GUN balance that makes no sense. every legendary opinion included

That’s what I said :wink:

They screwed up on weapon balance and even more on item quality

I had no problem in BL2 end game using purple rarity. Legendary where just that, hard to get powerful weapons…

BL3 drowns you in legendaries and they are WAY more powerful then purple rarity (they only balance legendary weapons and other rarities are left to be underpowered vendor trash)



It is funny (funny sad).

In BL2, many Purples were end-game viable, and several Blue Red-Text items were God-Tier vying with and often surpassing the very best Legendaries and the handful of end-game viable Pearls. Pearls. There was an opportunity that went sideways rather hard.

TPS took BL2’s Blue Red-Text love and cranked it up to the Hail Yes. It is a shame that the game’s planned expansion packs never manifested beyond the Claptastic Voyage… which was as good as the best of BL2’s expansions.

In BL1, my toon, Lilith’s, GO-TO gun, was a Purple. And her Shock Maggot killer was another Purple, up until Craw finally spit up a godly Aries for her. The Hellfire was a situational second place, and the missnamed Pestilent Crux was there pretty much as a nice afterthought for softening up those enemies with lots of armor after her main gun had stunned them into redizzy. There were many other perfectly parted Purples that were very much desired end-game kit, as well.

BL3 has 4 flavors of instant vendor trash, with a 5th flavor having a maybe 10% chance of matching your toon’s palate, when it is desirable at all, and around a 90% chance of being a Woodblocker.


Gearbox seems to have no idea how critical damage works. You only need to look at anoints where they compare 25-50% crit boost to 100-300% normal damage boost. Been saying this for a while, crit bonuses NEED to be higher than normal ones, otherwise the total damage output (even on a crit hit) is still lower.

Of course they can’t balance crit bonuses on guns when they’re that messed up on how powerful such bonuses actually are. The Bitch should do slightly less damage than similar smgs and have a big crit boost to compensate. Hell, given that crit hits do double base damage, its obvious that for each 1% damage they remove from the gun, they take 2% away from any crit hits it deals, so they need to add at least 2% back as a bonus for it to be decent. For example, on the wiki, a level 50 Bitch does 219 shock damage +65% crit, while a level 50 kybs worth does 566x2, a level 50 cheap tips does 416 +21% crit, an emp5 does 458 +10% crit, a ripper does 257 shock damage +10% crit, etc. Working out the crit damage of each gives Bitch 580, kybs worth 2264, cheap tips 919, emp5 962, ripper 539. So, even though crit hits are the bitches focus, they do less damage than many others, and only barely more than the ripper which gets a x2 damage boost on top if you melee first, so make that crit 1078. And sure,other stuff like fire rate and accuracy matter too, but that ripper had a better accuracy, reload and fire rate, so its not even like the bitch excels everywhere else. Oh, and it had a higher chance to trigger a DoT which also deals more damage because DoT damage is based on base damage not crit bonuses.

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not only crit but all their decisions show that either they do not know their own damage formulas, which community has figured out by now thanks to local math and testing enthusiasts or they know them but choose to ignore them completely.

to name a few they give you ASE 200% splash or ase N2M bonus element 100% which can never be outdone by generic 100% gun damage or even specific gun dmg bonus like rakkslag. on top of that they still maintain very low reload and fire rate boost anoints next to urad n2m 300/90 and such. furthermore that they can not fix all these bonuses applying through action skills or other interactions they have no business with etc etc.


smg’s are definitely balanced around their large ammo pool mostly. that is the same reason they suck to other gun types

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lyuda is a sniper btw :d


Not sure if snipers are UP or pistols are OP :sweat_smile:

Legendaries have the worst balance and that makes the other rarities even more useless.

But hey, just slap on a broken anointment and nobody notices, right? :joy:

snipers sadly are the worst gun class below smgs in bl3 but especially in regular game

in red text some snipers are still decent like storm fire storm krakatoa skullmasher is godly and than there is m6 exclusive sandhawk but most other snipers are meh even tho post buff headsplosion and monocle also work they are nothing compared to what assault rifle shotgun and pistols classes provide

p.s. if you can not tell if hornet or botd are overtuned together with to a lesser degree with kaos and nemesis just take a look at other manufacturers same products :d u guessed it right vladof provides monarch/light show and nothing else in op category maliwan provides beacon/hellshock none of cov redtexts touch those and jacobs red text ars? do we still have those in the game/ i mean yeah clairvoyance and that is atlas is opq only. basically there is no middle groun ■■■■ is either op or very sad :d but i would say in current pardigm that lyda is UP. it should be something like 15-25 mag sniper with 4 sec reload but with bullet dmg far higher than assault rifles like botd (yes yes botd monarch and opq a re stupid op even compared to other good guns)


I do wish him luck as well, but I’m certain that bl3 would have benefited from a more senior developer. Hopefully, they can bring in someone with more experience in making these types of games.


Have no idea what’s their standard of balancing weapons. Even among legendaries their difference can be huge in the same weapon category.


I honestly think they just throw a dart at a spinning wheel. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason


there is no standard instead of gun types first they single out guns as angrykitty mentioned and buff them by randomly chosen values. this henceforth caused base game guns to stay far behind buffed legendaries and completely separated them to be the “level up” guns or non “mayhem X+” guns further more same choice as mentioned caused same gun types of same manuaturers vastly differ on power level. also for some reason they chose weird ways of buffing some guns like lyuda/rowans call while other guns al received card damage bonuses (which was what they needed) lyuda got reload speed buff instead of getting its crtit back (40%) and base dmg buff and rowans call got accuracy buff which it did not need at all it was always a higher skill ceiling counter part to lucians call and should do more dmg for lessmag and recoil. yet it does same dmg for lesser mag now but recoils are same which makes no sense.

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