[Guide] Vehicle parts and locations

This post helped me with some skins, so thank you.

From the list above I am missing a few that there is no detail for and have some that are market with “?”.
I have 2 Outrunners:

  • Houndstooth
  • Pirate

And missing:

  • festi-flesh (Technical)
  • lollipop (Cyclone)

I can’t remember where I got those 2 (I am playing as Amara, if it helps), but today I found one of them in Devil’s Razor (Normal Mayhem 1), Houndstooth, at this spawn location https://imgur.com/a/JJXbLju . It took me about 5-6 runs.

From the posts above I can see you have problems with “I like dinosaurs”, I found one today in floodmoor basin while looking for “Lifeline” and I was playing as Amara (Normal Mayhem 1). I found one after half an hour and found “Lifeline” after 1 and a half hours of farming.

If it is possible to trade skins, maybe we could trade with each other so we will have all the found skins.

Hope this helps and I will post or edit if I find the other one.

EDIT: found Festi-Flesh in Carnivora

You can copy/unlock any vehicle part/skin in coop as long one player has it.
I’m missing still around 8 skins for Outrunner and Technical, and 4 for Cyclone, but some of them cannot be obtained.

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Btw, here is an easy way to hijack vehicles: https://youtu.be/QxF7UtNFCOw

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Ah, I actually did end up looking into some of the rare vehicle spawns (playing around with various modding shenanigans) and these are the rare vehicle spawns which exist (apropos of 3/4 of the skins you’d mentioned there). Rates and stuff were taken straight from the game data:

Outrunner Skins:

  • Houndstooth - Houndstooth in Devil’s Razor (0.5% chance per vehicle spawn)

Technical skins:

  • I like dinosaurs. - Clever Girl in Floodmoor Basin (0.6% chance per vehicle spawn)
  • Festi-Flesh - Festive Flesh-Eater in Splinterlands and Carnivora (0.6% chance per vehicle spawn)
  • Skag - Skagzilla in The Droughts (not sure on spawn chance on this one)

Cyclone skins:

  • Lifeline - Bayou Watch in Floodmoor Basin (0.6% spawn chance per vehicle spawn)
  • Lollipop - Candy in Desolation’s Edge (0.6% spawn chance per vehicle spawn)

(Edit: fixed a couple of skin names in there, shouldn’t’ve posted when I was rushed, originally. :slight_smile: )


So there’s a use for the Tesla Coil after all. :upside_down_face:

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I did some farming yesterday and got 5 new skins for my vehicles, thanks to @binaryshamy for all the tips where to look.

For me this one is quite rare, so far no luck after many tries (to many cyclones spawns).

I was farming “I like Dinosaurs” in Floodmoor Basin yesterday and saw “Bayou Watch” 4 times, if it’s really 0,6% I was very lucky (or unlucky).

I’m on PS4, and here is a list what I’m missing.

If you have any skins from the list, let me know. Also If you are looking for any skins not listed there, that means I have it and can unlock it for you.

BTW. anyone got the Monster Wheels on PS4?


So the Red Machine outrunner is spawn able but we have to be exactly level 9? Or does the OUTRUNNER have to be level 9. Could you perhaps shed some light on this?

It’s keyed off of a “gamestage” attribute in the game, and I’m honestly not totally sure exactly what it means in terms of spawning, though … It’s related to your character’s level, certainly, but it’s possible that it might also have something to do with the level of any active quests that you have in the area. If you’re seeing vehicles spawn with level 9 then it’s probably spawnable, though I assume that there’s a variable range of level spawns for a given gamestage.

On a technical level, all vehicle parts (and gun/item parts, for that matter) have a MinGameStage and MaxGameStage attribute, which goes from N-100 (where “N” is the gamestage where they’ll start showing up). That particular skin has an error in its definition where instead of going from MinGameStage to MaxGameStage, it goes from Min to Min. So the level at which it’s supposed to start appearing (level 9) is accidentally the only level it’ll show up as. This is the bit in a serialized version of the data: https://gist.github.com/2e0b4b75c147f83eb8a4e1a62076f785

The second ValueName should really read “MaxGameStage_18_5DDD0AF343807440C74B37A083027F1C”.

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Hmm okay at least it seems like its spawnable. So then the only one that are not spawnable are…

  • Technical Skins
    • Bubblegum ( I believe this may be spawnable)
    • Magic Number
    • Gearbox
    • E3 2019
  • Cyclone Skins
    • Gearbox
    • Gamescon 2019
  • Outrunner Skins
    • Dahl
    • Festive
    • Gearbox
    • Hexagons
    • Shirking Convention
    • Slow and Mad

Thanks for putting this list together. I’m using it on my 3rd run once I’m done with Amara.

Question as I’m always thinking about it in-game but never remember to ask on the forum. You know the area on Sanctuary where my best lady Ellie hangs out, you see all the read vehicle parts scattered about. I always look on them and see a “?” and not sure what’s going on. I taken FL4K to level 50 and Amara to 30 and still have not identified, or done whatever I have to do, to highlight those vehicle parts. Any idea?

Every part in Sanctuary garage is from Crew Challenge.


Hmmmm, hard to believe I haven’t done any of those, I need to get on it, thanks!

can you see what area its supposed to spawn in? is it a specific map on pandora?

@ScubaRec0n your list almost matches up with my own except for one thing. I have the “infection” skin for outrunners in my unobtainable list did someone find a spawn for it?

It’s kind of annoying trying to tie it back to maps definitively; it looks like possibly when there’s Maliwan Outrunners specifically, and maybe also in Ascension Bluff. I’m afraid I can’t say for sure, though, without a lot more digging into the data, and I don’t quite care enough to spend the time on it. :slight_smile:

Must have been an error as I dont have infection and I assume red Machine can be obtained

I can understand that. ill check out ascension bluff later with a level 9 character. thank you for giving a really good lead.

Good luck! I’m definitely not as confident about Ascension Bluff as I am about the Maliwan ones, btw. Which interestingly would probably mean that they’re effectively unobtainable; I wonder if you can even get into Promethea with a level 9 char. I suppose I always do sidequests as soon as they’re available; perhaps if you’re only doing storyline missions you could arrive there low enough for a chance in there.

@apocalyptech Thanks, im sure its possible just gotta do some speed run strats. one more question tho do you know if its another rare 0.5% spawn like some of the others?

If I’m looking at the SpawnOptions that are actually used in there (something I’m not 100% sure of, again :slight_smile: ) then it looks like 'bout 12% per spawned Maliwan Outrunner. Should be 59% Maliwan, 29% Historic Racing, and 12% Red Machine. If you’re seeing other skins then I’m probably not looking at the right objects after all.

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