[Guide] Top tier gear for everyone

Are we painting with a broad brush? Cause specifically the PBFG is a BEAUTIFUL gun and literally paints the room with elemental damage.

I also like their Pistols in Gaige’s hands due to the slightly better elemental chances.

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Having started 6 new characters from scratch recently, I have to say that they’re absolutely fine in NVHM. You can use pretty much everything in TVHM too. It’s UVHM where things like the presence or absence of splash (in addition to chance to proc DoT) start to become more noticeable. Ammo consumption on plasma casters etc is also a much bigger issue in NVHM because you won’t have that much ammo capacity (always a trade off between more ammo and more gear you can pick up).

I like them too, but for all intents and purposes, Topneaa and the Tediore equivalent are better.

Topneaa for the reduced ammo consumption, and Tediore are nearly on par with PBFGs, except they reload MUCH faster and basically have a free shot every 1 or 2 shots. With a RL that consumes 2 ammo per shot, with Tediore parts, you can find one that reloads every shot … Which means every other shot is free, and the reload is so fast that there is no real downtime.

This is a matter of preference. Some people prefer to be able to dish out a lot of damage very fast, while others (such as myself) prefer to have something with a looot of punch in one single hit. PBFG ftw, I say! :slight_smile:

Be sure to specify whether it’s Dahl or Maliwan barrel since they have the same name for some reason. I’m guessing you mean Maliwan barrels on both, but… you know… FYI.

And also… Great initiative! This list will be useful for all of us. At this point I would like to summon @Gulfwulf to see if Mr. Torgue approves of this “shi…rt”?


This. There are quite a few times where ammo is not a huge concern, just dealing as much damage as possible and painting everything with an element. It has a significantly higher element chance AND it also does normal DOT in ADDITION to whatever element it hits with. You get A LOT of bang for that extra bit of ammo.

While this normal DOT isn’t boosted by slag applied by the PBFG, if you preslag the two DOTs combined can be powerful. I am looking forward to putting a Shock one of these on Gaige with some Interspersed Outburst and Electrical Burn Maxed out.

I get the speed/damage argument when comparing PBFG and Topneaa, but Tediore Etech launchers are just as slow and just as powerful as PBFGs, but instead of having increased DoT chance, they have fast reloads and free ammo.

I urge you both to try the Tediore Etech
launchers, they don’t hurt that much less than a PBFG, and the free rockets are great.

If anyone wants to try both out on camera, that would be great.

As for the Snipers, I will mention the barrel in question, thanks for reminding me.

I did mean the Maliwan barrel on the Snider (since it has matching bonus) but on the Jakobs, I meant the Dahl barrel actually. The Maliwan barrel increases DoT, Which is useless on a Jakobs sniper. The Dahl barrel still delivers a lot of damage, but the recoil is very mild and allows for easy follow up shots. The Diaub (Vladof barrel) is also great in that department.

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Mr Torgue approves this shirt!



Another thread to troll. LOL

I learn so much from your threads @Chuck80 Much appreciated. :acmaffirmative:

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I don’t have screen shot capabilities, but @Adabiviak does a lot of screenshots, maybe if he has some downtime to compare them.

Really my biggest draw is the DOT, I can hide with Run & Gun Zer0 and let the damage keep ticking (and keeping the healing in UVHM off). With Gaige I expect massive DOT boosts with her skills.

You would be disappointed. Truly powerful DoTs come from grenades. Launchers have the same base DoT values as other guns.

I have a Gaige build set around Electrical burn and DoTs, and I don’t even carry a launcher. (Thunderball fist, chain lightning, shock butcher and shock pimp are my main tools)

True, but rarely will a grenade paint a room like PBFG, especially when the targets are behind cover or in a different room.

This one does the job quite well. Maybe it should get a mention?


I second the Skyrocket. The simple fact that it scales makes it at least NVHM top gear - imo.
Also any consideration for Good/Bad Touch? The Hail and Kitten are on enough character-specific TG lists that they probably don’t have a place here.

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Interesting, never even considered that!

Just never be in the same room when it goes off. Very effective for the animal pens in WEP (toss it through the door and back up), Bloodshot Stronghold, Southpaw, … You just need to get a good sense of how far it will go before it launches upwards and will no longer go through a doorway or arch.

On my first play through I got a Level 8 Incendiary Fastball, I transfer that between characters, so I didn’t get much of a chance to get a feel for the skyrocket.

I learned to use it when it was literally the ONLY elemental grenade mod I could find for one of my characters. Really glad it’s not a fixed level!

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Note: I used a Torgue grip on the Tediore because it allows you to get a free “rocket” every reload, and it already has a fast enough reload. I used a Maliwan sight on both because that is what I prefer on second wind launchers.

Notable differences

  • The Tediore has 3.16% more damage. (because of the grip)
  • The Tediore has a free “rocket” every shot. (I’ll explain the quotations later)
  • The Tediore has a 1.5 second faster reload.
  • The Maliwan has 3 shots in the mag, and the Tediore only has 1.

They both have the same base damage of 100%. And the same E-tech splash of about ~47.5%. Their E-tech splash range/radius is also the same from what I can tell.

  • I say “rocket” with the Tediore because it is…
  • Inaccurate past melee range
  • Only does the base damage and not the E-tech splash
  • Since it only has the normal splash, it only has a normal rocket launcher’s splash range/radius
  • The reload rocket is always explosive no matter what