[Guide] Top Gear for Nisha

Are you saying you favored the glitch Scav smg instead?

Most automatic Nishas have more than one primary, so so long as you aren’t purely using the Meat Grinder you should be fine. Plus I could have use a blue Crapshooter and gotten more Tombstone and Trick Shot procs to help save ammo. I just used the purple b/c it was on hand.

Cryo would have helped too, but Chuck asked for fire.

Pretty sure he means that neither deserve a spot

How about your opinion on the 2 weapons?

And the Torrent is just as hungry.

The Meat grinder looked good but not “top gear” Good. The torrent is also MUCH MUCH more accurate and it’s burst is very fast.

The Ravager looked amazing. My problem is that it’s not used the same way as the Flakker, so it needs to have it’s own entry if I add it.

Or simply replace the Flakker altogether.

It’s funny how glitched version of some guns became more interesting than their unique and Legendary equivalent.

Also, I’m removing the Iron: the Pepperbox and Maggie are both miles above it.

I’m not pushing it hard anyway. For what its worth it is her best bossing SMG, and I wish there were more good SMGs for her since she is such an ammo hog. And unless @Hoyle4 has anything I’m fine with dropping it.

I’ll leave it to you to decide. And yeah it was just to good for me to not to bring it up, even with the crowded SG section. And I like the Flakker too, you could do something like how @Hoyle4 listed Athena’s Storm com for sheer power and bossing, and a mention at how the Rainbow Hologram is basically the Storm’s mobbing counterpart. But again I’ll leave it to you.

While I consider a “Bossing SMG” to be almost an oxymoron, I do get good results out of the Fatale against bosses that aren’t immune to Cryo. Overall, you’re probably right though.

That’s the challenge with Nisha IMO: you sorta need a diverse loadout to deal with ammo shortage but most of her COMs are pretty specific about what they boost. That’s what makes a CoE build good for mobbing (Too bad you have to switch out for bosses). That’s also why the Crapshooter is so versatile. (And why I love the Sheriff too)

It does sort of spell doom for the Cowgirl, Rustler, Kid and Desperado, even though they would be interesting otherwise.

Her non-elemental skills help in that regard as these guns work against everything so you can diversify your loadout while still having most guns be good against everything.

You’ll notice that pretty much everything in the TG is picked because they milk the most out of every ammo spent.

I did a small analysis on this long ago :smile:

Fan the Hammer: an analysis of a broken playstyle

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Grinder didn’t look fantastic in that showcase, I mean there were some points where it shredded but there were other times where it took a while (reletively speaking) to kill things. I really do think that a Glitched Scav SMG follows this philosophy better, cuz it has like a 120 sized mag that can basically infinitely sustain a yellow glitch.

Also unless Chuck has a vendetta against stupid to unlock things the Fast Talker exists.

I do.
The only one I am OK to include is the Naught because parts matter much less on shields than guns. (Just getting the fast talker in more than one element is impossible, so if yours spawns with no elements, you’re out of luck)
If you get a Naught, you have a Naught, even with bad parts it’s still a Naught.

um, no. the iron is miles ahead of the pepperbox. if your removing the iron in favor of the maggie / LC, then remove the pepperbox too. otherwise, keep the iron. as its just a pepperbox but better in every way.

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I disagree, the pepperbox performs much better than the Iron.

The only thing the Iron does better is ammo consumption, which is already not an issue with Jakobs pistols.

I could also mention both in the Maggie entry.

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The Iron has an ass ton of recoil, and the Pepperbox has none.

The Iron keeps glitches for a bit longer, but the Pepperbox pumps them out faster (especially the yellow) b/c of its fire rate.

The extra 5 in the mag is nice on the Iron, but I kinda liked the zero recoil on the Pepperbox better. If it was anyone else besides Nisha I’d say drop the Iron, but I’ll just post this and not take sides. @onlyin_kansas if I missed anything feel free to tell me.


the iron has about the same DPS, and its better with ammo. also, the bigger mag, while usually not good on nisha, is better because a bigger mag is better for DPS. usually nisha likes small mags for mag six and keeping quickshot / hells active, but in this case, the bigger mag means less reloads means more consistent DPS. i honestly dont feel the fire rate difference (maybe because im on console and i fear the dreaded “jakobs cramp”), and its better to run red and green on a jakobs, BTW.
###EDIT: just watched some vids, with glitches that interact with the firerate, the pepperbox may actually be better than the iron, but i’ll need to do some more testing and research.

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Just my personal preference, and unless you’re really close and/or heavily invested in Trick Shot… for mobbing the 80 rounds a second with zero recoil/perfect accuracy and ammo mitigation what spawns CS/M6 chains yellow glitch is preferred in my mind, but yeah for bosses the green wins for Jacobs Pistols. And I bet you that the yellow glitch on Jacobs SGs is better DPS than the green for bosses by quite a bit.

EDIT: I took the time to write it so you’re going to read it anyway. Even after your realization.:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, retestings gonna happen, then i will form a more educated opinion of it.

glitch shotguns are kind of meh when the flayer exists. the only one that caught anyone’s attention was the quad and its very inconsistent. (but with back to back greens, it can kill Eclipse in 9 seconds)

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alright, after retesting all the things, here are the results.

damage: same story. dastardly pepperbox does the same as a two fer iron.
accuracy: iron by a long shot. the pepperbox is very inaccurate. which would be something i would care about if i didnt abuse showdown and trick shot. but for the more ADS and dont use showdown and trickshot crowd, could be a determining factor (when just aiming around, one shot missed often)
fire rate: pepperbox wins here. whether you run a glitches or use a macro, the fire rate helps out alot.
reload: same. boring. next!
mag: iron wins. less reloads means more DPS, but a smaller mag means more glitches (but for less ammo) and more mag six, quick shot ETC. not sure about this one. glitch wise, the bigger mag is better, but with more reloads, you get them more often.

so, now after retesting, the pepperbox is better if your plan is to just gun things down from close range and the iron is better if you plan to pistol snipe. but the pistol sniping role is better filled by the LC, so… pepperbox wins. but the iron still has good things about it.

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sorry for the post train, but while we are here does anyone besides me think that the moonface should be up here too? its great at dealing damage per ammo spent, and its very synergistic with mag six, tombstone and a cryo and swap play style. i know @Chuck80 thinks there are too many shotguns already but i think of it as one of the best mobbing shotguns for nisha in the game.

I mean literally every shotgun is good with nisha, i dont think we’d see a another jakobs/explosive shotgun on the list.

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If this was “Pretty good gear for Nisha” It would be there.
It’s about on par with a coach gun without the glitches.

Just wanted to point out something about the Iron/pepperbox thing

Up to a point, mag size doesn’t matter.
With judicious use of ADS to manage which gun fires, it’s entirely possible to never stop shooting with OFEOY. As long as your mag is big enough to keep firing while the other gun reloads, the difference between a mag of 16 and a mag of 10 doesn’t matter.

In any case, I think i’ll keep the Iron and the description as it is. They’re too similar to start making distinctions.

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fair enough. i just thought it was preforming well and it had some good synergy with her skills, but i can see your point.

with glitches active, it does. but its a pretty small difference. the pepperbox works better with glitches due to its higher fire rate, but the iron has a bigger mag, meaning you can utilize that glitch for a longer period of time.
i really wish there was one clear winner here, but both have upsides and drawbacks.


I just tested the glitched peeperbox, dastardly iron weapons and two iron
Iron the peeperbox is really best for this cadence shooting especially when it glitch in yellow
Because speed kills ^^