[Guide] Top Gear for Zane

Don’t know if you’re referring to Commitment or not, but I’m referring to Eraser for those two (and the Conference Call) specifically.

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i am reffering to comitment mostly but also hustler/eraser

imo should be more like honorable mention since it only woks with only one certain com with one certain skill.

horent for example is a top gear on it’s own whatever you are doing it is a good option.

Updated the main post with recently buffed weapons and Arms Race gear.

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Quoting myself from the Fl4k gear thread for the same purpose, since gear from one Top Gear usually ends up on the others unless something specific to one character is what makes it work:

So Ember’s Purge is apparently extra nuts now on the clone, and Clairovoyance became insane, but is there anything else buffed today that stands out from anyone’s experience?

outside of cold bore slide shot slow hand nuking not rly

Arron, you should listen to Hexxus when he says what is or is not top gear and take it religiously, it’s not cause I think you’re wrong or nothin, these lists wouldn’t exist without you and the Zane one would not be so diverse without his input but when he says things like the Hornet are top gear, he’s speaking about the application of the weapon on builds. They are usually universal, and outperform similar weapons. “Similar” is always the same weapon type, and usually the purple variant it adds on to. Less so in this game than BL2, but it’s still the basis.

Kreig had a ton of honourable mentions back in the day that outranked most “Top Gear” performance wise, like the Casual Swordsplosion/Carnage due to the way his builds worked (he only had three gun builds) and the way Salt the Wound and/or Blood Bath processed damage anyways. His top gear usually apllied to both melee and guns, and the utility of said guns with melee, or the reaper com, in mind.

In the same way a Zane thread to be applicable to all skills, even if some guns outperform damage wise with certain builds.
Then again, you guys modified the criterion and legend (design of the list) for Top Gear to rightfully split gear between builds.

But, all TG should work with all builds imo. As more guns are added, more guns streamline into their specific builds they synergize with. By the time we have all the red texts they’ll make, all red text guns will have had another large wave of buffs and nerfs. GB seems to do it at random and always has.

just to be clear i did not suggest anything for top gear ever since i do not believe in top gear or builds

i just mentioned that in view of the buff and how broken cold bore is u can do hilarious ■■■■ with slide shooting slow hands there are many other guns that do this to a better extent hoenstly slow hand shuld not even consume that much ammo and it is not a top gear. i believe zane can not even be used for benchmarking any gun any more because he does like more damage in an instant than anyone else in the game when u put millin % gun dmg on a character he will eventually make any gun look passable

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Brought it up in Fl4k Top Gear, but I’m thinking of restructuring the Top Gear lists so I thought I’d bring it up here. Top Gear and Honorable Mention are ok, but it doesn’t really divvy up the cream of the crop gear from the well-performing gear, and some pieces of gear are able to perform “outside of their weight class” with the right set-up. Thinking of changing it to something along the lines of a tier list going from S to C, with another rank in parenthesis behind the item’s name if it can go beyond its tier with the right set-up. Examples;

S-Tier (Can handle most endgame content largely from the merits of the item itself without anointments or being built around the item. Capable of dominating the hardest content.)

  • Power Coil

A-Tier (Can handle most endgame content if it has a good anointment or if you build around the item in question. Can perform adequately in the hardest content.)

  • Hornet (A+ with splash bonuses)

B-Tier (Can handle most endgame with a good anointment and if you build around the item in question. May or may not be able to handle the hardest content.)

  • Lucky 7 (S+ with an ammo regeneration set-up and the correct reload rolls.)

I’ll probably also remove what elements said gear can spawn in and where it is obtainable since enough resources exist to find that out, as well as similar/alternative weapons.

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Sounds reasonable to me.

Honestly the list should just have more bread and butter, but we gotta start somewhere. Tiers are silly, the explanations need more juice for each character in mind. Zane gets a ton out of things that dont need splash, and the lists have a ton of splash based arms. It’s almost the same for each character. What really works, for each character and each gun skill and hell, even quirks with gun and skill synergy. Flak gets less from crit, Zane gets more, Amara gets more. Amara and Moze both get splash. What’s really good for each character? What’s gonna really make these much different isn’t the guns, but the COMS, artifacts. Certain shields, you know. Certain ones will have significant performance over others and most certainly have different things to keep in mind when farming.

Dissatisfaction will make these lists less useful to some. The Florentine is a powerful shield stripper, it’s not a killer. People were confused why it’s top gear. In the same way, maybe these lists need more utilities to players, more specifcation.

But hey, I don’t mean to influence this list in a negative way. These lists need more specifics about their fellow characters.

zane gets most out of anything that is not gun damage because he can beef up gun dmg to infinity and beyond and everything that is multiplicative to that will always benefit zane the most. there is no such thing as zane does not benefit the most from apart from 100% gun damage increases and pearl. Top gear for zane is literally any good gun and that is the end of the story really you take shredifier and put it int ozane’s hands and it still works for TMTD what even is a point of top gear for charcter like zane :d

not saying thread should not exist ofc but it made much more sense on old zane. like do you factor in guns viability in clone’s hands etc etc. the purple tree seein red swapped zane is just different u throw executor spy or seein dead on and u are a wrecking ball with no breaks. in bl2 these threads made more sense because character’s skill tree was adeciding factor of what guns would make it to the top ( out side of meta meta like sandhawk p1mpernel harold) in bl3 paradigm artifacts and coms and guardain rank tree give you more than the skill trees. Your choices right now matter so little on zane that it is not a gun gear question it is everythng else. like com artifact GR anoint shield annoint etc.

if this thread was somehow soloing out top gear for zane in view of his skill trees and raw guns (no anoints) then there could be a big differencial between picks but for current bl it rly does not matter. like hurrr durr plasma coil a gun that has fire rate of brrrrrrrrrr and damage of rocket launcher per bullet is top gear for who literally any charcter with no skill points coms or artifacts or gr :smiley: most of the listed weapons have nothing to do with zane and everything to do with what they are inherently.

let’s look at amara for a second she gets splash dmaage boosts in tier one purple and tier two green is she a splash character? no the damn artifact aoe is 48% com aoe is 36% u have to invest 5 skill points and get less? :smiley: this game is whack but what defines amara the most is indiscriminate or fl4k it was megavore and for zane it was playing dirty but rn it is all pointless.

TL’DR my point being if you exclude the guns that are also top gear for other VH’s what is the uniqueness you are left with? silence is your answer


Don’t let the 2 negative Nancies :crazy_face: above ruin your plans @Aaron0000! Even though everything @Hexxusz0r says is right there is still utility in what you want to do because there is an audience for it even though it’s not us Zane mains.

Due to continued discounts on BL3 some brave souls will continue to buy it on sale, have no experience with the game, will Google search and end up here. They won’t know jack shyte about any of the stuff that SexyHexy is going on about and your guide will give them some good info about guns they may want to hold on to or hunt for.


There aren’t a whole lot of weapons that really only work for one character nowadays in part due to power creep, more skill points compared to pre-Mayhem 2.0, anointments, as well as other factors. Hell, you can almost double the damage of any splash weapon just by having the right rolls on the class mod and artifact. Going off the top of my head, the only good weapons that really only jive with one or two characters due to certain skills or playstyles are;

  • Redistributor/Projectile Recursion/Conference Call (Zane, with Barrier/Hustler/Eraser)
  • Smog (Zane with Barrier and Fl4k with Dominance/Fade Away)
  • Sand Hawk (Moze for extended ammo consumption or Zane’s Clone)

Even when it comes to other non-Class Mod gear, the same trend of “what works on one character works on all” of them continues for the most part. The same dozen or two-dozen shields generally get used across all characters, the same few grenades and artifacts tend to get used across all characters. Only Class Mods really have diversity, and even some niche builds often use gear that isn’t exclusively effective to them.

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The wasteland has changed

I think Luciens Call is top tier on Zane.

He has the fastest fire rate buffs, can get its accuracy down to a pinpoint, its high mag size and low recoil are perfect for run and gun…use a cryo one with OMF and you can freeze anything in a second.

So I’ve finally gotten around to revising the main list, and I’m debating a bit on how to handle a few of the playstyles. With Seein’ Dead/Spy for action skill uptime and Our Man Flynt for critical-based freezing, is there any reason to maintain a Calm, Cool, Collected playstyle for the list? Same with Doppelbanger since the Mantis Cannon exists for anointment spam.

Yes. But only because it would be useful to ppl who refuse or can’t afford to buy the Professional skill tree.

Fair enough.

On the topic of the main list, this is the basic list I’ll be referring to when revising the Top Gears for Zane/Fl4k/Amara (without factoring in their skills, action skills, gear combinations and whatnot yet which would raise their potential). If anyone has anything they think ought to be changed, added, or removed, speak up.

Due to the considerable overlap between the character top gear threads, these have been consolidated in to a single thread:

Please continue any discussion or ask questions there - ta muchly!