[Guide] Vehicle parts and locations

I was looking at this reddit post and the user states and I quote :

Infection – (very rare) ??? Possibly bugged to a certain level character, no clue how I obtained.

So I was wondering if there is a certain area with a certain level requirement.

this is a bit of a late reply but, from my knowledge enemies/vehicles/etc have level requirements to be able to spawn in their respective zones like ‘this can only spawn where a cov outrunner can spawn between levels 3-9’ but the level is the area level, not character levels, and as area levels can progress as you go through story, like mouthpiece’s area, you may lose/gain access to things

if he could gain this otherwise unnatainable skin, it might be because he entered the area it can spawn in at the specific point in the story for the area level and enemy level to match with the requirement for it

or he lucky af and had a glitch spawn

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I already flagged it as “non obtainable” in my own excel. But thanks for letting me understand the situation better! Better late than never :smiley:

In general, btw, the level requirements only specify a minimum level (or rather, the “max” level is always set to 100), so you shouldn’t ever “lose” the ability to get a specific vehicle skin. So that, at least is not a problem.

Though there is one exception to that (honestly don’t remember if it was Infection or not), where a skin was bugged so that it used the same internal var for its Min and Max fields, so it ends up being only spawnable at one specific level (which I believe was found to be basically impossible to get to thanks to how level progression goes). It’s possible they’ve since fixed that, though…

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It was Red Machine skin for Outrunner.

Oh yeah … red machine is not obtainable according to every list I found through internet crawling. Too bad they never fixed those things. And we got a new vehicle coming our way in less than 3 days

I guess some skins for it will be unobtainable too.

That would be my guess as well!

I added a gallery for all of the Jetbeast skins in DLC3 (Bounty of Blood) btw - https://imgur.com/gallery/xcjz4iu

Not that they’re difficult to keep track of. There’s only four to get via hijacking (which are all equally-likely to spawn from random enemy Jetbeasts in The Blastplains), and the other two are apparently mission rewards.

For the record, their names are: Beefy, Company Car, Default, Devil Rider, Reptile, and Woodsy


Does anyone have a better way of farming then just driving around endlessly, waiting for the car to show up?

Been looking for that Houndstooth (Devil’s Razor) for a few days now, but it never shows up

Stand in front of the spawn point, if it’s not a vehicle you need destroy it immediately without hijacking and repeat. Save&quit
after few spawns. Farming vehicle skins takes a long time.

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OK…thanks :ok_hand:t2:

It took me around 2 hours. Just destroy the vehicles if it’s not the Houndstooth. 5 vehicles will spawn all the time. If none of them is the Houndstooth, just quit, and reload.

Edit: there’s a comment somewhere in this post with a picture of the exact spawn place.


Yes! Thank you @propelerhead & @GrzesPL

I guess the trick is to camp at both spawn doors (to the right and left of Roland’s Rest)…you go through at least 11 cars…better chances of finding it


Hey I can confirm that you can get the Lollipop skin on Desolation’s Edge, need to be on Normal mode, no mayhem mode, find a Cyclone named Candy, didn’t take me long to get this skin my luck was high so maybe that helped.


Hey, if anybody has the following skins and play on ps4 could you hook it up. I’d greatly appreciate it. My PSN: trosclairdm

If there’s anything I can do in return please let me know.

Out runner skins

  1. Infection
  2. Tentacar
  3. · Red Machine
  4. · Slow and Mad
  5. · Dahl
  6. · Festive
  7. · Gearbox
  8. · Shirking Convention
  9. · Hexagons


  1. Blue angels
  2. I like dinosaurs
  3. · Bubblegum
  4. · Magic number
  5. · Gearbox
  6. · E3 2019


  1. · Gamescon 2019
  2. · Gearbox

Didn’t Gearbox patch the method of transferring vehicle skins among players a few updates ago?

That’s how I remember too. It was patched, so it can not be unlocked in co-op mode.


The E3 paint jobs (for all the vehicles) were related to the E3 convention, the people who attended the show probably got a SHIFT code for it. I think the same goes for the Gamescon paint job too. The Gearbox paint jobs are only available to Gearbox employes.
Outrunner paint jobs: the other ones you listed, are either bugged, or not obtainable at the moment.
Technical paint jobs: Blue Angels will spawn in Neon Arterial (see post #208 for a picture with the spawn place). The other ones ditto like the Outrunner paint jobs. Bugged, or not obtainable.

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The couldn’t have. I literally did it two days ago for the dlc paints

Also, someone in this post earlier said that some of the paints they were able to obtain. Like the festi one