[Guide] Zane the Operative - Skill Analysis [WIP] [Need Input]

Hello, this guide aims to provide a skill breakdown and analysis for new players to Zane and the game in general.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have that many hours in Zane. There are definitely more experienced people than me, so much of what I write is opinionated.

Please, feel free to offer help in the form of input below, any nice pictures, or video proof of some claims made :slight_smile:

The Scale

I stole the scale from @Prismatic excellent Moze Skill Analysis here.

The rating system used is meant to indicate general usefulness. The star ratings are by no means hard and fast rules as some skills take effort to reach their potential, and whether it is worth the effort is up to the individual.

Sub-par: These are the skills that are generally bad and its really hard to make them worthwhile.

Below Average: These are skills that can be useful but requires you to build around them a bit, just throwing them in to move down a tree is a usually bad idea because there are better options.

Average: These are the skills that are solid choices to move to the skills you really want.

Great: These skills will make the game much easier and should be taken always if you are at that point in the tree they are located in.

Outstanding: Skills of this rating will be game changers that you base your build and play style around, they should be taken with almost every set up if you are in that tree.


Before we dive into the skills themselves, here are some things to consider:
-Rough Rider builds are popular for Zane. From my testing, Rough Rider is considered always empty and never full. There may be individual odd cases where this isn’t true, but this is the rule of thumb.
-[UNCONFIRMED] next to a classmodmax/max means I have not seen the bonuses at this level first hand. Most skills scale linearly and predictably, some do not. Take these with a grain of salt. If you have photo proof or someone to back you up, then tell me in the comments!
-All entries will follow a similar template:

Tier No.: Skill Name :star: Star Rating out of max 5 :star:

A brief summary of my thoughts on the skill. If you disagree, please tell me with reasoning! I’d love to get others opinions on this.

Under Cover

A slightly defense oriented tree, also focused on freezing your enemies solid, shaking off the elements, and a few shield related buffs as well.

Tier 1: Adrenaline :star: :star: :star:

According to the math, using Barrier as an example, the regular cooldown is 28 seconds. With an additional 35% cooldown rate, it should go to 28/(1 + 0.35) = ~20 seconds, but from testing it instead is more like 7 seconds ingame. @crashc1 points out this may be a combined result from Topped Off as well, and @Superfr34k says that skill actually affects cooldown reduction, which would explain why it’s so powerful.

Skill seems to be almost worthless as of the 12th Dec Patch, as Guardian Rank skill Topped Off is incredibly strong.

Tier 1: Hearty Stock :star:

An always nice shield buff, but 3 points won’t get you out of first tier. It has come to my attention that this heavily anti-synergises with the Legendary Infiltrator, and so it unfortunately only gets 1 star.

Tier 1: Ready for Action :star: :star:

Always solid buffs. Nothing crazy. Probably the best choice to move up the tree, as none of the three Tier 1 skills do not work with RR, but this skill is useful with all other shields, so swapping off RR works.

Tier 2: Brain Freeze :star::star::star::star::star:

This skill can effectively make any weapon cryo. Useful against almost all mobs, with only some enemies being cryo resistant or with hard to hit crit spots.

Something worth noting is that on enemies that cannot be frozen, such as bosses and anointed, I still regularly proc skills that only proc upon freezing an enemy. It seems that the game might not freeze the enemy, but you can still apply enough slowing effect to trigger skills. Still a useful skill against bosses in that regard.

This seems to be similar to Moze’s Redistribution skill: pretty much always worth the ten point investment regardless of build.

Tier 2: Stiff Upper Lip :star: :star:

@Superfr34k says that the Damage Resistance formula is Applied Damage = (Incoming Dmg * (1 - Dmg Resist)), which is quite strong. However at higher levels damage taken is so high that 16% might not be quite noticeable. 2 stars as it can still be an extremely safe point dump.

Tier 2: Rise to the Occasion :star::star::star:

Essentially a 5% health regen whilst your shield is down, which is useful on every build to help reach healthgate. The skill also even regens health when your shield is full, however the regen is extremely small.
Only issue is sharing a tier with Brain Freeze, but you will usually spec into this skill to move up the three. Solid pick, and great with a Rough Rider (RR).

Tier 3: Confident Competence :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

It is a cheap skill with good number bonuses, however the challenge comes in maintaining shield in order to use this effectively. As @kabflash points out, maintaining the shield and the buffs from this skill is part of the build.

Tier 4: Really Expensive Jacket :star::star::star::star:

You halve the length of status effects for 1 skill point. Incredibly useful skill for a tiny investment, and most of us at endgame are well aware of the danger of DoTs.

I haven’t tested it myself, but other threads have multiple people agreeing that 2/1 on this skill gives you a 67% reduction.

The wording heavily implies a direct reduction in time of status effects, not the “rate of which the status effects wear off”, which is how cooldown rate is determined.
E.g. -50% halves the time, and -100% means no status effects at all. In comparison to +100% cooldown rate, meaning half the cooldown time.

Tier 4: Best Served Cold :star::star:

BL2 AoE skills were pretty arse in general, except Bloodsplosion, but after looking at damage values in this game, I think these can be decent for mobbing.

Some unlisted benefits are that it slows enemies, and cryo enemies gain a white sheen/glow to them, drastically increasing visibility in dark environments like Eden 6. This helps me aim better, as I can make out crit spots a lot faster in the visual mess that is endgame.

A large downside is the position of this skill and the fact it does self damage. Combined with trying to maintain shields to proc Cool, Calm, and Collected, it can be detrimental.

Tier 4: Futility Belt :star::star::star:

I am unsure if this is different to the Damage Resistance found in Stiff Upper Lip, but regardless 8 seconds of no DoTs is pretty good at endgame, especially for 1 point.

Something working against this skill is the fact it actually increases some elemental damage against your shield in TVHM. Unless you run a Rough Rider, this may be a detriment.

Tier 5: Refreshment :star::star::star::star:

An amazing survivability skill for any Zane who uses a cryo weapon or specs into Brain Freeze, and you really should not be this far down into the tree and not have at least 5/5 in Brain Freeze.

The reason why it isn’t 5/5 is because it takes some mild RNG and preparation, i.e. you must freeze an enemy which sometimes just doesn’t happen, and then they need enough HP to be able to survive a beating while frozen.
Squishy mobs tend to die a bit too fast to utilise this properly on M3, but this skill turns badass enemies into walking healthpacks, and on M4, I suspect this skill becomes even better.

Tier 5: Calm, Cool, and Collected :star::star::star::star::star:

There is a certain amount of micromanagement needed to use this skill. However when combined with the barrier, it forms the basis for almost infinite skill duration.

Combined with Rise to the Occasion, you enter almost every combat encounter at full HP, so you can barrier up and get some incredibly strong action skill CD and Duration resets.

Tier 5: Nerves of Steel :star: :star:

This skill is fairly high maintenance, as any damage will reset all stacks. However, it gives an excellent accuracy bonus. With proper management, you can get mileage out of this skill.

If the skill boosted critical damage, it could make 3, but right now it barely scrapes 2. It is pretty preferential whether you take it or not, I recommend trying for yourself and your gear.

Tier 6: Distributed Denial :star::star:

I am going to leave this at 2 because it just feels underwhelming for a capstone. It is definitely usable and has some neat interactions with certain shields like boosters, but doesn’t work with amp shields.


The offensive tree, with a focus on speed, damage, kill skills, and momentum. Chock full of solid picks, a tree you can’t go wrong with. Sometimes I end up taking almost every skill.

Tier 1: Violent Speed :star::star::star:

Movement speed is always nice to have and this skill helps you zip from enemy to enemy in a fight. Stacks nicely with Violent Momentum.
However, being a PvE game, the enemies aim is scarily good, so beware taking this skill won’t necessarily guarantee safety from projectiles and bullets.

Tier 1: Cold Bore :star::star:

With the removal of slag, swapping weapons is less critical, and the default swap speed isn’t particularly offensive. In future, with more skill points, this can be a preferential pick.
There may also be potential for some meaty damage boosts for speedkilling, with 10/5 a 60% bonus cryo damage is nothing to laught at.

Tier 1: Violent Momentum :star::star::star::star::star:

Essentially a permanent gun damage boost, as you should always be moving around in battle. However, it can be finnicky to try go as fast as possbile to maximize the burst damage.
I am unsure if the damage scaling is linear or logarithmic, but this skill is always a good pick and will end up in most builds you make.

Tier 2: Cool Hand :star::star::star:

Reload speed is always a good thing, you can never have too much. Solid pick all of the time.
I am unsure if the reload speed on kill stacks on top of the passive reload speed, or replaces it. Needs further testing.

Tier 2: Drone Delivery :star::star:

The SNTL drops a grenade at the beginning of it’s duration, and also 15 seconds into it, meaning at base you get 2 grenades without any duration extensions, which is alright. However if you combine Brain Freeze and Cool, Calm, and Collected, there is potential for limitless grenades and a bit of chaos.

Worthy noting that Done grenades can damage Zane. Thanks @sammantixbb for bringing that up!

Tier 2: Salvation :star::star::star::star:

Again another skill that provides something that is always useful, and this one takes less setup than Refreshment. 4 stars due to the importance of sustian in late game.
The life steal is just limited to gun damage unfortunately, as I tested and sliding, grenades, and melee did not give HP back.

Tier 3: Death Follows Close :star::star::star::star::star:

The skill itself isn’t exciting, but it just makes keeping momentum up a whole lot easier. A no brainer, especially on M4 where time to kill skyrockets.

All skills listed in this guide assume this skill has not been chosen. If it has, all durations go to 15 seconds, and your skill tree will update to the correct values, e.g. Violent Violence 5/5 is +15 Fire Rate without Death Follows Close, and goes to +19% with it.

Tier 4: Violent Violence :star::star::star:

Guess what, another solid pick. Fire rate is another great stat that could always use a buff.

Tier 4: Playing Dirty :star::star::star::star:

This skills description is quite misleading. From my testing, this is not a regular kill skill. The kill skill has a chance to proc, and that is the listed percentage chance. Once the skill procs, your next 5 shots are guaranteed to spawn another projectile.

I.e. With 5/5, every enemy you kill only has a 50% to trigger this skill. If this skill is triggered, your next 5 shots will spawn two projectiles, essentially dealing double damage.

I am unsure as to what the interaction is with shotguns/mashers.

This skill can be extremely strong but it has a lot of weird quirks, so be sure to understand what you’re getting into with this one.

Tier 5: Good Misfortune :star::star:

Diminishing returns is a shame, especially considering the difficulty of maintaining momentum on Mayhem 4. If you find it helps keep your skills up, go for it.

Tier 6: Seein’ Red :star::star::star:

Whilst definitely a nice capstone, I find that you won’t struggle to find a small mob to kill and then get the violence started.
This is still solid for bossing however, just maybe save the skill point if you don’t plan on fighting bosses.

Doubled Agent

A tree mainly focused around buffing your clone, with a few skills promoting using two action skills.

I highly recommend checking out this great thread from @Gentlemann that goes quite indepth on what guns work well on the Digi-clone. It can be a lot of fun sliding into battle only to teleport out to safety and watch your clone do the heavy lifting!

Tier 1: Synchronicity :star::star::star::star:

Solid gun damage boost for a first tier skill. Not much else to say, other than try run 2 action skills with this skill.
Updated to four stars alongside Donnybrook, as Zane lacks a lot of damage buffs, making it more important to grab this skill at higher difficulties.

Tier 1: Praemunitus :star::star::star:

I am personally a big fan of mag size increases, however being a 3 point skill isn’t great and makes moving up the tree annoying. Still a decent pick regardless if you have some spare points.

Tier 1: Borrowed Time :star: :star: :star:

As already covered, the Brain Freeze and Cool, Calm, and Collected synergy is your basis for resetting skill durations. That being said, this skill gives a little longer to get those resets.

Tier 2: Donnybrook :star::star::star::star:

A nice gun damage boost, and another HP regen skill to make Zane even more sustainable in combat.
Not bad at all, and the fact the clone gets the bonus is icing on the cake. Updated to 4 stars on @jbow2020’s suggestion, as he pointed out that Zane lacks a lot of damage boosting skills, so taking this skill is usually a good idea.

Tier 2: Fractal Frags :star::star:

The skill is quite dependent on what grenade mod you are using and whether you decided to run SNTL and Delivery Drone.
There are synergies such as Quasar & Rocket launcher for easy bunching of enemies, but whether you sink the skill point is personal preference.

Worthy noting that Clone thrown grenades don’t damage Zane, and Drone throws do. Thanks @sammantixbb for bringing that up!

Tier 2: Duct Tape Mod :star:

I enjoy this skill and think it is a lot of fun, however there are some notable downsides:
-Large magazine weapons render this a bit pointless, unless the mags take about 8 seconds to unload.
-8 second cooldown. I think the cooldown is far too long for the skill. The skill is not nearly as strong as others in the game currently, and could be a 4 or even a 5 if the cooldown was halved at least.
-Actively anti-synergises with Praemunitis
-It is a 5 skill point investment for a 20% chance.
-Choosing small mag weapons to proc grenades means more time spent in a reload animation, not shooting your weapon.

Yikes. There is just too much working against this skill. Hopefully Gearbox buffs it in future to make Zane a little more… Zany.

Tier 3: Quick Breather ?

In theory this is a cool skill, and it holds up incredibly well while leveling.
However, it is reportedly broken at the moment. When it is functional, it can be combined with Which One’s Real? and Double Barrel to give some much needed aggro relief.

Tier 4: Pocket Full of Grenades :star::star:

This skill is actually quite good, but it really only exists to work together with Boom. Enhance..
If you run 2 action skills and dont take Boom. Enhance., this is worthless, as it is just too deep into the tree to be really worth the regeneration.

Tier 4: Old-U :star::star:

Again quite a good skill, but heavily preferential. If you struggle a lot in solo play this will do you well, but if you have almost perfect gear or co-op buddies then don’t bother.

Tier 4: Supersonic Man :star::star::star:

I wish the speed boost was a tiny bit higher, especially this deep into the tree. Regardless, this skill has excellent synergy with Violent Momentum, and movement speed is always welcome.

Tier 5: Like a Ghost :star:

It unfortunately is not a kill skill and does not benefit from Death Follows Close.
The description implies additive scaling, so +6% passive bullet dodge chance, and an addition +9% per action skill, meaning that with two action skills, it goes to 24%, however this is unconfirmed.
Given 1 star as it just seems ineffective.
No dodge builds here.

Tier 5: Boom. Enhance. :star::star::star::star::star:

A must have for clone builds. With two action skills, you’ll never be using grenades otherwise, so may as well put them to use here. By the time you are this deep into the tree this really is a no brainer for 1 point.
Synergises well with Pocket Full of Grenades, your clone will almost always be buffed with 3 grenades.

Tier 5: Trick of the Light :star::star:

The damage bonus is disappointing this far into the tree. On top of that, it is incredibly inconsistent in combat. Skippable skill.

It appears that the patch notes claim the values were doubled but the ingame skill description claims the above values, so I will leave the numbers as is until the ingame changes.

Tier 6: Double Barrel :star::star::star::star::star:

Same as Boom. Enhance., this is vital to a clone build. This whole tree mostly serves to get you to these two key skills.

Closing Notes

Big thanks to @Maximum_Jackson for his great Zane class mod thread.

Feel free to give feedback in the comments below, about any personal findings or opinions! I haven’t drilled deep into every one of Zane’s skills, and I’m more than happy to take outside input.

-Go over active skills and modifiers
-Check for typos and general formatting
-Some pictures would be great


Only got to the first skill and I have a comment:

Cool down at full shield is not “just between combat” if you didn’t get to Proc CCC and you knew your barrier was going down and you got to cover, a five second cooldown is better than 28. If it stacks with Topped off, just get to cover, wait a second, and get back into it. Also, plenty of shields will be up even when you’re doing a lot of combat. If you run deathless, you’ll always be shield cause no shield equals dead.

Comment 2: Confident Competence is the bread and butter of a CCC build? Like. Seriously. The entire point of CCC is to always have full shields. This bonus to accuracy is what turns the maggie into a crit queen.

Tres: that’s Spanish for three.

4: Best Served Cold can hurt you. It’ll get past your barrier if you kill someone up close. This makes it bad for CCC builds. I miss BSC, but it hurt me too much.

5: CCC. Come on. What? This is the Barrier tree. We have a barrier. Omg. I’m running a Red Suit and it works great. There’s a shield with double the recharge rate of it’s capacity. Come. On. Rough Rider isn’t even close to essential.

6: Nerves. I’m not gonna repeat myself. Read CC and CCC

7: Distributed Denial. Let’s say you have a booster shield. But you’re using barrier. Now. Boosters get dropped when your shield takes damage. Barrier would then make that not as likely. Thanks to distributed denial, the Barrier acts as a booster shield, and nearby allies get that too.

8: Good Misfortune. When I was running Clone Drone, I had one or two points in gm thanks to a class mod. Between the mod and the borrowed time skill, I could enter the Second Engagement on Athenas (the pit with the cat walk above it before the water area) and activate my Clone and Drone and they’d be there til the end of the fight on M3.


There is a lot wrong in this guide, but you seem to be taking advice and editing it so I’m changing what I originally wrote here to - I will try to take some time at some point to help fix it.

I’ll comment on one point you make that really annoys me. Keeping shields and health up is part of the play loop of a successful CCC build. And it can and is done at end game. Just now, I finished beating Kraken solo M4 takedown, without a rough rider and I kept my Barrier up 100% of the time all through the mobbing till he spawned and during the fight with him, did not lose it a single time.


9: 3 point skills and tree climbing. First off, you don’t always have to max a single skill. Second. To get to tier four you need 15 previous points. Tier three tends to be a single one point skill. Which means you then fill in gaps with other skills. None of which you’re likely to fill out. Acting like every skill should be judged on whether you fill it or not is a bad way to do things.

10: Borrowed Time: it’s nice to have more time to proc CCC. Longer skill duration means more time to get CCC up, rinse. Repeat.

11: Fractal Frags. Clone Throws can’t get you. Drone ones can. Clone throwing a grenade means that grenade mod doesn’t go to waste. With new “on throw” anointment, super helpful. If you’re running a double skill build and one skill is the clone, taking this is just smart.

12: Duct Tape. Personal preference, but the lowest mag size weapons of all are Jakobs shotguns. If you’re using them, you’re up close and don’t need your grenade blowing up in your face. A cool down at least gives you something to work with. But that’s just my experience with it from Hellwalker Duct Tape fun.

13: quick breather. Currently broken as far as we can tell. If you’re going to go all the way to Double Barrel, you’re gonna swap a lot. Swapping is how you get damage boosts and aggro relief. Swapping is gonna be what keeps your momentum up. You’re gonna bounce around the field. Quick Breather, when it works again, will be damn near an always take.

14: Trick of the Light is free cryo damage. That means any gun has a chance to slow and freeze. Because of what I said in 13, you’ll have this running MOST of the time. Plus, can make the Brainstormer a Brainfreezer.
Also. Not totally confirmed, but your clone can benefit from this, and sntl? But. That’s just what I remember experiencing.


Thanks for the detailed reply, you raise some great points that I hadn’t considered or forgot about!

  1. I didn’t realise Zanes utilised deathless, you are right in that regard. And if you have a full shield then I suppose retreating for 5 seconds would be beneficial.

  2. The reason why I don’t understand ConfComp is because a lot of damage can leak through the barrier, especially elemental puddles from badass militants. What ranking do you think it should have? 4? 5 even? I’ve skipped this skill a lot and done ok, but I could give it a go and see what happens.

  3. Si senor.

  4. Ah yes! You are correct. I will add that to the post, but 2/5 fits well I think, Best Served Cold still has potential.

  5. I’m not sure, perhaps I have slept on some shields, especially the red suit. I always find it just takes a lick of damage to leak through the shield, and then CCC no longer resets my skill durations, and Im forced to retreat. Do you ever find damage “leaking” through the barrier?

  6. With all your above points, I have a tiny bit more respect for nerves, but the skill entirely resets upon even 1 point of shield damage. You would have to take zero damage in an encounter to use it well. A bump to 2 perhaps?

  7. Interesting. Have you found any particularly strong synergies with DistDenial? Transformer? Red suit?

  8. That’s interesting, did clone drone utilise CCC? The problem is that the skill just says “diminishing returns”, and it’s difficult to truly understand how long it will last. Your anecdote gives some context though, thanks!

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It happens a lot. There is a bug where some shots can go through, it’s not likely to be fixed ever. There is also a lot of damage that can just damage you past it, ie splash/melee etc. Part of successfully playing a CCC build is managing your freezes and health steals at the right times in order to make sure you are full before you try and get a skill refresh.

And confident confidence is absolutely 5 stars. It’s one of our top DPS boosts and the accuracy is golden.

I’m sorry my first reply seems rude but I’m just overwhelmed at how much I would have to pick apart in that post.

Perhaps I’ll sleep on it and tackle it another time.


Hey, thanks for the reply! It would be great if you could go into even more details later.

Alright, I think I can see what I’m missing out on. Just a quick question, do you ever find damage leaks through your barrier? Or does barrier give true invincibility?

I do believe you, but I am curious as to the build.

From what I understand, you guys are activating barrier, taking zero shield damage, and getting enough kills to ensure barrier doesn’t end? And if it does, you just leave combat for a bit?


Made a comment above this as you responded here, and I made some edits you may have missed.

I show the build in that short clip I put in my first comment.

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Barrier leaks happen. Yup. However, with the Delay/Recharge skill and A Good Delay Rate shield, you can recoup that quickly enough. The Red Suit has a 2.4 second delay, and a rate of almost half it’s capacity. With the bonuses. This shield recharges fast.

I use a Cryo Queen’s call in my build. I switch to it when I either know I can get my shots. Or when I need it’s lifesteal. Successful use of it will get me back to full health, give my shield time to get back to full, and then reset my skills. You just have to keep freezing things. That’s the game. Lol.

Clone Drone was from back when I looked down on barrier tree. No CCC there. If I could get CCC in a Clone and Drone build, two things: I’d never succeed at a skill reset. And I’d be so excited if I did that I’d be dead immediately. Lol.

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  1. That’s fair and I see your point, but I don’t mean to say that you can’t sub fill some skills, I do it as well of course.

  2. Yeah that is true.

  3. Can clone throws not hurt you? That seems strange, considering the drones can. And does the clone throwing a grenade give you the anoint buff? That is strong if true, Ill add that in.

  4. Duct tape mod is a fun skill. I just want them to shorten the cool down a bit, and I run it with a hell walker as well sometimes. Ill throw on Its Piss and see how much damage I can do.

  5. Ah right, what about it is broken? I presume if you take the Which one is real augment then it could be excellent aggro relief.

  6. I guess as a point sink you will have it a lot. I’m of the mindset that Brain Freeze is more reliable though? You can aim for crits of your own accord, whilst I have struggled to proc the cryo damage sometimes because enemies would just change aggro whenever. Maybe when Quick Breather is fixed…

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Clone Throws have never hurt me. Try it sometime. Pick a really messed up grenade with lots of AoE. Take FF. Drop the clone in Sanctuary. Stay with him til he leaves and throws the grenade. Unless I’ve somehow always picked the grenades that don’t do the thing.

Reasoning? Clone counts as an ally, drone as an extension of you?

Trick of the Light: Brainfreeze is wonderful. But you know what makes Brainfreeze faster? Having cryo damage also doing the slow. It’s all about efficiency, bb, and if you’re getting bonus slowdown, you can get faster CCC. Or, if you’re doing Double Barrel sntl, you need Death Follows close and can’t get to Brainfreeze.

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Everything about quick breather atm is broken since the patch, it does not work at all.

When it is working again, it’s a very important skill for double barrel builds and is 5 stars.

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That makes the clone grenades way more enticing now, damn. Going to do a lot of experimentation after this.

From what I understand, Freezing is just when enemies movespeed hits zero right? I guess that makes freezing come down to a more is better kind of thing.

Im curious what you guys think of running no cryo weapons? I’ve heard discussions about how Zane’s ability is to turn non cryo guns into cryo guns, you guys think it’s viable? Maybe outside of a CCC build?

Yikes, that’s bad. Wonder how Gbx keeps stuffing up whole entire skills.

Since you seem to be taking advice , I edited my first comment to remove the rude-ish stuff. I don’t have the patience right now to pick through the guide, but I will try to take some time, at another time, to do so.

I’m sure the other active Zane players on this forum will have a lot to help with by tomorrow.


Cryo weapons have no part in a CCC build at all. It’s not what makes it work. Critical hits is what makes it work. You absolutely have to still match bars to elements in end game to do good damage. Cryo will help in some situations, but you do not want to base the build on cryo weapons.


Thanks for being so kind about it all, it’s appreciated!

I openly admit I’m super new to Zane relative to the OG Zanes, I swapped off of Moze due to her… well, she isn’t fun at all anymore. All advice is useful.

That’s fine, get back to it whenever you can. I am aware of time zone differences, so I’m sure people will see this when they do.

Just wanted to start a guide because the Zane forums has neither a Top Gear nor a Skill breakdown. I always enjoyed reading them for the other characters, so I figured I’d get it started.

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It’s funny I was playing Fl4k and loving it for a long time(did a good run on Moze too, and briefly Amara just enough to beat TVHM). Then I stumbled across a post in this forum section that was saying how much Zane sucks. I knew better because I had been watching a lot of Zane players for awhile. I started arguing the point but at some point I realized I had no ground to stand on while not playing him. So I vowed in that topic to do a full playthrough on Zane and report back how it went (which I did). Ever since then I’ve been completely stuck on him and play almost nothing else.

I do appreciate the work it’s no small undertaking to do the formatting and organization of something like this. Even if a lot of the info is currently wrong, there are a lot of good Zane players who are very active here and I fully expect they will chime in and help fix it.


Idk if someone mentioned this but the 5 seconds you’re getting from adrenaline is probably from the topped off guardian perk. Adrenaline itself is pretty average.

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Hey! Kudos for taking the time to piece this thread together, and for making ongoing adjustments from community feedback. No simple task, though a worthy one, and very much appreciated. :blush:

For various reasons, I’ve been a little out of the game loop lately, and as such, don’t feel overly qualified to offer up many constructive suggestions at this point. In very general terms however, I feel the guide to be a little too generous with some of the ratings, particularly skills in the three star bracket.

At any rate, hopefully over the coming weeks I’ll be able to offer up more specific and/or detailed opinions, if you still need them at that point.

In the meantime, thanks again for tackling a notably challenging project for the benefit of others, and best wishes. :+1:

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