Gun Crazy Double Grenades!? - Disproven

Grinding Circle of Duty for a Truxicai and using Longbows to suicide quit (to avoid save).

I’ve noticed a lot of the time my grenade is doubled.

Why didn’t I know this?!
Gun Crazy is even more awesome… holy crap.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that…!?

Natalie… Don’t toy with us…

Also, in BL2 there’s a trick where you change the save file to read only and then you can save and quit as much as you’d like with no change. Would that work in BL1?

Well, this certainely sounds interesting.

Grenades definitely doubled.
Takes 3 grenades to put me in to FFYL, but whenever I saw a weird mutant doublenade I went down in 2 throws. =D

I’ve used Gun Crazy a lot on Mordecai and NEVER seen a double nade. There is a glitch that can cause two nades to be throw at the same time though I haven’t the faintest idea how to do it.

After further testing it seems I was consistently triggering the glitch FL is talking about.
Can’t seem to make doublenades anywhere other than the entrance to the Circle of Duty.

I’m sad now. =<

Damnit! I told you not to toy with us.

The game was toying with me. :sob:

Ahhh BL1… You and your innumerable little glitches… :smiley:

Would’ve been fun if it actually worked.