[Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3

As much as I miss this effect I will take the less exaggerated bullet arc of BL3’s Hail as a fair trade.

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@vCarpeDiemv It’s funny, I keep aiming WAY too low with it when I am up close, just like you had to do in BL2. You do not have to aim anywhere near as low with the Hail in BL3, although it does have its own “getting used to” that is required.

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Binary Crit is Plasma Coil tier even with the downside of dropping to the floor. Hail is extremely good on every Vault Hunter, at the very least A+ tier, with the only downside being the bullet trajectory. Both should be top tier like @tysonyar has said already.

Garcia and Kaoson could also be honorable mentions after the buffs or even arguarbly move up to top tier gear as well, I’ve seen people comparing the former to the Hellwalker.


@Justern Is the Binary/double prefix that much better for the Crit than the single-shot version? Personally, I generally prefer the single-ammo versions of most weapons for ammo efficiency purposes. It is hard for me to imagine the double-shot version being that much better, because the single-ammo version is already ridiculous. Just wondering, as you mentioned the Binary version specifically. I have not gotten a binary one with a good anoint yet to try.

And just another point about the Crit dropping our of your hands during a fight. The Crit does not drop constantly or anything, like it would do in BL2, but it does drop enough to be annoying. I did a MTD run with it today and it probably dropped about 5 times. The only way I could tell that it dropped was when my weapon switched to another, and then I would go back to try to determine where I had dropped it.

The Crit is one of the most powerful items in the game now, but it is disguised as a meme weapon with the unpredictable dropping special effect. Even so, it’s a ridiculously good weapon. Everything melts.

It’s much more noticiable for bossing, but like you said, it may be overkill for mobs and it doubles on the downside, since using twice as much ammo means you will be reloading twice as much in less time, although a Green tree Moze could overcome that weakness.

Regardless, it’s still up there with the strongest weapons in the game. One could argue that the 5% chance of dropping it’s too annoying to use (like myself, I personally don’t use it much because of this), but even still it should be mentioned. Like, the Sand hawk is in top gear even with it’s insane ammo consumption, I see no reason as to why the Crit and the Hail can’t be there.

Edit: Also the Void Rift should be tested. I haven’t farmed it myself, but I’ve seen videos of people using it and arguing it’s one of the best in the game after the buff.

Hail, Crit, and Void Rift are definitely being added to Top Gear come next list update, but I’m still slightly on the fence about Garcia and Kaoson (Top Gear or Second Cut). Garcia seems like it can hang with the Hellwalker, but can the Kaoson compete with the Power Coil, Flipper, and the Crit?


No. Flipper powercrept Kaoson even disregarding the nerf, it sure as heck isn’t going to compete with Coil or Crit.

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So I don’t know if they forgot to mention it in the patch notes or is unintentional, but the Band of Sitorak has a 170% weapon damage buff on depletion in comparison to the 20% weapon buff it had before the hotfix. I saw this video and farmed it for half an hour and it’s correct.

Borderlands 3: Band of Sitorak IS The New BEST Shield After a Stealth Patch?! - YouTube

Maybe that could raise it to honorable mention.

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thanks for the info!

Wasn’t that just a visual bug?

Yep, looks like a bug, my bad

I get around 20%-30% damage increase when my shield is down. For reference, I tested it with a stonethrower that did 25k damage and with my shield down it does 33k.

Oh well, at least I have one in case it gets buffed

Added the Crit, Hail, Garcia, and Void Rift to Top Gear, as well as a few weapons to Second Cut (Love Drill, Companion, S.F. Force, D.N.A.)


Wonder if we’ll see a second hotfix for the missed items. Ignoring that, RYNAH still consumes too much ammo for the damage dealt as well as not coming with anointments. Magnificent might have a chance at being good?


Roisens 100% buff should be worth trying

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Added Roisen’s Thorns to Top Gear. I suppose we’ll be waiting a while for those broken hotfixes to be addressed.


Grace still can’t spawn with anointments, and the Try-Bolt loses the buff on save-quit.


The one that intrigues me perhaps the most is the Satisfaction - is a 75% buff enough to actually make it good? Has anyone tried it? Also the Mutant too.

Remember Moze with a band of sitorak shield? Well, same with the new supersoldier shield.

View post on imgur.com

I haven’t gotten the Super Soldier shield but it does seem interesting for Moze.

The Infernal Wish from the Arms Race is also very strong on Moze. It causes weapons to fire an extra projectile as long as the shield is not depleted and can also trigger Elemental Projector.
Need to find a good Elemental Projector Deathless. :slight_smile:
Charge up weapons like the Plaguebearer don’t seem to activate the DoT though, which removes the potential downside of burning the shield away for other builds.

I did an Arms Race run with Fl4k and someone dropped this:

This thing is essentially a Vladof heavy laser! Imagine if the ION Cannon was meshed together with the Maliwan Proton Rifle: it would become the Kickcharger. It functions exactly like the Proton Rifle as in you can tap-fire it for instant shots, or you can hold down the trigger to charge it for a few seconds. The reload time is not too shabby for a heavy weapon, and it only costs 1 rocket per shot!