Blast, but even without any stickies exploding it’s outdpsing the Kaoson and Flipper by a lot. Might be the 160 splash anointment though.

I think atm it’s the most usable \ strongest blastmaster weapon. If you switch to the unforgiven to make the stickies explode it gets really crazy.

Anyone know if the Flipper can drop with splash anointments? Haven’t seen one yet.

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Flipper drops with both splash anoints. Got both 200% and 160% when farming. I put the :boom: symbol in the guide to indicate that.

I thought quest rewards could come anointed now. Although rare

You definitely can, though it is not universal. I think the Seventh Sense is similarly restricted to unanointed only.

Can the quickdraw be anointed. I want to mess around with that gun and will read only farm for it if it can