[Guide] Top Gear for Nisha

Order stacks heal you for twice the amount of damage you take, so the lower your max health is, the less wiggle room you have to go up and down as you take damage.

Adaptive shields are great for exactly the same reason. But they also add elemental resist.

You are indeed not using the Torguemada right :stuck_out_tongue:
In general, you’ll get more out of shotguns than pistol, because they are balanced in power with their ammo supply. If you’re not comfortable with the Torguemada, try a pounder instead. Thought the slapper is still a solid choice.

Ok that makes sense. I guess even with improved health most enemies can pass that order check anyway on UVHM.

I may need to practice with the torguemada lol. I will get purple pounders and slappers and see what I like, thanks for all the advice!

Out of all adaptive shields, the Reo gives the largest health boost (18k) iirc. How comes people still go for purple adaptive shields with their 15k health boost? Is it because of the purple shield has twice the capacity of the Reo - and that’s some kinda good trade-off?

The Reo is kinda like the Tediore shield of addaptive: it has a small capacity and recharges pretty fast. But having a shield with higher capacity and slower recharge is a better idea with Nisha because she gets % based shield recharge skills. Between discipline and Bottled courage, if you’re to get a free shield recharge, it better be worth it. Also, too high a health bonus and accumulating order stacks becomes difficult…

What about Dramatic Desperado? That com is bad? :open_mouth:
EDIT: Also Vladof Anarchists are missing, and they’re amazing

Not on the list doesn’t mean it’s bad… just like the guy finishing 5th at the Olympics gets no medal, some GREAT gear doesn’t make the list of the TOP gear :wink:
Desperado is pretty good, but I think Buzzed Desperado is a better choice. The one point makes no big difference on either High noon and Ruthless, but on Bottled courage, they take the shield to 100% immediately instead of 90%, which is great to reset nova shields like the Black hole, or even Amp shields.

As for Anarchists, they are TERRIBLE.
Sure, everything in front of you melts like crazy…for about 45 seconds. Then you run out of ammo.
Most of the pistols in the list have ways to make every bullet count, either through high damage, splash or gimmicks (that reminds me to add Torgue slapper to the list, thanks :slight_smile: )

My pistol choices here reflect the analysis I made here:

I think that there is enough evidence going around that proves the Luck Cannon, the new legendary Jakobs pistol, is indeed top gear for Nisha. It only has a magazine of one, but that’s what makes it work so well with FFOB, Quick Shot, Magnificent Six, and Crack Shot. We also have a video of Nisha dual wielding this monster of a gun and completely melting the Invincibke Sentinal in just over three minutes solo. The Luck Cannon likely gives some of the highest possible DPS for Nisha, and it certainly looks like it gives the highest pistol DPS for her.

It left maggie in the dust. What else can be said?

I can nominate it for:

  • Best jakobs weapon to date
  • Best gun for Nisha

Removed the Maggie, added the Luck Cannon

I would still keep the Maggie as an honorable mention as it still works very well with Nisha, but it is hopelessly outclassed by the Luck Cannon.

There :wink:

Also, there are no honorable mention, I don’t think it’s worth it this time. BL2 had a lot more guns, so it made sense.

Anyway, the whole list needs a complete overhaul (except the Shotgun section… I took care of that pretty well :stuck_out_tongue: )

Are you sure about the Enforceable prefix and not the Decisive on the Bullpup?

Yes, totally (And I usually advocate NOT using that accessory)

Adding a fixed number of pellets has diminishing returns for 2 reasons: the more you already have, the less of an impact the extra 2 has, and since it messes with accuracy, you might wind up with less pellets actually hitting.

however on the bullpup, the base of 6 pellets means that the extra 2 is a whopping 33% increase and since it’s already very accurate (being Hyperion and all) the accuracy penalty is barely noticeable. As a plus, it also increases it’s fire rate considerably, which is a good thing on a shotgun with so big a mag size.

Decisive is a GREAT prefix too, and if you’re looking for a specific element and it spawns with the decisive prefix, keep it!

Thanks Chuck,you da man all things shotgun


Just noticed the hail is not on this list. Against larger bosses you can get close to, after a kill (so yeah a kinda narrow category) It’s better than any other AR in my experience. Is the situational-ness why it is not on the list or do you think the others are still better? If you do think they are better, why? I don’t have much AR experience lol. also, side note, have you had a chance to play around with the flayer yet, and if so do you think it might make the list?

The Hail is a monster of a gun, but for Nisha… hugh…

First, it doesn’t play well with showdown… that’s a strike
Next, you can’t really use trick shot to correct that since the bullets act the same way after the ricochet as before…so you get a low bounce followed by a slope… that’s a second strike.

And yes, it only truly shines up close against large bosses… any gun you simply can’t use with your action skill is a big no-no to me.

I don’t think I need a third strike to not include it (thank god, because I couldn’t think of another one) though the first 2 are pretty big strikes.

To compare it directly, the Major Tom has synergy with showdown, synergy with trick shot, comes in all elements too and is WAY more accurate.

ok fair enough. I figured it was something like that. It’s just my go to for those types of bosses (denial, earworm, felicity etc) outside of showdown with a non-jakobs build so I thought it would be here lol. WIth jakobs build there is no need to switch lol. thank you for always answering my questions btw.

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Do we already know what the crit bonuses on the Flayer are? Something like 50% Type A and 15% Type B?

Could someone one tell me why the Maggie isn’t one of the top rated pistols for her?

there ya go :slight_smile: