[Guide] Zane the Operative - Skill Analysis [WIP] [Need Input]

Neat, also what’s the opinion on each of the Clone augments? I can’t really tell which are the most effective at this point

I’ve noticed the Clone’s grenades are damaging me now

I am having mixed results. Try this: grab a damage grenade, go to Sanctuary, put the clone somewhere. Then let the timer run out and see if it hurts when he throws.

Then. Set him near jack. Shoot. See if those procs hurt.

Wait, there’s a new testdummy in the DLC? It’s one of the features I’ve been waiting for, a decent testdummy.

Sorry for the long break, it is holiday season after all, and hopefully once all the family matters and such are over I can finally add skills and augments.

Also this new class mod shook up the meta enough that I want to just watch what happens. At first I dismissed the class mod but then as soon as I saw videos of people using Seein Dead with Good Misfortune I knew that CCC would be taking a back seat for a while.

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The new com changes everything for Zane. It makes skills that were previously underwhelming now top tier. Eg. Fractal frags - with high rof or high pellet weapons the clone now rapid fires grenades. A great way to keep the 25% damage on throw anointment permanent. Playing dirty can now also be permanently refreshed for constant double projectiles on single projectile weapons.

Honestly just changing to this com without any build changes shot my Zane up to the top of the pack for me. If you actually build around it it’s lethal.

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we can not evaluate skills on the merits of a certain com

As a Zane main, he needs a LOT of work. Namely the Hitman tree. It doesn’t synergize very well with Doubled Agent or Undercover, as the best DPS output needs you to constantly be moving. In fact, I’m thinking that Fl4k Hunter tree does Hitman better, with the ability to rack up single hit kills and crits.

There is, it’s on the ship, take the stairs down from Marcus’ shop and there’ll be a Handsome Jack cut out to shoot at.

Oh! Hi. Seeing Dead procs the Best Served Cold nova around you now, so, that’s why it doesn’t damage you. Figured that one out. Forgot to post it.

Late into this but I think Fractal Frag deserves to be 3 star. It is a Kill Skill so it can proc as many times during Clone duration. As well as thrown grenade when spawned and ending. Also gets boosted by Death Follow Close.

I’m pretty new to this game, how exactly does “Pocket Full of Grenades” and “Boom. Enhance.” work when you have two action skills equipped? Does it count up grenades in the background and use them to make better Digi Clones, or does it not work if you don’t actually have grenades? Can you still pick up grenades when you have two action skills?

Even if you have two action skill equipped. You are still carrying grenades. Grenades thrown by the clone, drone or with Duct Tape Mod are not “free”. They come from your inventory.
You pick up grenades up to your maximum like any other Vault Hunters.

Also if your equipped grenade mod has an anointment such as On Action Skill End gain 50% elemental damage for 10 sec. This effect can take place with 2 action skills equipped even if you have not specced into any grenade use.

Also, if you have the sntl active, the sntl will get the bonus elemental damage when shooting enemies.

So a grenade mod that buffs me when I use a grenade will then buff me when I use the action skill in its slot?

The grenade still has to be thrown, but fractal frags and drone delivery count

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Thanks, just making sure I actually understand how these skills work because it’s not entirely clear if replacing your ability to throw grenades also replaces you ability to carry grenades.

Is fractal frags worth it, or is it better to just go with Boom. Enhance. ?

Get both and get Pocket full of Grenades. You’ll never run out of grenades.

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Cool, thanks for all the advice guys.