Gun based Hellborn + Bloodlust help

I need some help mainly deciding what guns to use for this build:
I am also open to suggestions on tweaking the points, because that is also a bit undecided. Any input on that would be much appreciated!
Anyway the guns that i am a bit stuck on what to use are:
Slag Slot: Slagga, Florentine, Slowhand, and Omen.
Fire Weapon: Hellfire, Slowhand, Kitten, Hail, Heartbreaker, CC, and Blockhead.
Corrosive: Pimp, Slowhand, Omen, Kitten, and Hail.
Last Slot: Very unsure of this one. Was thinking a possible shock weapon, another fire weapon, or maybe an explosive weapon with high raw damage. Very open to suggestions here.

As for the rest of the build i plan on using something like this:
Shield: FoTF
Relic: Bone of the Ancients
Grenade: Quasar, Chain Lightning, Storm Front, Fire Bee. (suggestions welcome here)
Class Mod: Legendary Torch, or Reaper. (Unsure on this as well)

This is the base for my plan for this build, any help would be much appreciated. I am very against using the grog so do not bother suggesting that one for the slag slot please! I would love to hear your opinion on what set-up out off the guns i have listed would be the best! Also i am of course open to listening to other guns not on the list, but i am just quite fond of these. Thanks for your help, and if someone could guide me towards a video with a play style similar to what i have listed it would be much appreciated!

Slot 1- Slagga- if it’s on level it can still get you kills but even if it’s not IIRC it has the highest slag chance of any non-sniper rifle in the game…

Slot 2- Hail, Kitten or Blockhead

Slot 3- Pimp for long distance, Kitten for everything else

Slot 4- your favorite RL or DPUH as a FFL weapon

Shield- I hear that co-op players complain about the novas from the FotF- if you play solo no sweat but if you do play with others maybe a RR instead?

All the rest looks good to me- good luck!

Thanks for the recommendations! Also for slag I typically use the Slagga but with florentine providing the added benefit of shield stripping would it be better? Or no because it isn’t exactly great at stripping and that’s what my grenades can do? I’m torn on my slag weapon by far the most lmao. I love the florentine’s versatility but at the same time the Slagga from past experience is just so reliable and seems flat out better so I’m not sure. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the florentine though, do you think it would prove to be a solid choice? Or is it heavily outclassed, I don’t use the florentine much so I don’t know. I just really like the idea behind the florentine so if it can work well I’d like to use it. Thoughts on this? Oh and pertaining to the shield I’m usually solo so no biggie. The guy I do play with occasionally does not care, he plays a sniper zero and sits way behind me.

If you use the FotF, you can typically just use the Slagga for everything, relying on FotF to do most of the damage, there are a lot of Bloodlust/Hellborn builds that work that way

Yea it seems that way after watching some videos lol, i guess i will do just that then! Also i’m fairly new to kreig is that skill build alright? I’ve had trouble finding good builds after some of his skills have been fixed. Thanks for your help!

Go Leg Reaper
About weaponry, looks pretty solid to me so go ahead.

Sweet thanks! Also would you happen to know how difficult it would be to take build like this through the peak? I really want to, since I’m stubborn with my builds but it looks like it’s gonna be a tall order… I’ve soloed the peak with Axton and maya but I’ve heard kreig is by far the hardest. Any input on a good build specifically for the peak if this won’t work? I’ll likely change it back after I clear the peak for mobbing but I’m thinking I may be forced to re-spec for the peak. Any input on that?

It is hard.
Took me a couple of times to end DP with my build (which is mobbing-centered). It is hard but it is possible.

Okay that’s good to hear! Thanks for the help I’ll let you know how it works out! (Will be a while… Haven’t even started the peak yet.)

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Your build was pretty solid
I just moved 2 points from FF (doesn’t need to be 5/5 to be useful, at 3/5 it’s very reliable) and put them toward reaching TotK (where a single point is all you need)

I would have recommended a Leg. Torch or a purple Toast (That’s what I like to use) But I’m not gonna second-guess @xmngr here as he’s much more experienced with Krieg than I am.

It’s a different playstyle: Torch is more sustainable with more consistent performance and better survivability. Toast will give you raw power, unrestricted by conditions (you just need to be on fire to benefit from everything). While Reaper will net you even more power, but you’ll be kill skill-dependent.

I suggest you try all 3 for an extended period of time, see what works best for you

I second moving points from Flame Flare to Thrill of the Kill
Id even go as far to say take out all the points from Flame Flare(or leave one if using Legendary Torch) and put the leftover 3 points on Fire Fiend or sth if youre gonna be using the FotF anyway
But thats personal preference

For the COM
I recommend a Leg Reaper/Leg Torch/Toast(yes I will still recommend a Leg Torch and Toast even though xmngr said Leg. Reaper and I have an abysmally little amount of experience compared to him :stuck_out_tongue:)
Leg Reaper will do the most damage due to Blood Bath(and with FotF it will be easy to proc Blood Bath)
But Legendary Torch and a Toast com will be nice too especially with that Elemental Elation
Torch also comes with Embrace the Pain allowing for crazy fire rate
Toast is a com I personally like for when you dont want to rely on Blood Bath(or kill skill)
You got reload speed mag size fire rate and damage all covered with the boosts to PiP/EE/FF

second this, use the com that suits you best, i still suggest legendary reaper because bloodbath

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To share some of my personal experiences
The Florentine works and I ‘started’ my build using a Florentine at first
But Ive personally found myself moving towards Slagga
I personally didnt like the slow bullet speed(even with impetuous prefix) of the Florentine as well as the low chance to slag before when Fuel the Fire isnt active
Also didnt help that a Quasar or two were usually more than enough on shield stripping and that I used explosive weaponry so shield stripping was comparatively less of a problem

As for Peak
Ive fairly recently made it to OP8 with a Bloodlust Hellborn(different build than yours tho)
And as much as i didnt like it I had to use the Grog Nozzle…
Then again, it could have been because i was using Explosive weaponry so i didnt get much out of EEmpathy
That plus i’m not really good at the game haha

I also used to use the Florentine, but also ended using the slagga or slag thru grenades

Yeah i just use the Slagga full time now
I even like it better than Pimpernel cus Pimpernel has a longer swap time… Plus Krieg has fuel the fire to take care of the comparatively lower slag chance(which is still really high)

Giving Pimpernel another try these days tho since I use Quasar
I thought Quasar+Pimp would be really nice in getting everyone slagged at once

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pimp on hellborn krieg is a blast

Okay awesome thanks for the tips!! I’ll probably tweak around a bit and try this out appreciate it.

Okay awesome! Thanks for all the tips I’ll definitely look into that and give it a try. I’ll prob re-spec to what you are recommending that sounds a bit better anyway, I couldn’t decide where to put points because I am unfamiliar with kreigs mechanics. I’ll prob just drop 1 into flame flare like you said, sounds like a decent value point at the least. Oh and also what is sth? Did you mean strip the flesh?

Oh I just meant 'something’
Although Strip the Flesh definitely can work if you intend to use some explosives

Ohhhh lol. Makes sense. Also yea I’m not sure what I’ll do. Prob just fire fiend not gonna be using too much explosives at all with this build. Kinda burned out from that after playing Axton through OP8 anyways lol.