[Guide] Top tier gear for everyone

[quote=“kgk4569, post:31, topic:1555896”]maybe if he has some downtime to compare them.[/quote]Do you want matching parts/elements on these, or just what I have on my characters at the moment (corrosive Launcher and shock PBFG).
Got a preferred class? Build? Target? I’m coming off an unusually long shift, so I’ll be going to sleep in a few, but I’m down to toy around with them and grab some footage.

Tediore E-tech launchers are great. No question about that. The main reason why I never use them is because I have a nasty habit of reloading my guns all the time. On a Tediore launcher, the best case scenario is that I use up a lot of RL ammo for no reason. The worst case scenario is that I do all this in a cramped space and put myself into FFYL, while at the same time I use up a lot of RL ammo for no reason. :laughing: That’s why I prefer Maliwan.

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No rush buddy. :smiley: Have a good sleep!

I was toying with mine tonight. I have a 33 PBFG and a 34 Topneaa. The PBFG does ~500 more listed damage, and ~50 more DOT. However with my level 42 Gaige it seems to kill Level 50+s in Barroom Brawl a lot faster than Topneaa, more than I think the stats should account for.

BUT the “does Normal DOT” does not visibly post damage numbers…

So I don’t really know how to test it properly…

Considering the differences between PBFGs and Tediore Etech launchers, and considering that the Bandit equivalent is just as good IMO, I might just make an entry called “Etech launchers”

Sounds good to everyone?


It makes no doubt in my mind that, from a mathematical standpoint, Topneaas are by far the best launcher type in the game. Even if a PBFG seems to kill faster at first, it does so with more downtimes on average and by spending a LOT more ammo.

The fast weak vs slow strong argument only holds up if everything else is equal, and the Topneaa not only has MUCH higher DPS, but better ammo efficiency, as well as better mag size and reload speed. Not only that, but it also allows you to not waste ammo on overkill.

There’s a reason it’s on nearly all the Top Gear threads.

Now, as if there is an additional benefit to PBFGs that the card might not show, I have no idea, but it would be nice to have it tested. :slight_smile:


Sounds Great!

I’m kinda worried that the Normal DOT numbers don’t post, did it get nerfed? Has maybe my love for the PBFG altered my perception of it? I had really only played Zer0 before, and I was relying on an underlevelled one as a mass slagger, damage numbers didn’t matter. Now that I am playing Gaige I want it for the Normal DOT, Shock DOT, and Burn DOT trifecta…

So confused…

That’s what we’ve been trying to say the whole time. We just don’t kown how to ptu teh wrods right.

One thing that I could add is that PBFG’s are very accurate. I often use it against the badass constructor in Hero’s Pass. I stand in the area above where you encounter the UBA Loader. Just before the bridge over the lava stream. I have no trouble hitting with all my shots with a PBFG from that range, and that’s pretty far. Regular launcher won’t even go that far.

What “normal” DoT ?

If you’re speaking of the white numbers you see, they’re the normal DoT element for the launcher you have (shock in your example), it’s just that Etech launcher explosion distort colors within their added splash.

Just test it for yourself at the dummy. Try with a corrosive launcher so that DoTs will last long enough, you will see those “normal” Dots turn green as soon as the big ball of light disappears.

The wiki is derpy as hell and is not a reliable source, @Gulfwulf could confirm as much.

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When I tested in Barroom Brawl I saw no Normal DOT post, only the shock…

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Yep. The admins over there may revert any changes made unless they’re supported by facts and/or testing, but we can update it as necessary. I do have a thread on it, though:


Tediore rocket launcher reloads actually don’t consume ammo like other Tediore reloads, and there is even a Krieg build built around that fact.

BL2 only


It might be a while… I’ve been summoned. :wink:

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@bew_ always has something cool to show :stuck_out_tongue:

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You dick you made me laugh while I was taking a swallow of an energy drink.

It’s everywhere…came flying out my nose (it burrrrns). Had to wipe off the monitor.

You suck. :acmnegative:


:astonished: Didn’t know that! Interesting…

Great post!

  • I’d remove the Plasma Caster as it’s on most of the Top Gear lists already.
  • Maybe also the Teapot for the same reason (the TG Hornet mentions are largely Hornet/Teapot, I think the Zer0 TG says Jakobs grip for the Teapot - is there much difference between Jakobs and Torgue?).
  • How about adding Jakobs pistols? The Maggie is on quite a few TGs, but the Greed and Iron could be here.
    … now I’m off to search for a Grumly Droog!
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On Plasma Casters, I’d see leave it there. Folks seem to get so fixated on Sandhawks that a reminder there are other SMGs you can use, and that you don’t have to wait for max level to get them, is a good reminder.

I’d second the nomination for the Greed - it’s relatively straightforward to get, and is a nice alternative to use if you’re holding off on getting that Rubi etc. I prefer it to Flynt’s Tinderbox. It would be interesting to compare it with a fire Maliwan pistol - subjectively, I know I’d opt for the Greed.

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