[Guide] Top Gear for Nisha

Fair enough: There might be exceptions of course, but overall, Bandit launchers are pretty good, and the average bandit launcher is a better choice in most case than a torgue launcher IMO.

I wasn’t out to prove that Torgue launchers are better, I just wanted to correct the assumption that more rockets are inherently better than a single one with Tombstone.

If you guys want a list, I’d say Badaboom, Glitched Bandit launchers, Nukem, Mongol, and that Vladof launcher with the Vladof Barrel… I think it’s vanquisher ? Yes the Nukem would be in the list: it’s hard to pass the single highest damage per shot that also happens to be the widest effect radius in the game… with a character that has Crack shot as a skill.

Some time ago, Charris did some Eclipse runs with Both the Vanquisher and the Duurp, got considerably better results with the Duurp than the Vanquisher, even with Elemental Matching.

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i just like the nukem because in the vary few scenarios in FFYL where i can’t kill my enemies with trick shot, the only thing that will get the job done is to lob a nuke at the red dots on my radar. usually, the red dots go away in one trigger pull, and im back on my feet.

How would the Cat o’ Nine Tails work with Nisha? It basically functions like the Fibber which became godlike with Gaige’s Close Enough. Maybe it would work well with Trick Shot?

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I tested it more than any other gun in the game, based on the same assumptions you just made. I really wanted it to be good…

Ultimately it failed to be impressive: the ricocheting spread is fixed (and trick shot will either ricochet all of it or none at all) and will always bounce with a cone of the same angle, and it’s wide enough that from the time it reaches the head on humans, it’s too wide for more than a few beams to hit. Considering that it has seriously reduced fire rate to balance it’s gimmick, it was never impressive.
I compared it directly to a simple blue tediore splitter and it was night and day…

That said, if you find a way to make it work, let us know because I like that gun :slight_smile:


Oh my dearest God. The Boomacorn is every Nisha’s wet dream. Not only is it a high power mini-Badaboom, it also has a radius to hit multiple enemies for ammo conservation, FoB gives it a 150% mag boost, and its light on the ammo. But that’s just the simple stuff.

It’s also an elemental weapon boosted by Magnificent Six, and with FoB it has a 5 mag so every shot is boosted. And you know where this is going…

With Tombstone IT’S AN ELEMENTAL GUN THAT PROCS HOT LEAD. And with that high base damage the “sparks” are higher damage.

W/ kill skills I’d say its on par or better (b/c its lighter on the ammo) than the Flayer for mobbing.

P.S. It might also be an elemental rocket launcher with the 15% type B crit too.

  • Can freeze stuff to boost the crit even more and can have explosive to be buffed by the cryo too.

It procs hot lead? That might explain why I found it underwhelming, I used it on an automatic cryo explosive Nisha. I’ll have to try it again it seems.

really? i’ll have to retest it. when i used it, thought it was not proccing hot lead, but instead, a fire dot was proccing. im going to have to take another long look at it, cause if it gets hot lead and non-ele damage boosts, it may be the new top tier mobbing shotgun. i’ll but it up against the gauntlet (mobbing, mutator 9, and eclipse) and see if its really TG.

I also tried it without hot lead.

It deserves a retest, but otherwise, I found it VERY mediocre.

If it procs hot lead, it might also benefit from mag6, this should also be tested.


after some quick testing, it benefits from mag6, and it gets hot lead. however, it cant trick shot or unforgiven, or naturally crit.
its a good SG, i would even go so far as to say its a great shotgun in mobbing, but the lack of natural critting (and to some extent, the critical prefix), and the fact that it cant trickshot, and that the elements are so random (when its a cryo gun, its obscene, when its not, its aight) i just also took it against Eclipse. with 220 bullets i got him down to half health (i my run i prestacked 30 order) which is good, but not as good as a flayer.
this gun is good, but i dont see it being as good as a flayer, its more competitive with a coach gun in terms of DPS and mobbing. but the flayer blows it out of the water for both.

Flayer beats it on everyone without a doubt but the video he posted does make it look pretty good. Then again like the Too Scoops is really suffers from the fact you can’t put a vertical prefix on it. Making it 7 pellets would really help.

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i agree. the video does make it look good, and i think that’s attributable to the amount of cryo effects he got.
cryo is what really carries this weapon. without it, its only good. when it does freeze your target, they go down fast. it takes away the need to run cryo in mobbing, becuase it already cryos, so on paper, it sounds great.
in mutator 9 i had trouble keeping my kill skills active because it cant trick shot. and without tombstone to make it crit, it was pretty lackluster. it did do some good damage when the cryo effect procced and you had tombstone active, but the frigidia flayer combo does this more efficiently and more powerfully, with almost no reliance on kill skills.
this shogun just seems to unreliable to use at the harder parts of endgame. is it good? yes. is it great, like the flayer? no.

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I mean its not really raid material any way, but anything with a massive shield is an automatic bad testing ground. Shields resist 4 out of the 5 elements this thing produces. Not every top gear gun needs to be a raid killer, and most of them aren’t.

It can one shot normal mobbs w/out Tombstone, and for mobbing its not remotely hard to keep kill skills up so the fact it can’t naturally crit doesn’t really matter b/c it has the power to over come that like the Laser Disker.

And guns don’t need to be able to Trick Shot to be good on Nisha. I know we’re use to shooting the ground and auto aiming to kill stuff, be even as Nisha you can aim.

It sucks that it doesn’t proc The Unforgiven, but its not a necessity. Top gear guns like all of the beams, Laser Disker, ect… don’t and they preform just fine.

And at least with my set up it killed mobbs just as fast as a Flayer, but it did it with less ammo.

And cryo didn’t proc that often, it still 3-4 shot UBAs without cryo.

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totally agree with this. and i said that its a really good mobbing gun, but i was testing it for all possible uses and applications. i was just being picky.
as for the trick shot/ unforgiven thing, i know, now we have to aim, and i was aiming, and it did fine. but unforgiven is actually a really good mobbing skill. say you have a bunch of enemies pretty spread out, far enough so that the splash cant hit them. unforgiven can make it so the same bullet hits all of them. massive ammo efficiency right there. its also the DPS cornerstone for EOS.
the best beam in the game, the maliwan splitter, does get trickshot and unforgiven. your thinking of the maliwan barreled beams, which are no longer the highest DPS.
the flayer one shots alot of mobs (so long as you crit tombstone or otherwise) and it can 3-4 shot an UBA.
they both consume the same ammo per shot. this might be attributed to the large mag and HcwM (tends to feel more spammy). it also might be atribbuted to you running crack shot. which is better on small mag guns like the corn and not so good on big mags like the flayer.

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I totally get you then if you where just testing it to see if it was useful in other scenarios.

Yeah the 4 different Lasers

  • Beam
  • Splitter
  • Blaster
  • Railgun

I said beam b/c all lasers w/ the Maliwan Barrel are generally know as “beams”. And while they may not have the raid stopping power that Glitched (big emphasis on glitched) Maliwan splitters have, unique beams like the AZ and Rosie are still TG.

I’m just trying say that guns don’t have to have raid stopping power or 100% synergy to be TG. And that if you’re forming an opinion on this gun you should keep in mind that a high bar like the Flayer or Eclipse is more than likely going to make anything look worse. Most of the guns on this list (even though they’re in other weapon pools) *cough Omni-Cannon cough, can’t even mobb close to how the Boomacorn can.

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I have been meaning to remove the Omni cannon anyway.

You’re getting much better results in that video than I did, I will have to test it again. I wonder what it would look like with a 6shooter COM since all 3 skills apply as well as the base COM bonus. It might mob even better than with the crapshooter.

IMO, hot lead is not really a factor here: it can’t crit naturally, so you have to crit through Tombstone to get it to proc. And if you already have Tombstone active, more damage is not necessary for mobbing.


AZ and Rosie are TG and will remain so, no doubt in my mind here.

IDK Hot Lead helps with the Ultimate Badass Trojans. And its just simply cool to essentially have a relatively huge ammo pool elemental rocket launcher w/ ability to proc one of her best skills, that is balanced around how its suppose to only work with non-elemental weapons.

I love both on her, I just used them as examples of other amazing guns that even though they don’t get Trick Shot and The Unforgiven, are still undoubtedly TG.

boomacorn is TG, no doubt about it. glad we came to a conclusion.