Gun Build for Amara- Help!

So, overall I have found two builds that seem to be what I find ideal for a gun focused build, rather than melee or AS doing the damage. the premise would be all skills that focus on buffing gunplay while using phasegrasp to set up each target.

build 1- this is my favorite of the two. it allows two uses of phaselock that will allow transcend, laid bare, wrath, dread, and indiscriminate to all show off and do the work. ideally this would be paired with ties that bind and allure but will swap depending on the mobs/bosses.

build 2- this one focuses moreso on the elemental tree but I think lowers the ease of use and some dps as it’s not specced into from rest or personal space

which looks more viable? what needs to be changed? for build 1, I’m wondering if it’s worth that point in personal space and putting 1 into catharsis as that damage is useful for gettng DoTs around. it would also get me into the next tier to use fist over matter which might be the biggest reason to.

next, which COMs? i’ve eyed Mantis for a +3 transcend/+2 fast hands that give more usability for the build. also, Artisan with 1 deep well/1 dread/3 fast hands as these are all very good too. this might edge out mantis as the passives for artisan are +brand fire rate and +brand reload speed while mantis has +melee damage (why???) and +elemental resistance.

can anyone help guide me for which parts go best together and if some skills are even worth taking at all

Alacrity is literally broken, it does nothing. Drop Violent Tapestry as its pretty much usless except for getting the occasional stacks. Fist over Matter only works if your looking at the target, the slam effect doesnt work on stuff off screen. Its inferior to Ties that Bind for pure mobbing.

The Phasezerker legendary class mod is by far the best if you can get it, it gives you Gun Damage, Cooldown Rate, and an extra 5 stacks. Everytime you use your Action skill it will also give you max stacks (making violent tapestry even more useless. 25 Max (10 From Do Harm, +5 from Phasezerker, +10 from Avatar). It will also gives points into Clarity, Catharsis, and something else I cant remember. What you really want is Clarity for the extra healing. Catharsis is kinda mediocre, you’ll get it from the class mod anyway. Not worth extra points. The extra effects at the bottom are just icing on the cake, they dont really matter much compared to the mod itself.

Max Do Harm or at least put 4 to 5 into it, and max Awakening. I’d drop Personal Space and put 2 into Sustainment (you might have to put some into wildfire to get there, its just to get further down the tree). Sustainment is a great healing skill, and even at 2 points it will heal a LOT once you start using Ties Thaat Bind (you get the healing from every target dmg, you can go from 1 HP to full in just a few shots)

With that that build you’ll be able to spam Ties That Bind constantly, twice every 5 seconds or so, which will automatically give you 25 stacks AND 25 stacks of Do Harm, letting you build it up extremely quickly. Do Harm increases damage through the Linked effect of Ties That Bind, so you’ll often OHKO or completely destroy any linked targets. Combined with Sustained you’ll get LOTS of healing, almost instantly.

And drop Allure, the radius is crap even w/ Transcend. Use Stillness or Mind to completely lock up entire groups of enemies. Indiscriminate and the Ties That Bind link WONT cancel Stillness of Mind, so they’ll be stuck for a much longer duration. Meaning you’ll take more enemies out of the fight, which results in less damage taken overall.

And dont use Infusion as it messes with Sustainment, you can end up doing less dmg w/ out the right weapons, and it will horribly mess up your DoT if you try to use a weapon with the same element as your Action Skill.

Heres the build I use.

You can swap some points around From Rest / Laid Baire / Wrath depending on what you want. 1 point in From Rest helps w/ a lot of Maliwan weapons, unless your using mostly Maliwan you dont really need more.

You only need 1 into Remnant as it gets almost all of its damage from Overkill, it can do crazy amounts of dmg on occasion, often up to 50k+. Switch Action elements depending on what you need the most.

With that build you’ll be destroying enemies in no time. She can easily do circle of slaughter w/ even halfway decent modifiers. Most enemies will die almost instantly once linked, Remnant can often OHKO enemies, you get the best crowd control in the game through Ties+Stillness, and your healing from Sustainment is through the roof once things are phasegrasped.

For bosses just switch to Phasecast and Soul Sap, or Phaseslam depending on whether or not you’ve got a decent weapon with the Annointed Perks (250% Weapon Dmg after Phasecast, 300% after Phaseslam)

Always cast it twice regardless if you cant hit, as Transcend will stack twice giving you up to 57% Crit Dmg, not to mention the 100% Accuracy bonus.

For Relics you can use whatever, but an Elemental Projector is the best for greatly increasing elemental dmg. You can use some low level grenades to set yourself on Fire or something (and iirc its boosted through Anima so the duration lasts even longer). Its kinda overkill, though.

If you really want to ohko everything you can pre-cast Ties at the floor or wall to build up to 99 Do Harm stacks, or start before you encounter a group of enemies. Again, its unnecessary for 99% of all fights since things will die so fast.

For weapons you want some dexent SMG like the Crossroads (Fire especially), a Cutsman for doing large amounts of dmg (like a corrosive one vs Armored enemies/robots), even the Night Hawkin (at night it destroys when it fires x4 bullets and adds incendiary ammo). Laser Sploder is allso great but I dont think it riccochets, I use an Electric one to strip shields. Brainstormer works extremely well for shock since it riccochets all over the place. Hellwalker, Incendiary Flakker, etc,

You can go w/ whtv shield you want, usually a Transformer or something.

Keep in mind your grtting deminishing returns on cooldown effects, w / Phasezerker and Action Skill cooldown from Guardian rank your already close to it. Just adding more in Restless or from Relics might not give you much (maybe a half a second or less). Find the sweet spot then look for something else. (I only use Phasezerker and guardian ranks, 2-3 points in Restless, and I still get around 5 or 6 seconds.)

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Hi thanks for the awesome build!
Now that Alcracity has had a buff and been fixed would you change this build at all?

their build is absolutely awesome and pretty definitely one of the best mobbing (and probably boss builds), but noooot quite what kind of build I was “going for” per se.
I was thinking about a true gun oriented build where every aspect of the gun is improved, rather than just sheer gun damage and “use action skill, nuke everything in 50 foot radius”.

this is my current build that focuses on guns. I even took points out of cooldown as I have plenty of cooldown buffs from BAR and an annointed shield.
i’d like to see what the other commenter has changed too, though

If you’re looking for a gun-orientrd build, the Mystical Assault tree has a good setup for major damage in Laid Bare + Wrath + Transcend. You still have to use your Action Skill to trigger Laid Bare (I’m assuming with Phasecast, but there’s an entire build based around Ties That Bind, so it’s not the only way), but then you get more Gun Damage with Wrath, and more Critical Damage with Transcend. Neither of them inflict damage themselves, so you need a weapon to make use of them, but it gives you a damage boost to your guns against hard targets.

Hey if it does make you feel better,Im not a melee fan.And Im working on a gun build,for Amara since skill choices are straightforward.
By a gun build,I mean a comprehensive guide on M3 modifiers and not sticking to one gun like many builds /Derch or whatever X person.I don’t like playing with a few guns myself.And how Mayhem is made,I believe you can stick with a playstyle but not the same guns.And its kinda boring to do so.
That will be coming soon tho :slight_smile:

I still have a few modifiers , I have trouble with dealing but all in all its almost ready.