[Guide] Top Gear for Zane

This has probably been answered in other places so forgive me for not searching, but if you’re firing a Cutsman at Wotan, for example, do you need to slide while firing or when the “bullets” hit?

Every gun is on shot now. When it comes to torgue stickies it’s on detonation though, so slide while reloading.

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Maybe i am just not that good of a gamer. But with slide you have to do the damage while sliding and i can never get it right and most times i found it adding to many things to think about. Just want to move, shoots, take cover, shoot. So for my personal gaming style Snowdrift just doesn’t fit.
But i know many guys who swear by it, so not saying it doesn’t belong on the list. Saying that Ice breaker does belong


Oh yah, in my reply though I said they should both be added lol. Snowdrift #1, icebreaker #2.

Btw I’ve got multiple guides on my channel on controller binds and weapons that are basically made for sliding. The Hive and Torgue stickies are some of the best examples. The Hive doesn’t need to be aimed so you can literally just slide and shoot it at the ground to activate it immediately. Torgue stickies can be shot standing completely still and then slide + reload will apply the bonus.

Not trying to force you into sliding, but just wanted to point out that I find a lot of people don’t like it because it’s not easy - and there’s easier ways to go about it. Just adds a possible option for a different way to play! Variety is the spice of life lol


One more note with anointments for a lot of weapons. Not sure if this is something worth adding. But basically guns with ricochet effects, redistributor, carrier, kings call - all get extra ricochet’s when adding elements to them. So next 2 element mag anointment will be much better than 100% weapon damage on ASE or clone swap for that matter. Now I get this could be viewed as a ‘bug’ or something, but it’s in the game now. And it seems to be in the game for the foreseeable future because they’d have to rewrite the entire damage calculation system. At least that’s what some of my math/coding guru’s explained to me. So I think it’s worth fixing some of those anoints.

When it comes to maggie + some other weapons, the barrier accuracy + crit is strictly better than sntnl cryo. Some people might argue this and that’s fine, but it’s 100% worth adding into those sections. Bekkah, shotguns, dictator, crossroads(not sure if this is on list). But just wanted to name a couple weapons that this anoint is also good on.


Added a note about 50% Bonus Elemental Damage anointments and their interaction with ricochet weapons. It’s listed below the playstyle section. Also added the increased accuracy/critical damage anoint to several notable weapons.

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Hey I’m sorry lol I just noticed that anoint is listed twice on the dictator now. I’ve been looking a bit better through the list recently :smiley:

P.S I think i phrased my wording of the anointment being strictly better, I meant on the maggie it’s strictly better. But on those other weapons it’s still very good. It’s probably strictly better on crossroads for that matter because of how inaccurate it is in general now.

P.P.S I read the note about elemental anointments, keep in mind sntnl cryo is an elemental anointment that triggers extra projectiles. That is the main reason I am bringing this up, if it was strictly next 2 mag anoints then I would maybe mention it separately. Same with elements on shield and nade. Even Cold Bore and trick of the light should create extra projectiles. @Aaron0000

Acknowledged. Changed the note to be about bonus elemental damage anointments in general, and changed all mentions of Sentinel Cryo anointment to “50% Bonus Elemental Damage (Sentinel/2-Mag/Terror)”.

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I think Cutpurse should be up there because of how it adds the ability to spam tediore reloads and rocket launchers.

Does the Hive interaction with violent momentum scale based on the speed it was shot at, or the speed at the time the projectiles hit the target? I’m thinking it’s the latter, but haven’t actually tested it.

It’s on shot. Cutpurse is also listed in the artifact section somewhere. Hopefully in the main section and not honorable mentions lol, but I do remember seeing it.

Edit: It’s the only one listed I think it’s fine as is, no need to nitpick. But definitely top artifact choice with double barrel.

No disrespect intended for the wealth of information and knowledge that has been so generously offered in this thread, but I think some of you guys are way over analyzing things. Some items are subjectively better than others, which is really just about preference. While others may be objectively better, but from where I’m sitting, they may not be as commonly used due to such things as skill ceiling (the relative skill required to effectively use it) or playstyle. It just seems to me that the discussion has devolved into nitpicking items irrespective of those distinctions.

For example, the 100% damage bonus (based on build synergy) from Snowdrift is objectively better than the 35% damage bonus from Ice Breaker, but if you aren’t very good at hitting targets while sliding, that 100% is pointless. I don’t use Snowdrift not because I couldn’t figure out how to hit stuff while sliding, but because I absolutely hate that playstyle. What I mean by this is that for some players, Ice Breaker IS the better choice, while for others, it’s Snowdrift. That doesn’t mean that Ice Breaker is inferior, especially if someone doesn’t have the still necessary to use it effectively.

My point here is that I think this list is pretty damn good as is - as a guide for Zane players of all builds and skill ranges - and I don’t think we need to put everything on it under a microscope.

ThiccFiLa’s new video raises some fair points about the Rico, anyone have some thoughts on adding it back to the list?

The interaction is interesting but not particularly effective. When we reach the point where we can’t get a second wind without access to our kill skills then it might make the list IMO.

Thoughts on the incoming Ion Cannon nerf and it’s placement on the gear list? I’d say it is still a top banana piece of gear for the sheer damage it can put out, but with an ammo consumption that heavy it could drop to Honorable Mention as well.

I dunno, still clone/cutpurse and cold hand make it about same still

Given the way Zane gets his ammo via clone/facepuncher it’s not going to change much. Zane can boost reload enough that that part won’t really affect him either.

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PS4 player here. My Rough Rider is starting with shield capacity. And regaining it after my class mod brakes it. When it does stay on 0 it is not triggering Calm Cool Collected.
Is it just a new thing to not trigger CCC when on 0?
Is the shield having capacity happening to anyone else?

You probably have on an artifact that adds shield capacity. :grin:

I wish it was as simple as that.