[Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3


Yeah, but it takes 1 second to reload it. Hardly enough compromise to reduce its efficiency enough not to make this list.

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To compare, the Ogre can be fired for way, way longer but still does not come close to the DPS of the Hellwalker.
To evaluate mag size, you need to also consider fire rate and reload speed.
Besides, that damage …

From LazyData;

SF Force apparently has some weird damage issues with the primary element being stronger than the other. DNA is apparently an alright bossing weapon with the buff. Malak’s Bane will perpetually remain a meme.

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If it had a big enough mag size to play a whole guitar riff i’d be all over it.

You can make it easily a 2 shot with let’s say a pearl mag size boost, and let’s say, Fl4k with lnt gets to spam it quite a lot, and all the classes has meaning to take that reload to almost a fraction of second… Cmon, the hellwalker is just stupidly powerfull


How do you like the buffed D.N.A? Relevant with splash Moze?

Haven’t played around with it a lot myself, but from I gather it has become solid for (large) bossing. Might be a top two base-game SMG, it may end up in Honorable Mentions. SF Force seems like it could be good but there is that issue of the secondary firing mode not receiving the recent buff.


Well, Linc might actually be worth some serious testing for Honorable Mention now.

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How about the Scorpio XL? Is 400% enough to save it?

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From what I’ve gathered, it’s more of a fun meme weapon than something actually worth using seriously (though it can be used now). The winners from these buffs seem to be the Linc and Bearcat. Baby Maker would be worth considering if it didn’t eat so much ammo every time you reload it.


Yeah, that’s about what I figured. It shares company with Smart Gun and Creeping Death.

The Fish Slap is missing the note that it was from a limited time event.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the Breath of the Dying ought to be considered for Top Gear, or at the very least Honorable Mention (although I will have to admit I am not quite sure I understand whether there is an Honorable Mention for each category).

This weapon is very good on all VH’s, but excels on the ones who have builds/setups that can easily generate ASE’s to proc anointments - specifically the 200% splash anointment, which makes the BOTD an absolute monster (so Amara, Zane, and Fl4k). To be fair though, this weapon also is a beast in the hands of Moze, because she has so many splash damage-boosting skills and setups anyway. Just a great choice for all 4 VHs.

Also, you can one-shot the bottom phase of Wotan with it on several of the VHs (Zane, Moze, possibly Fl4k and I don’t know about Amara but I bet so) - which is cool.

Maybe it requires more specific of a setup than some players might run, I feel like the vast majority of players these days are running splash setups of some description.

Breath of the Dying is in Second Cut. Second Cut is for weapons that don’t have the raw might of Top Gear or potential of Honorable Mention but can still handle most content pretty well. Breath of the Dying is solid for sure, but it isn’t in the same weight class as something like a Monarch or Clairvoyance.


@Aaron0000 Perhaps not, I am not certain. However, I feel like it’s on the same level as the Soulrender (which is TG) and they both kind of compete for the same slot, insomuch as the two weapons both work very well in splash damage builds. I’d say the Soulrender is better for bossing and the BOTD is better for mobbing.

Again, just IMO.

EDIT to add: I will admit some personal bias towards the BOTD because I am extremely partial to it, so maybe I could be blinded by love or something :crazy_face:

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Hail and Void Rift are apparently top banana now.


Hail is HM DEFINITELY, not sure about it as TG due to the projectile arc but it has got some serious bite to it!

From what I hear Kaoson has the damage buff applied now, and the Crit actually got a 500% damage bonus or so. Haven’t been able to play much lately since my computer’s trying to give out on me and BL3 gobbles CPU. Anyone figure the Linc and SF Force have Second Cut potential?

Apparently the Hail was decided to become a new entry in Top Gears. With a basic barrier/mantis zane it was absolutely one shotting the heaviest maliwan bots at the slaughterstar when making contact with a critspot, with Amara it works wonders in a frozen heart build, with moze and FiTSD and SF it’s rather insane. Plus it allows easy crits on enemies behind cover. I didn’t tried it on fl4k but I’m sure it shreds aswell

IMO the Hail and the Crit are both TG for all VHs now, as far as I can tell. The Hail takes a little bit more skill and patience to use and get the hang of, moreso than other more straight-shooting weapons, but it hits hard. The Crit is probably the stronger of the two weapons, and is a little bit more like the Flipper or Plasma Coil, insomuch as it doesn’t really care about matching elements or build - it’s just really strong.

I wish the Hail still had pellet split like in BL2.