[Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3


Yeah, but it takes 1 second to reload it. Hardly enough compromise to reduce its efficiency enough not to make this list.

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To compare, the Ogre can be fired for way, way longer but still does not come close to the DPS of the Hellwalker.
To evaluate mag size, you need to also consider fire rate and reload speed.
Besides, that damage …

From LazyData;

SF Force apparently has some weird damage issues with the primary element being stronger than the other. DNA is apparently an alright bossing weapon with the buff. Malak’s Bane will perpetually remain a meme.

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If it had a big enough mag size to play a whole guitar riff i’d be all over it.

You can make it easily a 2 shot with let’s say a pearl mag size boost, and let’s say, Fl4k with lnt gets to spam it quite a lot, and all the classes has meaning to take that reload to almost a fraction of second… Cmon, the hellwalker is just stupidly powerfull


How do you like the buffed D.N.A? Relevant with splash Moze?

Haven’t played around with it a lot myself, but from I gather it has become solid for (large) bossing. Might be a top two base-game SMG, it may end up in Honorable Mentions. SF Force seems like it could be good but there is that issue of the secondary firing mode not receiving the recent buff.