[Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3

There’s a few grenades out there that may be worth considering for the list. Fixative grenades I feel definitely deserve an Honorable Mention at least, but the Widowmaker, Pipebomb, Core Buster, Whispering Ice, and Fastball have potential too. Also considering throwing the Grease Tarp in Honorable Mention as a Clone gun. Anyone have anything to say regarding these items?

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The pipebomb and whispering ice have always been great and are pretty easy to obtain at any level

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Added Fixative Grenades to Honorable Mention and several other grenades to Second Cut. Alongside the Grease Trap, it might also be worth considering the Sleeping Giant for a spot in Second Cut.

Also added the “Killstack” anointment to the anointment section.