[Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3

Wasn’t there a similar Redistributor trick with Moze by using a low-level amp shield, a Bloodletter, and passive health regen on the class mod or artifact?

Yeah that’s the interaction that’s being used/abused now with Super Soldier since you get amped shots plus a side effect of full immunity as long as you shoot every few seconds. Rushin Offensive + Bloodletter also allows continuously amped shots while sprinting.

Added Redistributor, Craps, and select Tediore gear to Honorable Mention.
Added info for Hustler on which weapons work well with the interaction.
Added Kyb’s Worth, Webslinger, Moonfire, and Multi-Tap to Second Cut.


OH yeah, that thing shreds now, really pleased.

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Quoting this from LazyData’s twitch channel (literally a !vicrush command);

Assuming this is the case, this is a compelling reason to completely remove it from the list (and thus has been).


So, a question.

Since Victory Rush is bugged, would a Company Man with good rolls be better for Zane than an Icebreaker Victory Rush? Asking for myse- a friend.


See this is why im glad we have this forum. Well time tp get a hyperion company man or just stick with the pearl im using on redistributor zane.