[Guide] Video guide to TPS vault symbols (Completed Updated with Motherlessboard part 2)

What is up Gearbox forums people!?!?

So it has been a long time sence I have been on the forums However I just started playing TPS a little bit more again after the release of Claptastic voyage. And I have decided to finish my Vault symbol video guide.

So… You want to find some Vault symbols heh? Childsplay! Just follow this guide and you will have all the vault symbols you can handle. Good plan. Great plan.

All maps for the main game and DLC’s losted below
In alphabetical order

Main Game

Abandoned Training Facility


Crisis Scar


Hyperion Hub of Heroism

Jack’s Office

Lunar Launching Station

Outlands Canyon

Outlands Spur

Pity’s fall

Regolith Range

Research & Development

Serenity’s Waste

Sub Level 13

Tycho’s Ribs

Titan Industrial Facility

Titan Robot Production Plant

Triton Flats

Veins of Helios

Vorago Solitude

Holodome DLC

The Holodome

Claptastic Voyage DLC

Deck 13 1/2

Deck 13.5

Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4

Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K

Motherlessboard Part 1

Motherlessboard part 2


The Cortex

The Nexus

I will update as I post the rest sorry I’m still not good at this new forums format to make this look prettier