[Guide] Wilhelm skill guide

Last time I used it, it hit for about half a mil and killed grouped packs of trash mobs. But I haven’t played for a long time now, and I can’t really test anything since my controller is busted, so if anyone wants to post video or screenshots of the skill that would be helpful.

I suggest it as a 1 point skill, although I personally prefer it at 5 anyway. Honestly, Willy has enough “eh” skills that you can afford to move some points around in builds to pick up things like Divert Power. Besides, I’m trying not to factor in COMs for this.

I’ll be sure to put that caveat when I get to the skill. [quote=“johnrr6, post:8, topic:1553346, full:true”]
Cold War…One star. Not worth the points. It doesn’t stack well enough onto existing, good, freeze/kill combos or the Chronicleer of Elips. Why waste the points? It looks good at first glance but the actual math does not increase chance of freezing very much. It is a tiny boost…very tiny. In the tenths of a percent IIRC.

That’s a bit harsh of a rating. It still works wonderfully with shock grenades, the thunderfire, and VC. All 3 might not be a given, but getting free freezes from even one of those sources is a good move. Willy is extremely crit dependent, so anything that can bump up his crit damage (like cryo) is worth an investment.

Fixed[quote=“somebody248d, post:13, topic:1553346”]
Laser Guided -This should be rated higher, because nothing else even comes close to it. The damage and the AS duration would each be outstanding 5-point skills, but this gives us both for a single point.

It’s a 5 star rating, how much higher can I go?

It’s the fact that it has both cooldown and a passive crit increase that makes it a must have. Also, LG doesn’t works as well against bosses like Eclipse/EOS and the Sentinel. Escalation is a far better method for reducing cooldown in those fights. It fits into every build Wilhelm has. And honestly, since Willy is one the characters best served by heavy investment in all 3 of his trees, there really won’t be many scenarios where you wouldn’t be getting Escalation anyway.

I’ve heard this argument about OC before, and while I see the merit in it, I can’t really change the rating. OC chaining is a build on its own, which makes this skill, by definition, a game changer. It isn’t super niche like recompense builds either, so I can’t really justify lowering the rating when the skill is the center piece of an endgame build.

My thoughts on this exactly.

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It’s more for the massive accuracy increase than anything else. Although the laser can proc cold war if you have it, and works nicely with glitch weapons, the damage it does on its own is pretty negligible. But the accuracy increase can keep a Rosie on point for 12 seconds, that is an incredible amount of damage not going up into the air.[quote=“ItsmeJamesAJ, post:19, topic:1553346”]
Also, can anybody tell me if heatsinks is any good? Currently it’s sitting at 2 stars – 99% of the time, I’m choosing either between Heatsinks and Fortify,

If OC chaining Heatsinks is good. Otherwise, Wolf will be out all the time and the bonuses are pretty small without the cooldown bonus. [quote=“ItsmeJamesAJ, post:19, topic:1553346”]
(can’t test this atm since this broke a** college student needs to look for summer internships and don’t have time for vidya games)

You and me both lol!

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Huh. TIL about accuracy increase w/ the cannon (just to clarify - it’s accuracy, not recoil reduction, right?)

And I do indeed like chaining OC (I think it is the coolest skill Willy has) - good to know that Heatsinks is useful in that situation.

Thanks as always Khim!


It’s both accuracy and recoil reduction. The crosshairs stop moving and the sway of most guns is massively reduced.

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Sorry this took so dang long, but it’s done. Fire away. The edits will come faster than the post itself did :grin:.


I know the pitch-a-tent COD players see no value in shock absorbers. But to the old school hip-firing, run-and-gunning Halo 3 players, best 1 point investment EVER. It nullifies enemy back-pedaling.


I think you might be a bit too harsh on first to fight.

  • kill skills (targeting scope, suppression, etc) - the FIRST kill in the engagement can massively enhance combat performance when using COM-ed up kill skills. first to fight gets you there faster
  • in short engagements it just provides ammo efficiency (kill faster with less ammo - sometimes a factor with ammo hungry weapons) . [But using it in prolonged engagements doesn’t play nice with keeping the kill skills up. Targeting Scope is probably the better choice of the points ]
  • even in prolonged engagements where you feel this skill is useless there are downtime moments ( potentially long reloads could be one of them and can sort of sync with the skill if your time to empty the mag ~ 4 sec, use the breaks to reload, toss some grenades and/or get into better position (ex retreat and wait for them around a corner) and then BOOM (sort of like infiltrators from the mass effect series gameplay (centered around cloak damage spike) ) Wolf can keep enemies distracted to fulfill the not taking damage part )

Different point termination protocol can be fun sometimes when you can chain nukes in quick succession (needs lots of not so tough enemies in close proximity ; maybe a cold singularity and rocket launcher suicides . Get down + Nuke + kill + Get up a couple of times in quick succession. Can work without the self damaging part but harder to control the timing. ) The nuke’s radius is generous, the damage decent and it can be enhanced by explosive elemental multiplier for which he has some COMs (will check later if grenade multiplier also applies.)

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don’t have a damage formula for power fist yet (besides explosive multiplier yes; grenade mul no; roid no !, on weapon melee multiplier yes, clear skies Oz vs Flyers mul yes) but it hits a few times harder than regular melee. But the powerfist vs frozen damage is truly ridiculous more than 10 times !!? Even considering getting both melee and explosive damage bonus vs frozen hardly seems to cover it.

claptrap’s regular melee damage test vs frozen
(20 * 1.1^ 33 * (1 + 0.08 ) * 3.5 = 1755.8216
Regular melee vs frozen is * 3.5 !!! . Multiply again by 3 vs explosive and that might get us there. (Remember the base damage of the power fist is much greater than regular melee to begin with)

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