[Guide] Vehicle parts and locations

I have no idea then. As far as I know, these are bugged now. I even started a new character, focusing to get all the spawn places from scratch. Spent many, many, many hours farming paint jobs. There have been some comments also, that some of the paint jobs are locked behind a certain level, which is such a low level, that is impossible to achieve, because you exceed it before you even get that map unlocked. Or something like that.

Well maybe there is a way to mod them in the. But you’d figure that gearbox would be trying to work on this. I don’t even know if they’ve looked into it at all.

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If no one can get the monster wheels still I have them on xbox my gamertag is TotalDisruptor22

they’ve been fixed for a while now

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@xkomxM9ErbpcHqeO also, a patch has been put out few months ago and vehicle parts can’t be unlocked by joining others game as far as I know.

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Regarding the Spicy Tuna Roll skin: the guide says it’s for completing a story mission in DLC2. I’ve completed that mission across numerous characters and have never received it. Is that the correct way to get it and if so, was there something that had to be done during the mission?

I’m 99% sure it’s actually awarded for completing the DLC 2 “Call of the Deep” side mission.

After finishing it, you’ll receive a mail with a white pistol attached. I’m not sure if you need to accept it in order to receive the vehicle skin, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

iirc you don’t need to redeem the gun, the skins should be available by default after that mission.


thanks. I haven’t done that mission yet since it wasn’t linked to any gear rewards. So that would mean the list at the top should probably be updated for the right mission.

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A little more clarity on this: I completed the mission and nothing happened. The reward was cash only (no mail) and no skin in the vehicle spawn machine. I searched online and on the Steam forums, someone said you had to complete the mission then listen to one of the jokes from the fish on the walls in the DLC. So I went back to the lodge, listed to a joke from the fish on the wall, then went back to Skittermaw basin and checked–and the skins were there.

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That’s interesting, because I did a fresh playthrough, focusing on paint jobs only and I did get it after the story mission. I don’t recall ever listening to a joke from the fish. Or I might did it before actually finishing the mission, I don’t remember. I don’t think normal playthrough would affect this either, because other paint jobs aren’t affected by it. I’ve done it on normal mode.

maybe it’s different (unintentionally) based on platform. I play on PS4.

also, after listening to a fish joke I then ended up getting the white gun in the mail.

I did this on normal. I don’t recall if I had ever listened to any fish jokes previously on normal with this character as I played the story part of this DLC so long ago. However, I played on TVHM a few weeks ago to get level 72 versions of mission rewards and listened to a few fish jokes just for the hell of it. I don’t know if that means normal vs. tvhm matters or whether it just has to occur post mission completion.

I suppose it’s also possible it just required fast traveling or a save/quit for the thing to update and the fish wasn’t necessary. I’d have to try it with another character to see.

I wish I had known about hijacking the war pig and scanning it before–trying to hijack vehicles at higher levels is such a pain as the cov just shoots and destroys the vehicle before you can flee and they carry cryo weapons 100% of the time to slow you down. And in places like Devil’s Razor they never slow down and come at you–they are so hard to even attempt to hijack.

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Devil’s Razor is a pain because the vehicles spawn in race mode. You can pull the same tactic - freeze then hijack - but as you said, higher levels are tough because vehicle health doesn’t scale at anything like the same rate as weapon damage.