Gun broke in a bad way

hello, can guns break? i have a cocky flakker, it was working fine, then it broke, still uses 5 ammo per shot, but has a clip of 1 ammo. so reloads every shot and consumes 5 ammo, half way through map it broke

It’s part of a hot fix (soon to be patch it seems)… Nothing you did changed the gun - you’re just connected online and the devs are trying to ‘balance’ the way the weapons work.

thanks, must have missed the patch notes, i havnt been able to get online for a few days, and i noticed it changed after a few reloads

So to summarise it is broken but by the hot fix :joy:


It’s actually better with build with high reload speed like phasezerker Amara

LITERALLY everything about it is worse than before. HOW is it actually better. even on amara

With some build you can reach staggering amount of reloading speed, and once a weapon is reloaded you can directly shot it again.

In the end, you end up shooting faster by reloading each time than with the flakker crappy attack speed.

so, in short: its worse. even on amara. you could have done the same before

Gun damage and magazine size is not LITERALLY everything.

That’s not how it works, reload speed does not override fire rate.

“Gun damage and magazine size is not LITERALLY everything.”
Yes. And even tho i said that, it should be clear what i meant. And i know you did understand very well what i meant :wink:

It wouldn’t be the first massively disproportionate exaggeration I’ve read since the hotfix, not even the biggest for that matter.

It went from being a god tier gun on Blast Master Moze with ammo regen to only being decent under certain circumstances. Its actually better on an SoR Deathless Moze than a Blast Master because the 1 shot then reload will kill your damage bonus if MoD doesn’t proc.

Nope, working as intended.

That is true, but also you can fire it just as fast.

So the mag nerf didn’t really hurt it, just the damage.

I try telling people this but the outrage over the nerf has blinded some folks to reason. Reducing the mag has had absolutely zero impact on the Flakker’s performance.


I made a video about it, showing that it doesn’t matter for fire rate. It will be up in 3 hours

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I was gonna clip it when I was testing but I don’t share my voice when I record so it wouldn’t get much traction lol. Figured one of the bigger guys would bust this myth eventually.

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This is the problem with ghost patches though. For people that don’t live on the GB site or Reddit, one day you just log in and a bunch of stuff you’ve been using works differently.

They really should have an in-game pop-up letting you know when a patch has been applied, so people know to come and check. Right now it’s too sneaky.

I don’t know if I would call it sneaky but I agree that an in game notice would be nice.

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