[Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3

BH was always like that, always had that 3% to activate all Hunt skills on shooting all enemies, the additional effect is that bosses are treated as listed types of enemies in order you could activate the skills against them.

@GrzesPL It’s also that the additional corrosive damage listed in IPS as only to robots applies against all enemies IIRC. I have never tested this myself but I believe that is what I recall hearing in perhaps Moxsy’s video? Someone else will correct me please if I am remembering incorrectly.

Basically it turns out BH effect applies on every enemy, not only bosses. So IPS bonus, like you said, apply to every enemy (except the movement speed bonus for some reason). That’s additional corrosive bonus that adds to your guns damage.

That makes BH better than Cosmic in like 90% of scenarios (until they fix it, IF they ever fix it, and I hope not cause I always loved BH xD )

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@EzioILMentore So the crit damage bonus vs. humans applies to most all enemies also, I guess? When the BH procs anyway.

I dunno if Hunter’s Eye bonuses cover every type of enemy when you use a BH too tbh. I only know IPS bonuses definitely do when you use BH.

@NotQuag sorry for the wild tag, but I don’t want to spread misinformation. How does the Bounty Hunter tweak recently discovered work exactly ?


So far at least two out of four of the new items are contenders for Top Gear. Blade Fury’s got that Melee funk along the lines of the Face-puncher, and the Mana Well’s neat. Contagion and Sidewinder are also tasty.

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Blade Fury and Mana Well added to Top Gear.